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’15 Jan 30 Fri

Friday 30th January

’15 Jan 28 Wed

Wednesday 28th January

  • The best and worst versions of the US national anthem

    As we approach Super Bowl Sunday, at which Idina Menzel will sing the Star Spangled Banner, thoughts turn to previous versions – the good, the bad and the Beyoncé

    Somehow, it’s already that time of year again. As another NFL Super Bowl approaches this Sunday, and millions gear up to enjoy the cultural splendour of big-budget commercials and a half-time musical performance, we brace ourselves for a high-profile performance of the Star Spangled Banner. Or, if you’re Christina Aguilera and making up lyrics about the “twilight’s last reaming” (more on that below), the Star Mangled Banner, amirite?

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’15 Jan 27 Tue

Tuesday 27th January

  • Christina Aguilera Will Open NBA All-Star Game With The Rockettes

    The 2015 NBA All-Star Weekend just got even more exciting! Powerhouse diva Christina Aguilera is set to not only perform, but will open the big game on Sunday, February 15! She will sing alongside the legendary Rockettes for a “New York-themed medley” that will lead into the player introductions, as stated by the NBA’s announcement. It has also been confirmed […]

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’15 Jan 23 Fri

Friday 23rd January

  • Mark Ronson: Uptown Special

    This uptown ain't so special; honestly, you're better off staying downtown.

    Glance back over many of pop culture's recent magical moments, and you'll see one name pop up over again: Mark "Mr. Midas" Ronson, that guy standing in the back of the photo like Leonard Zelig in Ray Bans. His ubiquity is spooky -- cue a goldfinger montage starring Adele, Christina Aguilera, Paul "Fab Macca" McCartney, Duran Duran, Rufus Wainwright, Lily Allen, Bruno Mars, Robbie Williams, George Formby. Ronson's all over 'em. He even took the…

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’15 Jan 18 Sun

Sunday 18th January

’14 Dec 30 Tue

Tuesday 30th December

’14 Dec 29 Mon

Monday 29th December

’14 Dec 22 Mon

Monday 22nd December

’14 Dec 20 Sat

Saturday 20th December

  • Christina Aguilera To Executive Produce ABC Family Dramedy

    When Christina Aguilera was expecting her daughter, Summer Rain Rutler, she promised that she would return to the spotlight soon after she gave birth. First, she announced a new album — a follow-up to #JusticeforBionic, which may feature Pharrell. Then she revealed that she was returning to The Voice for its eighth season, along with […]

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