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’14 Nov 26 Wed

Wednesday 26th November

  • Joni Mitchell Reveals She Axed Biopic Starring Taylor Swift: Morning Mix

    Did You Hear? :: Two years ago, former country starlet Taylor Swift was picked to play folk legend Joni Mitchell in the film adaptation of Girls Like Us (a book about the singer, Carole King, and Carly Simon). Well, Mitchell is now coming forth to reveal that she was the reason the movie never came to life! “I squelched that! I […]

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’14 Nov 25 Tue

Tuesday 25th November

  • Joni Mitchell Reveals She Killed Biopic Starring Taylor Swift

    Taylor Swift may have scored the fastest-selling album in more than a decade with 1989, but evidently Canadian folk great Joni Mitchell doesn't think too highly of the pop-country crossover star. This much became clear in a new interview in which the Rock and Roll Hall of Famer revealed that she blocked a planned biopic that was set to star Swift as Mitchell. Back in 2012, reports emerged that Swift would be playing the role in an adaptation of Sheila Weller's 2009 book Girls Like Us, which examined the importance of Mitchell, Carole King and Carly Simon. But now speaking...Read More

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  • Joni Mitchell Squashed Biopic Starring Taylor Swift

    Back in 2012, Taylor Swift was attached to star in a movie based on the 2008 book Girls Like Us, a biography that detailed the rise of Joni Mitchell, Carole King, and Carly Simon. Swift would have starred as Mitchell opposite a cast that could have included Mad Men’s Jessica Pare as Simon and The [...]

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’14 Nov 4 Tue

Tuesday 4th November

’14 Sep 21 Sun

Sunday 21st September

’14 Sep 15 Mon

Monday 15th September

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Friday 5th September

’14 Sep 4 Thu

Thursday 4th September

’14 Jun 30 Mon

Monday 30th June

  • 'Begin Again' in theaters now (CeeLo & Mos Def included)

    by PSquared

    So, are you planning on heading out to the movies this weekend? Well, if you are like the majority of people out there who will be, then it's to see a bunch of giant Autobots and Decepticons who turn into cars and trucks and blow up shit all over the place. Yes, as you may have heard, Michael Bay's next playful orgy of destruction, Transformers:Age of Extinction, opens tomorrow. I've seen it and while at times fun, it's mindless stupidity can be somewhat tiring after two-and-a-half plus hours (the longest Transformers yet). Imagine the head blowing up scene in David Cronenberg's Scanners with less blood and lots more loud explosions over and over and over.....

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’14 Jun 24 Tue

Tuesday 24th June

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