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  • You Can (Finally) Wear Lingerie And Sweats Designed By Britney Spears

    Some of Britney Spears’ most iconic moments happened while she’s been in her undergarments (and only that): her 1999 Rolling Stone cover, her 2000 and 2007 VMA performances, and the scene in Crossroads where she dances around her bedroom singing “Open Your Heart.” Soon, you might be able to wear one of those undergarments, spritz... Read more »

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  • Ooh La La, Britney Spears Is Releasing Her Own Line Of Sexy Lingerie!

    Take a seat, Victoria’s Secret. There’s a new power player in the lingerie game and her name is Britney Spears! The semi-retired pop star revealed her new business endeavor on Twitter this morning (July 23). “Coming very soon… The Intimate Collection, by yours truly,” she informed fans. “Just a peek at what’s to come.” The ... More »

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  • Britney Spears To Launch Lingerie Line

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  • Britney Spears Launches 16th Fragrance: Fantasy Stage Edition

    Britney Spears is the perfumer that keeps on giving, y’all. In January, she released a “naughty and nice” remix collection of her Fantasy scent, and now she’s gifting us once again with another update: Fantasy Stage Edition. If you haven’t been keeping up, this is now Britney’s 16th (!!!) perfume since Curious launched in 2004.... Read more »

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