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Friday 29th May

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  • Pine Hill Project - "Wichita (Gillian Welch cover)" (video) (Premiere)

    Americana supergroup Pine Hill Project, helmed by Richard Shindell and Lucy Kaplansky, takes on a Gillian Welch song in their latest music video, "Wichita".

    In his 7 out of 10 review of Tomorrow You're Going, the newest LP by the Americana supergroup Pine Hill Project, PopMatters's Ed Whitelock calls it "a joy from start to finish." Pine Hill Project, led by Richard Shindell and Lucy Kaplansky, were joined by Grammy Award winner and longtime Bob Dylan sideman Larry Campbell for the record, which finds them covering a smattering of songs, spanning folk traditionals to the tunes of U2. One…

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’15 May 5 Tue

Tuesday 5th May

  • Benjamin F. Logan, Engineer by Day and Bluegrass Fiddler by Night, Dies at 87

    Balancing these two seemingly mismatched passions, Dr. Logan wrote songs covered by the likes of Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash, and devised methods and devices at AT&T Bell Laboratories.

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  • Cult heroes: Canibus's madcap artistry makes him one of hip-hop's greats

    Canibus has more of a reputation for what happens off-mic than on it – and that’s unfair, because he’s a genuis with a monastic devotion to rap

    If you’re one of the bewilderingly small number of hip-hop fans around the globe who realise that Canibus is one of the greatest rappers of all time, you’ll be no stranger to concepts of alternate realities and parallel universes – that’s the sort of stuff he enthusiastically ladles into his dazzlingly eccentric verses, alongside references to advanced weaponry, ancient civilisations and whimsical musings on why he’s not more widely respected as an MC. And you’ll probably be at least willing to imagine that in another one of the infinite number of worlds very like our own that quantum physics suggests may exist, the artist born Germaine Williams is the biggest star hip-hop has ever known.

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Friday 1st May

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Thursday 30th April

  • Mumford & Sons: Wilder Mind review – more anodyne and generic than ever

    They’ve shed the banjos, the neckerchiefs and the campfire stomping – and come up with something even more flat, beige and ordinary

    Mumford & Sons are a band who have found the kind of success most artists would do anything to maintain. Their debut album, Sigh No More, and its successor, Babel, have sold something like 7m copies. Their stomping acoustic style proved hugely influential, albeit on the kind of music that makes up the BBC Radio 2 playlist: you could hear its echoes in Gary Barlow’s Let Me Go, Avicii’s Wake Me Up and James Blunt’s Bonfire Heart. In Britain, their success came with a side-order of opprobrium – their twee, faux-rustic image was mocked everywhere from Vice to Viz (“Mumford & Sons – they tour the English countryside in their rustic turbo jet-powered haywain”) – but in the US, a country less minded to sneer at their public-school educations…

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