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’11 Aug 26 Fri

Friday 26th August

  • Cannonball Adderley with Bill Evans: Know What I Mean?

    A classic from 1961, reissued with alternate takes: sensitive piano, ripe alto sax and more.

    The opening strains of this classic Riverside album are pure-pure delicacy that could only come from the fingers of Bill Evans. His chiming piano, playing the original “Waltz for Debby”, is something that brings to mind a particular kind of jazz—intimate, sweet, contemplative. Then, 1:07 in, Percy Heath’s bass burbles downward and Connie Kay’s brushes start working against a snare—and the ripe sound of Cannonball Adderley’s alto sax just pops into the tune. Yummmmm. This…

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’11 Jun 27 Mon

Monday 27th June

  • Buddy Guy with Junior Wells and Junior Mance: “Buddy & The Juniors’’

    A digitally remastered gem first released in 1970, “Buddy & The Juniors’’ catches rising blues greats Buddy Guy and Junior Wells joined by blues-steeped jazz pianist Junior Mance. Guy and Wells had spent time backing Muddy Waters on guitar and harmonica by then, Wells had had his own hit record (“Hoodoo Blues’’), and Mance had toured with Cannonball Adderley and ...

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’11 Apr 17 Sun

Sunday 17th April

  • Cannonball Adderley: Dis Here – review


    This has got to be the bargain of the month. Alto saxophonist Adderley, a master of hard bop and soul jazz, died in 1975. This box of four CDs contains 57 tracks from his early maturity in the late 50s. With his huge tone and phenomenal fluency, he was hailed by many as the successor to Charlie Parker, but his style was entirely his own. In the course of the classic albums included here Adderley is joined by Miles Davis (who rarely deigned to play in anyone else's band), Milt Jackson (at his inspired best) and his own terrific quintet. All this and a 20-page booklet for around the price of a single CD.

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’11 Feb 25 Fri

Friday 25th February

  • 50 great moments in jazz: Weather Report and the orchestration of fusion

    Readers' input has been invaluable to the progression of 50 great moments. With only a handful left in the series, we turn to 1970s fusionists Weather Report

    Catching the editor of this newspaper discussing the changing nature of journalism on the BBC's Newsnight this week set me reflecting on this jazz series and how invaluable the stimulation from readers has been.

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’10 Oct 21 Thu

Thursday 21st October

  • Hail, Hail, Rock'n'Roll

    Like many pop songs, there's something of the sonnet about Tobi Legend's northern soul belter Time Will Pass You By

    The final three records traditionally played at Wigan Casino's northern soul all-nighters were known as the Three Before Eight, and fittingly, for the closing notes of the night, all three were concerned with the passing of time. The sequence opened with Time Will Pass You By by Tobi Legend, followed with Long After Tonight Is All Over by Jimmy Radcliffe, and ended with I'm On My Way by Dean Parrish.

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’10 Oct 2 Sat

Saturday 2nd October

  • Chiddy Bang, Kid Cudi and Kidz In The Hall prefer blog-rocking beats to old soul samples

    You're more likely to hear MGMT or Grizzly Bear on a hip-hop record than James Brown these days. So is the art of crate digging gone for good?

    "Last LP we got down right, showed all these corny motherfuckers what hip-hop's supposed to sound like." So boasted rappers Show & AG on their 1995 track Next Level. As practised by the duo, members of New York's revered Diggin' In The Crates crew, this ideal hip-hop aesthetic involved samples – generally from past genres of black music – gained by, well, diggin' in the crates.

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’10 Sep 24 Fri

Friday 24th September

  • Readers recommend songs about vegetables

    Last week's song choices were written in the stars, but now it's time to dig deep and root out those little lettuce gems

    Hello pop people, I'm glad you could make it. Well, actually I knew you would be here, because it was written in the stars. Years before Paul even thought about deciding to make fate and destiny a Readers Recommend topic a cosmic alignment made it inevitable.

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’10 Aug 3 Tue

Tuesday 3rd August

  • Revealed: Notorious BIG's secret jazz education

    Saxophonist claims he introduced a young Biggie Smalls to the work of Cannonball Adderley, Charlie Parker and Ella Fitzgerald

    Did Notorious BIG learn his flow from Cannonball Adderley? One of the late rapper's former neighbours, saxophonist Donald Harrison, claims to have introduced him to the work of jazz giants including Adderley, Charlie Parker and Ella Fitzgerald, teaching the teenage Biggie about diction, phrasing and scat techniques.

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’10 Jul 5 Mon

Monday 5th July

  • 50 great moments in jazz: Miles Davis and Kind of Blue

    This groundbreaking 1959 album is as close to perfection as jazz gets without sacrificing its spontaneity

    I had hoped that a blog on the popular and funky Hammond organist Jimmy Smith might attract more than the average number of commentators, but I wasn't prepared for the gratifying deluge of responses following my inclusion of Smith in this series.

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’10 Jun 17 Thu

Thursday 17th June

  • Graciela Peréz-Gutierrez obituary

    Versatile and risque, she was known as the first lady of Latin jazz

    The Afro-Cuban singer Graciela Peréz-Gutierrez, who has died aged 94, was widely celebrated as "the first lady of Latin jazz" and known to her fans simply as Graciela. The Latin bandleaders Tito Puente and Tito Rodríguez championed her, while Billie Holiday and Sarah Vaughan were admirers. Graciela was known for her musical versatility, phrasing and emotive delivery, while her risque stage presence and skill with double entendres also helped win her notoriety as a nightclub entertainer.

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