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Monday 15th September

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Sunday 14th September

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Thursday 4th September

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Saturday 23rd August

  • Ciara Walks ‘House Of Style’ Through Her Fashion Evolution

    What’s not to admire about the way Ciara effortlessly blends womenswear and menswear? Part of it is personal preference (girl, we share it), but much of that is necessity: She dances so much, she’s gotta be able to move! Watch House Of Style: Ciara’s Style Evolution In this episode of House Of Style, CiCi takes... Read more »

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Friday 22nd August

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Thursday 21st August

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Thursday 14th August

  • Ciara And Future Are So OVER: Morning Mix

    :: Future and Ciara have broken off their engagement. The R&B starlet claims that the Georgia rapper cheated on her while on tour. [TMZ] :: Ariana Grande takes us behind the scenes of her “Break Free” music video and reveals that her inspiration was the 1968 French-Italian sci-fi flick Barbarella. [MTV] :: Death Cab For ... More »

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Wednesday 13th August

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