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’14 Apr 18 Fri

Friday 18th April

’14 Apr 16 Wed

Wednesday 16th April

  • POWERS’ “Touch The World”: Idolator Premiere

    KidinaKorner associate Mike Del Rio is known for writing and/or producing cuts for other artists, like Christina Aguilera‘s “Make The World Move,” Skylar Grey and Eminem‘s “C’mon Let Me Ride” and, most recently, Kylie Minogue’s lead Kiss Me Once single “Into The Blue.” But the 27-year-old musician also lends his talents to his own duo, ... More »

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’14 Apr 7 Mon

Monday 7th April

  • Lady Gaga Drops A Solo Version Of “Do What U Want”: Listen To The Feature-Free Edit

    Lady Gaga‘s underrated ARTPOP highlight “Do What U Want” refuses to die. There’s the original cut with R. Kelly, a girls-only remix featuring former enemy Christina Aguilera and now, randomly, a solo version. All three work equally well, which makes the missing video (currently pop music’s greatest mystery) and constant chopping and changing hard to follow. ... More »

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’14 Mar 31 Mon

Monday 31st March

’14 Mar 29 Sat

Saturday 29th March

’14 Mar 28 Fri

Friday 28th March

’14 Mar 17 Mon

Monday 17th March

  • Sia - Chandelier: New music

    After semi-retirement from her own career to collaborate with some of pop's biggest names, Sia's back with a song about swinging from light fittings

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’14 Feb 28 Fri

Friday 28th February

  • Hockeysmith: shining up shoegaze

    The Aphex Twin is a fan of this young duo and their caravan-created electronic music

    If there was ever a good reason to shovel antihistamines down your gullet before pressing play, the music of two hockey-playing, caravan-dwelling sisters who recorded their EP in a stable might be it. But before your eyes start to water, Hockeysmith are not about to usher in a new wave of faux-pastoral whimsy. Nor are they rich kids burning through their allowances under the ruse of "finding themselves" in the Cornish wilderness. Hockeysmith manage to distil isolation into noirish electropop, where siren-pure vocals are submerged in crunched up, distorted guitars and swarms of creepy, atonal synth. It's anything but prissy.

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