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’15 Jul 1 Wed

Wednesday 1st July

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Friday 26th June

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Wednesday 24th June

  • Smokey: How Far Will You Go?: The S&M Recordings, 1973-81

    How Far Will You Go? collects the proto-disco glam rock sides from these out and proud iconoclasts.

    Unlike the similarly styled works of David Bowie and Lou Reed, Smokey never managed to break through to a broader audience. Much of this can be chalked up to the lack of mystery surrounding their sexuality. Where Bowie and Reed flirted with the notion of bisexuality and were often coy about their true orientation, preferring to remain enigmatic, Smokey, like the equally unsuccessful Jobriath, made no bones about their sexuality. Out and proud, theirs was…

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’15 Jun 23 Tue

Tuesday 23rd June

’15 Jun 17 Wed

Wednesday 17th June

  • The Doors: 10 of the best

    The Doors remain one of the most influential band of the 60s, with charismatic frontman Jim Morrison and songs that swirl with poetry, sex and death

    1 Light My Fire

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  • Adrien Reju - "Soul Love (David Bowie Cover)" (audio) (Premiere)

    New York singer-songwriter Adrien Reju takes on the music of Ziggy Stardust as part of her unconventional examination of love on her new record Strange Love and the Secret Language.

    Earlier this year, PopMatters premiered the Sam Cooke-indebted tune "Last Call" by the Woodstock, New York singer-songwriter Adrien Reju. With the release of her new record Strange Love and the Secret Language just a short month and a half away, we're proud to unveil another tune of Reju's, this time a cover version of David Bowie's "Soul Love". On both musical and lyrical fronts, "Soul Love" is a perfect match for the refreshingly atypical love…

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’15 Jun 12 Fri

Friday 12th June

’15 Jun 11 Thu

Thursday 11th June

  • James Last: ignore the kitsch and celebrate his Quincy Jones moment

    Amid the decades of tosh that adorned the record shelves of grannies everywhere, the musician, who died this week made two great disco-era records. Did he know what he was doing all along?

    In the mid 1980s, Peter Cook made a short film called James Last’s Britain. He had a grand old time depicting “der numero uno non-stop König von party music” as a man devoid of musical standards, dressed in a succession of garish suits: “Jackets that say, ‘I love you,’; trousers that whisper, ‘Hold me close.’” His Last is constantly preaching the benefits of “snappy tunes and happy music to bring joy to all the world”; he’s also obsessed with commerce: “Kids! What a joy!” he cries, tousling the hair of a passing child. “And about 38% of the market.”

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’15 Jun 10 Wed

Wednesday 10th June

  • James Murphy opened 'Four Horsemen' wine bar, DJing at Output this month

    Four Horsemen's vintage McIntosh soundsystem / wine racks (via @fourhorsemenbk)

    While James Murphy has his hands full with his new wine bar in Williamsburg, he's not letting it completely rule his life. He'll be spinning at Output on June 19, performing back-to-back sets with Eric Duncan which he's done a few times now. Tickets are on sale now.

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