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’14 Sep 28 Sun

Sunday 28th September

’14 Sep 22 Mon

Monday 22nd September

  • Kiesza – “Bad Thing” (Feat. Joey Bada$$)

    It’s a bit weird to hear the young New York rap traditionalist Joey Bada$$ jump on a track with a rising dance-pop singer. But then DJ Premier did produce a bunch of songs for Christina Aguilera, so maybe it’s on-brand. And anyway, “Bad Thing,” the new single from Canadian singer Kiesza, doesn’t sound anything like [...]

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’14 Sep 13 Sat

Saturday 13th September

’14 Sep 4 Thu

Thursday 4th September

’14 Aug 28 Thu

Thursday 28th August

’14 Aug 25 Mon

Monday 25th August

  • Christina Aguilera’s Debut Album Turns 15: Backtracking

    Backtracking is our recurring look back at the pop music that shaped our lives. Our friends may come and go, but we’ll be spinning our favorite albums forever. 1999: the year when pop music ruled the world. From the United States to the UK, the genre was inescapable on music charts, televisions shows, the radio and ... More »

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’14 Aug 20 Wed

Wednesday 20th August

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Tuesday 19th August

’14 Aug 18 Mon

Monday 18th August

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