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’14 Apr 23 Wed

Wednesday 23rd April

  • Today:Eternal Summers and Beverly played Cake Shop w/ Sapphire Mansions after separate BK Bazaar shows (pics)

    photos by Amanda Hatfield; words by Bill Pearis

    Eternal Summers / Beverly @ Cake Shop, 4/21/2014

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  • Today:Nina Persson: Animal Heart

    First solo effort from the Cardigans and A Camp vocalist is pleasant enough singer-songwriter fare that doesn’t truly find its footing until the back half of the album.

    When you’re more than twenty years into a career that has spanned three decades and two different groups it can be a bit difficult finding your own, distinct solo voice. At the very least, the confidence required to step out on your own in an attempt to make a declarative statement that announces your arrival as a relevant solo artist. Regardless of the quality of the new work itself, it will always be compared to…

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’14 Apr 22 Tue

Tuesday 22nd April

’14 Apr 21 Mon

Monday 21st April

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