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’15 Apr 20 Mon

Monday 20th April

  • ACM awards 2015: veteran country acts (barely) redeem haphazard show

    Staged in the Dallas Cowboys’ stadium, the 50th Academy of Country Music awards were noisy, glitzy and messy and did a disservice to the awards’ legacy

    For all the build-up around the 50th anniversary of the Academy of Country Music awards – that this would be the show’s biggest and boldest year ever, and that the Dallas Cowboys’ gargantuan stadium would provide a thrilling new setting for the proceedings – the never-ending ceremony turned out to be a deafeningly loud, over-sponsored and badly produced mess. Rather than moments of genuine retrospection and reverence that might befit a 50th anniversary, the ACM awards’ producers gave us noise. Sonorous, frustrating, meaningless noise.

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’15 Apr 15 Wed

Wednesday 15th April

  • Blake Shelton Turned Down Pitbull Duet

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  • Thomas Rhett's Crash and Burn: the Uptown Funk of country

    The song is precision-tooled to be a smash and it’s wittier than its competitors, but it shows up the insecurity of a genre on a strange quest to be ‘funky’

    In just two years, Thomas Rhett has established himself as one of country music’s most successful – and divisive – new artists. The son of country star Rhett Akins, who had a string of hits in the mid-1990s (including the No 1 hit Don’t Get Me Started) and now writes smashes for the likes of Blake Shelton and Luke Bryan, Thomas Rhett grew up surrounded by industry powerhouses – and has thus dealt with accusations of nepotism since his arrival to the Nashville mainstream. But the singer has lately carved out a career of his own.

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’15 Mar 11 Wed

Wednesday 11th March

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Tuesday 10th March

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Thursday 12th February

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Tuesday 27th January

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Friday 9th January

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Thursday 8th January

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