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’14 Nov 10 Mon

Monday 10th November

’14 Nov 8 Sat

Saturday 8th November

  • Prince's Toronto Letdown, AC/DC's Murder Plot Shocker and Ben Weasel vs. Fat Mike in Our News Roundup

    Once again, the weekend has rolled up on us, and it's time to sort out just what the hell happened this week. If you're feeling a bit lost, let's all join forces and get our collective shit together via our ever-trusty news roundup.

    First off, this week brought its fair share of disappointments, as well as some welcomed news as well. On the down side, Prince let a whole lot of fans down in Toronto, when rumours of a surprise show turned out to be just that: rumours. The Purple One's camp did issue an apology, but the whole incident no doubt left a bad taste in some fans' mouths.

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’14 Nov 5 Wed

Wednesday 5th November

’14 Nov 4 Tue

Tuesday 4th November

  • Neil Young, Arca and Dirty Beaches Lead Our New Release Roundup

    Start the month of November off on the right foot by filling your playlists with new tunes, courtesy of our New Release Roundup or reviews of some of the top releases this week. Give it a read to catch up on what's new and notable, as well as a few things you might have missed. Then be sure to check out our Recently Reviewed section for many more.

    Neil Young leads the charge this week with an ambitious new recording project in Storytone. The collection of ten new songs is presented in two different ways: one recorded solo, and the other recorded with a full orchestra and choir. Read our review to find out how Young's juxtaposition of "vulnerability and grandeur" fared on his new release.

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  • Die Antwoord – “Ugly Boy” Video

    South African shock-rappers Die Antwoord released their third album, Donker Mag, earlier this year, and they’ve just shared a cameo-filled video for “Ugly Boy.” Cara Delevingne, Jack Black, Marilyn Manson, Flea, and Dita Von Teese all make appearances. …And that certainly looks like Aphex Twin in highly offensive blackface in the “Hello my name is [...]

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  • Aphex Twin: 'If you believe the official 9/11 story you are absolutely gullible'

    Richard James says he was shocked anyone would believe his views are crackpot, and posts tracks apparently made by his six-year-old son

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’14 Nov 3 Mon

Monday 3rd November

’14 Oct 27 Mon

Monday 27th October

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