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’13 Feb 23 Sat

Saturday 23rd February

’12 Aug 3 Fri

Friday 3rd August

’12 Jan 24 Tue

Tuesday 24th January

  • Blige Doesn't Know How To Swim

    Singer Mary J Blige has made it her mission to learn how to swim and ski this year 12 so she can better bond with her active pals The No More Drama hitmaker grew up in The Bronx New York - a long way from the beach and snow slopes - and now the Gramm...

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’11 Sep 25 Sun

Sunday 25th September

  • Usher - Usher Doesn't Value Awards

    Usher doesnt care about awards and just wants to be creative The OMG hitmaker has sold more than 65 million albums and has been nominated at numerous award ceremonies including the BRITS MTV Video and Europe Music Awards Billboard and the Gramm...

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’11 Aug 11 Thu

Thursday 11th August

’11 Aug 10 Wed

Wednesday 10th August