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’14 Sep 12 Fri

Friday 12th September

  • Various Artists: XL Records - Pay Close Attention

    A concise, pure and punchy pop history lesson.

    This is one of those compilations where time seems to slip or speed away underneath you as you listen to it. It is, in essence, one complete sound which you sense moving and developing as each song starts and ends, each adding its own flavour to the overall mood and feeling. The Prodigy offer rave both lightweight and hardcore, Radiohead offer darkness, paranoia and ennui, and Adele offers something almost in-between. Thirty-five songs by critically…

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’14 Sep 11 Thu

Thursday 11th September

’14 Sep 8 Mon

Monday 8th September

’14 Sep 7 Sun

Sunday 7th September

’14 Sep 2 Tue

Tuesday 2nd September

’14 Sep 1 Mon

Monday 1st September

’14 Aug 31 Sun

Sunday 31st August

  • The 10 most anticipated albums this autumn

    After summers slowdown in major releases, autumn brings out the big guns. Our music critics pick their highlights including the return of Adele and Alt-J, hiphop attitude from Nicki Minaj, Pink Floyds first LP in 20 years and an 80th birthday album from Leonard Cohen

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’14 Aug 28 Thu

Thursday 28th August

  • Album Sales Hit Another All Time Low

    Could someone ask Adele to hurry up with that new album? Because the music business needs it now more than ever. Billboard reports that the U.S. record-buying public paid money for just 3.97 million albums last week, which means record sales for this week are the lowest they’ve ever been in a single week since [...]

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’14 Aug 26 Tue

Tuesday 26th August

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