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’15 Feb 20 Fri

Friday 20th February

’15 Jan 30 Fri

Friday 30th January

’15 Jan 27 Tue

Tuesday 27th January

’15 Jan 26 Mon

’15 Jan 16 Fri

Friday 16th January

  • Future Releases His Own Breakup Track: Morning Mix

    Did You Hear? :: Straight after Ciara‘s dropped her personal “I Bet” ballad that revealed her honest emotions about her previous relationship, ex-fiance Future has dropped a tune of his own. Titled “Just Like Bruddas,” the warbly track finds the rapper alluding to the breakup. [Stereogum] :: Taylor Swift and Harry Styles had a brief reunion recently — but it wasn’t an […]

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’15 Jan 15 Thu

Thursday 15th January

  • Future – “Just Like Bruddas” & Ciara – “I Bet”

    A year ago, Future and Ciara were the two halves of one of rap and R&B’s greatest power couples. But now, their ugly public breakup has reached the point where they’re both writing songs about it. Future’s Zaytoven-produced “Just Like Bruddas” is a tinkly piano ballad with lyrics about friendship and success. Or I think [...]

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’15 Jan 14 Wed

Wednesday 14th January

’15 Jan 13 Tue

Tuesday 13th January

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