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’15 Feb 25 Wed

Wednesday 25th February

’15 Feb 15 Sun

Sunday 15th February

  • Visage singer and New Romantic icon Steve Strange, RIP

    New Romantic icon and former Visage singer Steve Strange died Thursday (2/12), suffering a heart attack while on holiday in Egypt. He was 55. In addition to Visage, Strange was known for running the door at late-'70s/early-'80s London clubs Billy's, Blitz and the Camden Palace:

    "Steve's door policy was fantastic," recalls Midge Ure, who played alongside Strange in Visage. "He wouldn't let in anyone he didn't like the look of.

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’15 Feb 14 Sat

Saturday 14th February

’15 Feb 6 Fri

Friday 6th February

’15 Feb 2 Mon

Monday 2nd February

  • TV on the Radio's cover of "Heroes" in 'Game of Thrones' Season 5 trailer; 'Winds of Winter' is NOT coming in 2015

    Varys & Tyrion / Jon Snow & Stannis, Game of Thrones S5 (courtesy HBO)

    Last night was the big IMAX Game of Thrones event where they screened the show's Season 4 finale at theaters around the country. A lot of people went just to get a first look at the Game of Thrones Season 5 trailer which premiered at the event. Reports are, the show will seriously begin to diverge from Georger RR Martin's books, and will likely merge 2005's A Feast for Crows and 2011's A Dance with Dragons' stories, which followed different characters along parallel timelines. Vulture points out that, at least from the trailer, a new contender to the Iron Throne that makes his debut in A Dance with Dragons may have been excised from the story entirely. We shall see. Of course, an "unofficial" version of the trailer has made its way to the…

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’15 Jan 20 Tue

Tuesday 20th January

’15 Jan 17 Sat

Saturday 17th January

  • Helen Green's reinventions of David Bowie – in pictures

    A lifelong fan of David Bowie, illustrator Helen Green has captured the star’s many reinventions with 29 mini-portraits. The images, which span 50 years from 1964, were put together for Bowie’s 68th birthday this month. “I’ve grown up with Bowie’s music, and many of his albums are my all-time favourites,” says Green. “The way he has collected ideas and characters has always fascinated me.” Her favourite Bowie moment is his Ziggy Stardust performance on Top of the Pops. “He was dressed in a Freddie Burretti quilted jumpsuit with spiky red hair, and he looked otherworldly. When I saw the outfit at the V&A in 2013 I was mesmerised.” See more of her work at

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’15 Jan 9 Fri

Friday 9th January

’15 Jan 7 Wed

Wednesday 7th January

  • Vinyl’s difficult comeback

    Can the creaking machinery of the few remaining record pressing plants cope with demand?

    On an industrial estate in Röbel, 90 miles north of Berlin, the vinyl presses at the Optimal factory were grinding and pumping away. They made a percussive racket – regular clunks, wheezes, and hisses, underlain by a droning hum – and created a distinct aroma, sharp and metallic, suggestive of steam engines and old cars: not instantly recognisable to a British visitor like me, perhaps, but the singular smell of things being made. My guide to the Optimal plant was its operations director, Peter Runge. Together, we watched copies of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds’ Live From KCRW tumble from one of the machines. Across a narrow aisle, a press dedicated to seven-inch records was spitting out copies of The Boy From New York City, a 1964 single by the Ad Libs, a soul group…

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