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’14 Apr 18 Fri

Friday 18th April

  • Autopsy Premiere New Song “Burial”

    Autopsy are streaming “Burial” from their new album “Tourniquets, Hacksaws And Graves” online via Pitchfork. April 29th stands as the North American release date for that new offering via Peaceville.

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’14 Apr 17 Thu

Thursday 17th April

  • The Ohio Snake Art That's Been Mid-Slither For A Millennium

    In another installment of the Spring Break series, Noah Adams visits the Serpent Mound in southern Ohio. It's not a burial site; it's a massive, grass-covered snake effigy, created a millennium ago.

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  • Percussions – “Sext”

    Kieran Hebden aka Four Tet aka no-really-he’s-not-Burial just blessed us with two new tracks under his Percussions alias yesterday, and now he’s given us a third. Just over an hour ago Hebden tweeted a link to “Sext,” maybe the finest of the three excursions into experimental four-on-the-floor thump. I could actually imagine provocative SMS messages [...]

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  • After The Burial Members Get Naked With Their Guitars For Photo Shoot

    Members of After The Burial inexplicably got naked to show of a collection of what appears to predominantly be Ibanez guitars in the following beefcake photo: Post by After The Burial.  

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  • Eternal Summers, 'A Burial'

    The band's name tells you a lot about its sound. Eternal Summers make vibrant music. But as this video for "A Burial" unfolds, a darker side of this Roanoke, Va. band's song emerges.

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’14 Apr 11 Fri

Friday 11th April

’14 Apr 10 Thu

Thursday 10th April

’14 Apr 4 Fri

Friday 4th April

  • veteran electronic duo Porter Ricks playing shows, including NYC's Unsound Festival & London's Denovali Swingfest

    It comes as certain ideas from techno's fertile, experimental, mid-1990s period are being picked up by a range of underground musicians. Many of these ideas have permeated so deeply into the culture that it's hard to remember a time without them, but we wouldn't have Burial, to name just one of the duo's distant descendants, without Porter Ricks' seafloor crackle and mottled-granite color scale.

    Porter Ricks were the duo of Thomas Köner, a sound artist and ambient composer, and Andy Mellwig, a techno producer who also recorded as Continuous Mode and, with former Monolake member and future Ableton founder Gerhard Behles, as Async Sense. Released in 1996, Biokinetics was Porter Ricks' debut album, gathering tracks from three vinyl EPs released that year along with three songs exclusive to the album. It had been years since I last listened to it, and the Type reissue surprised me first by reminding…

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’14 Mar 25 Tue

Tuesday 25th March

’14 Mar 24 Mon

Monday 24th March

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