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Friday 19th September

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  • Grace Askew - "Scaredy Cat" (album stream) (Premiere)

    Stream the latest album by the Memphis-based singer/songwriter and The Voice season 4 contestant Grace Askew, Scaredy Cat, here on PopMatters.

    Above photo credit: Steve Roberts (taken at Sun Studios, Memphis, TN) Though she didn't ultimately take the championship, Grace Askew nonetheless captured audiences all across the globe with her run on the massively popular competition show The Voice. Working with country star Blake Shelton, she turned out some fierce performances, including a fierce take on the classic "These Boots are Made for Walkin'". In a recent interview, Rolling Stone dubbed her the "number one most…

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Thursday 12th June

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Thursday 5th June

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Sunday 1st June

  • Platinum review Miranda Lambert bridges country's musical divide


    Country music is in a state of civil war, with old-time tradition on one side and the trucks'n'babes rock of Bro-Country on the other. Miranda Lambert, country's Beyoncé (with husband Blake Shelton as its Jay Z), plays both sides of the divide on this sixth album. The noisy mainstream rock of hits like Automatic and Somethin' Bad is a very distant cousin to the legacy of Cash and Parton, while All That's Left visits 1950s western swing, and the charmingly titled Old Shit celebrates "singing hymns and skipping stones". At its centre is Lambert's ebullient personality and a classic Texan voice that can deliver ballads or arena rock with equal ease.

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