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’14 Nov 13 Thu

Thursday 13th November

’14 Nov 6 Thu

Thursday 6th November

’14 Nov 4 Tue

Tuesday 4th November

’14 Nov 3 Mon

Monday 3rd November

  • Burial – “Lambeth”

    Hyperdub, the adventurous British electronic label that introduced the world to the murky and mysterious dubstep auteur Burial, turns 10 this year. To celebrate, it’s released four label comps, and the last of those, Hyperdub 10.4 comes out today. The comp leads off with “Lambeth,” a rare Burial track that’s been floating around, in bootleg [...]

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’14 Nov 1 Sat

Saturday 1st November

  • As Epidemic In Liberia Slows, Burying Bodies Remains A Challenge

    The aid group Global Communities, which has been organizing safe burial teams for the bodies of Ebola victims in Liberia, says it has seen the number of deaths flatten off.

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  • Born Of Osiris, Memphis May Fire, Chelsea Grin, Etc. Added To 2015 ‘South By So What?!’

    A new wave of bands has now been announced for the 2015 ‘South By So What?!‘ festival, which will take place at QuikTrip Park in Grand Prairie, TX from March 20th-22nd. The latest additions include: After The Burial A Skylit Drive Beartooth Betrayal Born Of Osiris Boymeetsworld Chelsea Grin Front Porch Step Hawthorne Heights (performing “Silence In Black & White“) Memphis May Fire My Body Sings Electric Sirens & Sailors Texas In July This Legend Upon A Burning Body Vanna … Continue reading →

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’14 Oct 30 Thu

Thursday 30th October

  • Daniel Lanois: Flesh and Machine

    Daniel Lanois has upped the ante with Flesh and the Machine by pledging to search "for something that’s never been heard before".

    In the press release for Daniel Lanois' sixth and latest solo effort, Flesh and Machine, the heralded producer and ambient music virtuoso admits that he is unfamiliar with such esteemed current acts as Burial and Four Tet, artists who have flirted with the genre. Sometimes this specific lack of knowledge can breed fascinating results. In the case of futuristic music, an unawareness of what new sounds artists in ambient and neighboring genres are mining can…

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’14 Oct 23 Thu

Thursday 23rd October

’14 Oct 22 Wed

Wednesday 22nd October

  • Arcade Fire's Will Butler Contributes New Music to Documentary About Obama Impersonator

    Taking a break from his duties in Arcade Fire, Will Butler is once again entering the world of film. Following work on the short film Home Burial, he has composed original music for the new documentary Bronx Obama. The film follows Louis Ortiz, a man who just so happens to look a hell of a lot like U.S. President Barack Obama. The doc is available online right now, and it will premiere on Showtime on October 30. The extent of Butler's contributions isn't exactly clear, but director Ryan Murdock told Global Comment that Butler had given the film "some original...Read More

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’14 Oct 10 Fri

Friday 10th October

  • Here’s A Nearly Naked Darkest Hour Guitarist

    There’s a lot of Darkest Hour guitarist Michael “Lonestar” Carrigan to be seen in the below revealing photo of him, his shades and an apparently purloined ukulele. If nothing else it could make a perfect companion to After The Burial‘s guitar shoot. I got your ukulele, bitches!!! @veilofmayaband @marceatsfood @dhauser911 @Sammyapples muhuhuhahahaha — LonestarDH (@lonestarDH) October 10, 2014

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