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’15 Jan 28 Wed

Wednesday 28th January

  • Aphex Twin Sharing Unreleased Music on SoundCloud?

    These are days of plenty for Aphex Twin fans. The legendary electronic producer only just released his Computer Controlled Acoustic Instruments Pt2 EP in the wake of last year's Syro, and now it seems that he's been posting a massive trove of unreleased material on SoundCloud. We say "seems" because whoever is posting the material is doing so anonymously under the name user48736353001. Dozens of tracks have been posted in the last few days, some with tags like "#afx" and "#likeearlyaphex." The very first track, "8 Utopia," was posted along with the message "like early...

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  • Is Aphex Twin secretly leaking an entire vault of unreleased music?

    Mysterious SoundCloud account has unveiled over 70 alleged Aphex Twin demos and counting...

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  • Hear A Ton Of Previously Unreleased Aphex Twin Tracks

    Aphex Twin — or at least someone with extensive access to Richard D. James’ back library — has been uploading a bunch of tracks to a mysterious Soundcloud over the past few days purporting to be old Aphex tracks that were never released. Pitchfork lays out all of the details as to why these tracks [...]

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’15 Jan 26 Mon

Monday 26th January

  • listen to Aphex Twin's 'Computer Controlled Acoustic Instruments Pt2' EP

    by Bill Pearis

    Aphex Twin's Computer Controlled Acoustic Instruments Pt2 EP is out today (1/23). While from the same sessions, apparently, that gave us last year's Syro, the title of this EP is dead-on: here Richard D James is working with very organic sounds/samples (live drums, piano, bells and chimes), giving things a decidedly jazzy feel. And if 13 tracks and 27 minute running time seems like more like an album, the EP tag actually makes sense listening to it. It's variations on a theme, more than 13 distinct songs. You can stream an alternate mix of opening cut "Diskhat ALL Prepared1mixed [snr2mix]" and the whole EP via Spotify, below...

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’15 Jan 23 Fri

Friday 23rd January

’15 Jan 22 Thu

Thursday 22nd January

’15 Jan 13 Tue

Tuesday 13th January

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