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’14 Dec 16 Tue

’14 Dec 15 Mon

Monday 15th December

  • Gorilla vs Bear's favorite albums & songs of 2014

    PC Music's Hannah Diamond

    Gorilla vs Bear posted their lists of their favorite albums (35) and songs (100) of 2014. Though the albums list does have some of the stuff you always see (like The War On Drugs), it's mostly got a lot of unique choices like Recycle Culture, Korallreven, Yumi Zouma, Beverly, Panda Bear's EP and more, and the #1 is pretty unique too. FKA twigs doesn't crack the albums list but she's on the tracks list twice, along with tracks by Tinashe, iLoveMakonnen, Jessica Pratt, Grouper, a Recyle Culture remix of Taylor Swift, and plenty of PC Music representation.

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’14 Dec 12 Fri

Friday 12th December

’14 Nov 22 Sat

Saturday 22nd November

’14 Nov 20 Thu

Thursday 20th November

  • Pix – “A Way To Say Goodbye (Amane Remix)”

    Earlier this year, Londoner Hannah Rodgers (bka Pix) released her single “A Way To Say Goodbye.” Haunting in its simplicity, the song’s minimalistic production techniques force Rodgers’ voice to the forefront. Remixes tend to complicate things by elongating hooks and snipping away at meandering lyrics, but Amane (who also hails from London) does something different. [...]

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’14 Nov 13 Thu

Thursday 13th November

’14 Nov 12 Wed

Wednesday 12th November

  • 2:54: The Other I

    2:54 craft a weirdly woven tapestry of implied grunge, dream pop, and psychedelic folk in compelling sophomore record.

    Creating ambience-rich music that still feels tangible and grounded is akin to mixing oil and water. Nebulous sounds and freeform compositions with an absence of structures can be liberating, but are also given to meandering messes. On the flipside, adhering to the terrestrial offers up something listeners can more easily latch onto, but just as easily lose interest in. For Ireland-born, England-raised sisters Colette and Hannah Thurlow, though, interweaving these two disparate aesthetics comes across…

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’14 Nov 10 Mon

Monday 10th November

’14 Nov 7 Fri

Friday 7th November

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