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’14 Jul 31 Thu

Thursday 31st July

’14 Jul 29 Tue

Tuesday 29th July

  • Beastie Boys mural at Paul's Boutique corner is done (pics)

    We mentioned on Friday (7/25) that a Beastie Boys mural was being painted over the weekend at the LES corner of Ludrow and Rivington where the Paul's Boutique cover art was shot, in honor of that album's 25th anniversary. The mural's now finished, and SPIN points out that the artist behind it, Danielle Mastrion, has posted pictures to her instagram. That's the finished mural above. Check out a few more from the process, below...

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’14 Jul 28 Mon

Monday 28th July

  • Here’s the finished mural celebrating Beastie Boys’ 25th anniversary of Paul’s Boutique

    Artist Danielle Mastrion painted the mural at the same intersection featured on the album's cover.

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  • Beastie Boys mural being painted at Paul's Boutique corner

    The Beastie Boys' classic sophomore album, Paul's Boutique, turns 25 today (7/25), and though the LES corner of Ludlow and Rivington where the album cover's artwork was shot isn't being renamed "Beastie Boys Square," in honor of the anniversary, the current owner of the storefront at that location will have a Beasties mural made. Rolling Stone reports that this Saturday (7/26) at 11 AM, artist Danielle Mastrion will begin painting the mural on the wall of Wolfnights, the sandwich shop at that corner. LeRoy McCarthy, who had launched the "Beastie Boys Square" campaign, spearheaded this project too.

    In related Beastie Boys, Paul's Boutique and sandwich shop news, Ricky Powell was spotted making birthday dreams come true at Brancaccio's Food Shop in Windsor Terrace yesterday (true story).

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’14 Jul 26 Sat

Saturday 26th July

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Friday 25th July

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