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Friday 18th April

  • U.s. Sports Favourite Craig Sager Battling Leukaemia

    Beloved U.S. Tv sports pundit Craig Sager is battling acute leukaemia, according to his son.The 62-year-old veteran sportscaster, famous for his...

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  • Diego Barber: Tales

    You've heard piano and guitar duet albums. This one goes off into a blue yonder.

    A chance encounter between guitarist Diego Barber and pianist Craig Taborn has set off something special. As far as duet albums go, Tales is one that slips through every genre crack provided by nylon strings and a piano. Opener "Killian's Mountains", at 27:32, makes up over 40% of Tales. The very idea that this song hits the proverbial ground running is just as bewildering as Barber's unorthodox approach to his instrument. Of course, "Killian's Mountains"…

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  • Patrick Stewart Admits There's One Thing He's Scared Of

    'Star Trek' actor talks about the challenges of his latest role.

    By Craig Flaster

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Thursday 17th April

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Wednesday 16th April

’14 Apr 15 Tue

Tuesday 15th April

  • an interview with The Menzingers, who are streaming their new 'Rented World' LP (listen)

    by Andrew Sacher

    The Menzingers will release their fourth album, Rented World, next week (4/22) via Epitaph (pre-order), and after revealing singles "In Remission" and "I Don't Wanna Be An Asshole Anymore," they've now made the whole album available to stream. The new album has some more studio shine than their past material (they worked with engineer Jon Low, who normally works with non-punk musicians like Kurt Vile and The National), but there's more aggression in the songs too. Many of them favor big, heavy '90s grunge riffs over the pop punk of their last album. Their knack for Craig Finn-like storytelling still shows up too, like on album highlight "Nothing Feels Good Anymore": "I'm at the party in a cloud of nicotine exhaled by drunk twentysomethings / there's a couple arguing in the bathroom, some couple kids trying to get high." Listen to the new record, via Spin,…

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  • 'Fargo' Reviews Are In: How Does The Show Compare To The Movie?

    FX aims to re-create the genius of the classic movie on the small screen.

    By Craig Flaster

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