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  • Brad Paisley: Moonshine in the Trunk

    The album feels like Paisley exerting his countryness, just three years after titling an album This is Country Music.

    Brad Paisley’s 10th studio album begins with the sound of a beer can opening and ends with a song about Jesus. In between are songs about float trips, drinking beer, drinking margaritas, lovers driving in escape mode like the Dukes of Hazzard, lovers parking their pick-up truck somewhere down a dirt road and country folk coming into money a la the Beverly Hillbillies. There are product-placement-style references to Bud Light and Chevrolet. There are country-music…

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Monday 25th August

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  • Listening Ahead: Upcoming Music Releases for August 2014

    Get advance word on new offerings from Spoon, J Mascis, and Pallbearer, plus an extensive list of August's new releases.

    Summer break is over for the record release schedule in August. After a bit of a lull in July, August wastes no time getting going with a full slate of releases that includes late-summer chart-toppers from Ariana Grande and Brad Paisley, long-awaited returns from electronic innovators like Basement Jaxx and the Bug, as well as anticipated new efforts by metal heavies, young (Pallbearer) and old (Opeth). And coinciding with back-to-school season, August is prime time…

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