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’14 Jul 23 Wed

Wednesday 23rd July

  • Watch The Hold Steady Play Conan

    Since approximately 2008, Craig Finn’s been sounding less and less like the crazy drunk guy accosting you on the street and more and more like the singer of an actual rock band (and a huge one at that). But that doesn’t mean he can’t still bring the whole madman-poet thing, as anyone who’s seen the [...]

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’14 Jul 18 Fri

Friday 18th July

  • Craig Leon: Anthology of Interplanetary Folk Music Vol.1

    An updated, exquisite, extraordinary, genuine electronic classic.

    Anthology of Interplanetary Folk Music is Craig Leon’s reworking and re-recording of his two astonishing records, Nommos and Visiting. Nommos consists of instrumental pieces by Leon and Cassell Webb. These were created as a simplistic form of music based on ostinato (repetition) simple drum rhythms, and simple melodic systems as found in examples of the earliest known music on Earth. Leon linked this to a theoretical speculation of the kind of music might which may…

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’14 Jul 17 Thu

Thursday 17th July

’14 Jul 16 Wed

Wednesday 16th July

’14 Jul 15 Tue

Tuesday 15th July

’14 Jul 10 Thu

Thursday 10th July

  • Wesley Stace doing more Cabinet of Wonders shows (dates)

    Cabinet of Wonders w/ Craig Finn in 2011 (more by Chris Graham)

    Wesley Stace (aka John Wesley Harding) is doing yet another round of his Cabinet of Wonders shows in NYC at City Winery on September 19, October 24 and November 21. The guests haven't been announced yet, but they're usually pretty exciting. Tickets for 9/19, 10/24, and 11/21 are on sale now.

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’14 Jul 9 Wed

Wednesday 9th July

’14 Jul 7 Mon

Monday 7th July

’14 Jul 4 Fri

Friday 4th July

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