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  • The Avett Brothers: I and Love and You

    As a nation, we haven't warmed much to country and western – but are the Avett Brothers the ones to change all that, asks Alexis Petridis

    You never feel more British than when perusing the Billboard Country Chart. It's packed with people you've never heard of, all selling millions while apparently locked in a tooth-and-nail struggle to come up with the least persuasive album title of all time. The current undisputed bad-title champion – though he faces stiff competition from Billy Currington (Little Bit of Everything) and Brooks and Dunn (Number Ones … and Then Some) – seems to be a bloke called Luke Bryan, who released a debut called I'll Stay Me, thus reassuring fans who feared he was planning to undergo intimate surgery and re-emerge as a disco singer called Lucinda Brysexual. He followed it up with an album called Doin' My Thing and in between had a hit with…

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