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’14 Apr 18 Fri

Friday 18th April

  • Artist Portraits From Coachella 2014

    Last weekend we told you our top moments for the first week of Coachella from Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Today, before the second weekend of the festival begins, we’d like to share some of our intimate portraits of artists and bands at Coachella, including Future Islands, Blood Orange, Disclosure, Courtney Barnett, and Alexis Krauss of [...]

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’13 Dec 20 Fri

Friday 20th December

’13 Nov 17 Sun

Sunday 17th November

  • Music review: Sleigh Bells at Royale

    Sleigh Bells knows how to make an entrance. With Derek Miller heaving power chords out of his guitar like they were bricks and drummer Chris Maggio’s god-of-thunder whomp, “Minnie” kicked off Saturday's show at Royale with a bang, and that was before singer Alexis Krauss flew in from side stage wearing a boxing robe with her initials on the back. Here was a band determined to make an impact and relentless in hammering it home.

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’13 Nov 11 Mon

Monday 11th November

  • Watch A Kid Interview Sleigh Bells’ Alexis Krauss

    Kids Interview Bands is a self-explanatory concept, but here are a few extra details: It’s a video series in which longtime music writer Chip Midnight’s seventh-grade daughter Olivia and her friend Connie chat with bands ranging from the predictably kid-friendly (Matt And Kim, Tegan And Sara) to the not-so-obviously kid-friendly (Queens Of The Stone Age, [...]

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’13 Oct 18 Fri

Friday 18th October

  • Watch Sleigh Bells Play Kimmel

    Sleigh Bells became a festival-crushing live act on the strength of just two people — or, more precisely, in the strength of Alexis Krauss’s obliterating charisma. So it’s a bit shocking to see the duo with a ton of other people onstage. Last night, Sleigh Bells were the musical guests on Jimmy Kimmel Live, where [...]

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’13 Oct 3 Thu

Thursday 3rd October

  • Sleigh Bells: Bitter Rivals – review

    Lucky Number

    Sleigh Bells don't really progress with each album – Bitter Rivals is their third in three years – but continually circle a central idea: the sledgehammer distortion of sugary pop. Or, as singer Alexis Krauss declares in the album's evocative closing line, "sending gummy bears to the electric chair". While Krauss spins melodies gossamer as candyfloss, multi-instrumentalist Derek Miller distresses the soundsystem with juddering keyboards, blunt guitar riffs, bellicose drums and an array of shameless pop quotes, right down to a sardonic hoedown replete with electronic cow moos and crowing cocks. The cumulative effect would be more impressive if the songs were less conventionally structured: too many of them follow the same verse/chorus, quiet/loud, clean/dirty pattern, sinking anarchy in the safety of tradition. At the risk of missing the point of the band, it's the airier, less belligerent songs that prove most memorable: 24, with its cascade…

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’13 Sep 3 Tue

Tuesday 3rd September

’13 Aug 28 Wed

Wednesday 28th August

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