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  • Sannhet streaming new album; show with TWDY is this week

    by Andrew Sacher

    Sannhet have been one of Brooklyn's best post-metal bands for a while now, and next week they'll release their anticipated sophomore album (and first for The Flenser), Revisionist. We already posted the crushing single "Lost Crown" and the title track, and now they've made the whole album available to stream. It's soaring, epic music that stays captivating from start to finish, despite the lack of a vocalist. And sure their metal ties make this a heavy album, but it's nothing that wouldn't appeal to fans of Explosions in the Sky and Sigur Ros as much as it would appeal to fans of Neurosis. Take a listen below, via Pitchfork.

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Friday 20th February

  • The Body playing w/ special guest collaborators at Apex Fest after tour w/ Full of Hell (lineup, tickets)

    photo: The Body at The Acheron in 2013 (more by Fred Pessaro)

    The sixth biennial experimental/metal/electronic Apex Fest goes down this year at Ridgewood, Queens venue Trans-Pecos from June 5-7. It features live music on day 1 from Jarl and more TBA; day 2 from Gnaw Their Tongues, Trepaneringspiritualen, Menace Ruine, IRM, Burial Hex, Sutekh Hexen and Barren Harvest; and day 3 from Sophia, Svartsinn, Karjalan, Northaunt, Havan, Funerary Call and a set from The Body with special guest collaborators. There's also various short films, visual works and DJ sets. Tickets for the festival and more info HERE.

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