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’15 Mar 20 Fri

Friday 20th March

  • The week in music: 3D-printed Paul McCartney, Kanye at Glasto and more

    From Kanye West’s Glastonbury festival booking to miniature Paul McCartneys and Adele’s unstoppable album, our roundup of the week’s biggest music news

    It’s over in the sense that Marvin Gaye’s family have been awarded almost $7.4m (£4.9m) by a court, in relation to a copyright infringement case against Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams. That much is clear. But now, it seems Gaye’s estate are pursuing post-trial injunctions and looking to also bring TI and the record labels into the copyright fray. And Pharrell is fighting back. The saga continues.

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  • Tobias Jesso Jr. Talks Breaking Big with 'Goon'

    In 2015, there's perhaps no solo artist more hyped than Tobias Jesso Jr.   Since his demos first appeared on YouTube, the Vancouver-bred singer-songwriter has slowly caused a stir in the blogosphere, with his debut LP, Goon (out now via Arts & Crafts in Canada and True Panther in the U.S.) frequently cited as one of the most anticipated albums of 2015, and the artist gaining fans and friends in high places (Adele and HAIM among them).   But as Jesso Jr. explains to Exclaim!, he wouldn't be where he is today if it wasn't for the help of one man: former Girls' member and producer Chet...

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’15 Mar 19 Thu

Thursday 19th March

’15 Mar 16 Mon

Monday 16th March

  • Everything Everything - "Distant Past" (audio) (Single Review)

    You might as well dance while the world is ending, right?

    How many pop bands are obsessed with the end of the world? Sure, Adele has the market cornered on break ups that feel like the end times, but how many groups actually focus on the apocalypse? The funny thing about Everything Everything is that there’s always a sliver of unease running through their music. It’s all brilliantly catchy, expertly produced, and tight as a drum, but something’s just a bit off about it all. It…

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’15 Mar 13 Fri

Friday 13th March

’15 Mar 12 Thu

Thursday 12th March

  • Tobias Jesso Jr: Goon review – wilfully retro songs in the prevailing 70s style

    His fragile, lo-fi demos and tragic backstory suggested Tobias Jesso Jr might be a real outsider, but in fact his debut album sits quite comfortably within the current US singer-songwriter pack

    As a musical example of how first impressions can be misleading, Tobias Jesso Jr takes some beating. When he first came to notice, after posting a song called Just a Dream on YouTube, accompanied by a photo of its composer seated at a piano as a child, the most immediately appropriate comparison seemed to be with Daniel Johnston, the mentally ill singer-songwriter famously beloved of Kurt Cobain. Like the music that made Johnston famous, Just a Dream was a beautiful, fragile piano ballad, its lyrics filled with intimations of imminent apocalypse – “I had a bad dream that the world would end and would be forever ending” – and of romantic despair expressed in a curiously skewed, childlike way:…

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’15 Feb 27 Fri

Friday 27th February

  • New faces: meet James Bay

    He’s picking up Brit Awards – and criticism – back home, but the man in the hat is becoming an Australian favourite after sell-out gigs in Sydney and Melbourne

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’15 Feb 24 Tue

Tuesday 24th February

’15 Feb 20 Fri

Friday 20th February

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