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’14 Aug 22 Fri

Friday 22nd August

  • Birdy’s “Skinny Love” Gets A Chilled Out Remix By Sebastian Carter: Listen

    Birdy‘s “Skinny Love” has certainly provided the songstress some extended mileage. Although her Bon Iver cover first surfaced nearly three years ago, the singer-songwriter has only continued to see success from the track, unveiling a brand new video for the tune as recently as January. Now, Switzerland-based producer Sebastian Carter‘s breathed new life into the ... More »

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’14 Jun 12 Thu

Thursday 12th June

’14 Jun 10 Tue

Tuesday 10th June

’14 Jun 6 Fri

Friday 6th June

’14 Mar 27 Thu

Thursday 27th March

  • Birdy Is A Ghost In Her Eerie “Words As Weapons” Video: Watch

    Birdy has wisely chosen Ryan Tedder-penned/produced “Words As Weapons” as the next single from sophomore set Fire Within. (At least internationally, it still hasn’t been released stateside). The cutting folk-pop song is one of the most immediate tracks on the Brit’s album and serves (surprisingly bitter) lyrics that most of us can identify with. The ... More »

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’14 Feb 18 Tue

Tuesday 18th February

’14 Feb 13 Thu

Thursday 13th February

  • Angel Olsen: Burn Your Fire for No Witness – review


    Angel Olsen's second album marries solo singer-songwriter stuff with buzzy, fuzzy alt-pop – alternating between one and the other so expertly that the strengths of both are highlighted, the weaknesses pushed deep into the background. It's not a cheery listen, mind: "I lost my dream, I lost my reason all again," she sings on the opening Unfucktheworld, following it on Forgiven/Forgotten – which sounds like a forgotten indie classic from 1992 – with the assertion that "If there's one thing I fear/ It's only your arms/ So close, but not here." On the album's centrepiece, the almost-seven-minute White Fire, she opens with the almost self-parodically miserable: "Everything is tragic/ It all just falls apart." That Burn Your Fire For No Witness never sounds strained or too sunk in the mire is down to Olsen's voice, which you could listen to all day: a little lethargic and subdued, but…

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’14 Jan 15 Wed

Wednesday 15th January

  • Birdy Debuts New “Skinny Love” Video, Announces US Tour Dates

    Birdy broke big internationally in 2011 with a cover of Bon Iver‘s “Skinny Love” — topping the charts in countries as diverse as New Zealand and the Netherlands. Three years have passed but time hasn’t wearied the impact of the 17-year-old’s haunting rendition. In fact, it has been selected to spearhead her US campaign and ... More »

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’14 Jan 9 Thu

Thursday 9th January

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