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Tuesday 3rd February

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Sunday 18th January

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Saturday 17th January

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Friday 16th January

  • NBC Is Making Two Or More Dolly Parton Movies

    Dolly Parton has signed a development deal with NBC for a series of stand-alone television movies based on her “songs, stories, and inspiring life,” according to Deadline. How many movies could that be? At least two but maybe … just maybe … three? Or ten?! Who knows! Earlier this year, Parton said in an interview [...]

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’15 Jan 2 Fri

Friday 2nd January

’14 Dec 31 Wed

Wednesday 31st December

’14 Dec 30 Tue

Tuesday 30th December

  • Dolly Parton's heaven help

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  • Our favourite music interviews of 2014: Taylor Swift, AC/DC and Pharrell Williams

    This year our writers had a dinner date with Taylor, listened to Abba impersonate drug dealers and even got on Dolly Parton’s tour bus – so let’s relive our favourite musical interviews of 2014

    Even though her publicist had told me that this was exactly what was going to happen, I just didn’t believe that Taylor Swift was going to be waiting for me in a restaurant one weekday lunchtime in September. And so I had – embarrassing to say – a little moment of overwhelm when I walked in and there she was, meekly texting in a booth. Better to exorcise it than battle it, I thought, so I just told her that this was a treat for me and I loved her music. She instantly pulled a perfect “Taylor Swift surprised face”. From there on in it only got better: I found her smart and sweet and impeccably…

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’14 Dec 24 Wed

Wednesday 24th December

  • The music quiz of 2014

    What is St Vincent's secret skill? What did Morrissey blame for the cancellation of his US tour? How did Dolly Parton sign off at Glastonbury? Test your knowledge of the musical year Continue reading...

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’14 Dec 23 Tue

Tuesday 23rd December

  • Nashville’s Historic RCA Studio A Saved From Demolition

    In its heyday, RCA Studio A hosted an enviable number of early rock and country acts including Elvis Presley, Dolly Parton, the Beach Boys, and countless others, and it’s become a huge tourist attraction even though it’s still hosting sessions by Miranda Lambert and Kacey Musgraves. Back in June it was announced that the studio [...]

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