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’14 Mar 21 Fri

Friday 21st March

  • Late Night With Seth Meyers Gets Less Musical

    Jimmy Fallon turned Late Night into a hotbed for new music, mixing established artists like Justin Timberlake and Drake alongside buzzier bands like the Julie Ruin and Parquet Courts. It looked like Seth Meyers would continue this trend when his first week featured performances from Kanye and Brad Paisley as well as up-and-comers A Great [...]

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’14 Mar 13 Thu

Thursday 13th March

  • How Nashville took the UK

    Thanks to Taylor Swift, TV show Nashville and Radio 2, country music has never been more popular in Britain. Ahead of this weekend's festival, we don our stetsons for the hoedown

    Riffs that echo Metallica's Black Album, an encore that references Born to Run, and a band of session musicians straight out of 80s rock central casting; an Eric Church gig reeks of classic rock right down to the lead man's aviators, stubble and Jack Daniel's and Coke.

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’14 Mar 3 Mon

Monday 3rd March

’14 Feb 10 Mon

Monday 10th February

’14 Feb 7 Fri

Friday 7th February

’14 Jan 6 Mon

Monday 6th January

’13 Nov 23 Sat

Saturday 23rd November

’13 Nov 19 Tue

Tuesday 19th November

  • The John Jorgenson Bluegrass Band On Mountain Stage

    Jorgenson and his group of accomplished musicians perform live on Mountain Stage together for the first time. Led by the renowned multi-instrumentalist, the band performs tunes ranging from the platinum-selling Brad Paisley single "Whiskey Lullaby" to the modern bluegrass standard "Wait a Minute."

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’13 Nov 7 Thu

Thursday 7th November

’13 Sep 23 Mon

Monday 23rd September

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