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Saturday 20th September

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Thursday 18th September

  • Butthole Surfers drummer picks up 'Yard Of The Month' award in Austin neighbourhood

    King Coffey lives in Austin, Texas with partner Craig Stewart

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  • Farmers by Nature: Love and Ghosts

    The third release from a free jazz cooperative piano trio featuring Craig Taborn, Gerald Cleaver and William Parker

    The cooperative free jazz piano trio, Farmers by Nature, excels at constant conversation. When jazz started to turn away from conventional bebop harmony in the late 1950s and early 1960s, improvisors started, also, to avoid taking turns playing the lead in a round robin of solos over the harmonic structure of the composition. Musicians such as Ornette Coleman didn’t exactly shun this practice, but they were open to less structured forms in which the players…

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Monday 15th September

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Sunday 14th September

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