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Wednesday 17th December

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Tuesday 16th December

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Wednesday 3rd December

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Tuesday 2nd December

  • Does country music have a drinking problem?

    Country has always loved an ode to liquor, but today’s stars are binging on booze ballads and making the genre boring

    In case you haven’t noticed, country music’s biggest smashes are lately concerned with just one thing: getting smashed. These days, the entire format seems intoxicated by the idea of crafting party-hearty anthems meant to appeal to frat stars and alcoholics above anyone else, and its homogeneity is making for a rather bland listening experience.

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  • ‘The Voice’: Watch Gwen Stefani Perform “Spark The Fire” & Nick Jonas Sing “Jealous”

    It was a milestone type of evening on Monday’s episode of The Voice. Not only did Gwen Stefani and Pharrell Williams (finally) grace the audience with the live premiere of “Spark The Fire,” but also the series reached 20 million contestant songs downloaded on iTunes! Gwen, Pharrell, Blake Shelton and Adam Levine started the show […]

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Wednesday 26th November

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Friday 7th November

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