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Monday 9th February

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  • Pharrell & Al Gore announce six Live Earth concerts for 2015

    Pharrell and Al Gore have announced that they'll put on Live Earth concerts on June 18 in Paris, New York, Rio de Janeiro, Beijing, Sydney and Cape Town this year to raise awareness for climate change, Reuters reports. Lineups are still TBA. Here's more:

    ...[The concerts] will be the largest event of its type ever staged. The final Antarctic gig will be played by a band of scientists at a research station, Gore said.

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’15 Jan 20 Tue

Tuesday 20th January

  • Beastie Boys request Monster sum of $2.4m to cover legal fees

    After winning a court case in 2014 against the drinks company, the remaining members of the hip-hop band are contending the original payout does not cover their legal fees and costs

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  • Beastie Boys Seek Additional $2.4 Million in Monster Energy Drink Lawsuit

    The Monster Beverage Corp. is likely regretting its use of the Beastie Boys' music in a 2012 promotional video, as the unlicensed music has proven to be very costly. The band successfully sued the energy drink company for $1.7 million in damages last summer. Now, they're seeking an additional $2.4 million. As Billboard reports, the group are seeking the additional funds to cover legal costs. "Monster's tactics significantly increased the costs for Beastie Boys to vindicate their intellectual property rights, such that, absent an award of attorney's fees and costs, plaintiff's success...

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