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’15 Jul 1 Wed

Wednesday 1st July

  • Kitchener's KOI Music Fest Expands Lineup with the Ataris, Rich Aucoin, Isotopes

    As previously reported, Kitchener, ON's KOI Music Fest is gearing up for its sixth annual edition. Ahead of the fest, which runs from September 25 to 27, organizers have expanded its lineup. New additions to the festival include the Ataris, Periphery, IllScarlett, Rich Aucoin, Exalt, Lions Lions, Survay Says, Isotopes, Heart Attack Kids, Trophy Wives, Gay Nineties, Repartee, Heavy Hearts and Shorething. They'll join the previously announced acts Letlive., Hawthorne Heights, the Menzingers, Make Do and Mend, I See Stars, the Creepshow, Teenage Bottlerocket, the Fast Romantics, PEARS...

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  • Erik Satie: a life less ordinary

    Erik Satie’s Gymnopédie No 1 might be a pop classic, but there’s much, much more to the fascinating and eccentric French composer

    Film-makers have missed a trick with the life of Erik Satie. A biopic would have pretty much everything: the heart-warming story of a talented but strange man whose early failure and obscurity led to late-in-life celebrity; some acrobatic sex (literally – his one-and-only girlfriend had previously run away to the circus); strong language, violence, scandal and litigation (he was famously irascible, and was imprisoned over a spat with a music critic); the glamour of Paris, 1885-1925; more than walk-on roles for people like Stravinsky, Picasso and Diaghilev; the decadent Montmartre cabaret scene; oh, and a fabulous, ready-made score by the main man and his friends Debussy, Ravel and Poulenc.

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’15 Jun 30 Tue

Tuesday 30th June

  • Jerusalem in My Heart Announce North American Tour, Stream New Track

    Experimental Montreal duo Jerusalem in My Heart have announced that they'll be taking all of the audio-visual components of their forthcoming sophomore LP, If He Dies, If If If If If If, on tour in October. The partnership of composer Radwan Ghazi Moumneh and visual artist Charles-André Coderre have a show coming up as part of this September's Pop Montreal fest, but they will officially kick off the tour a couple of weeks later in Wakefield, QC. All told, the group have 12 shows on the horizon, with the trip heading from Quebec into the U.S., back up through the Prairies and into...

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  • Records from a rented room: Astrud Gilberto mines the sadness of song, making the heart lurch

    Continuing her series, Anita Sethi moves flat – and finds herself torn between Gilberto’s melancholy bossa nova and flying into the mystic with Van Morrison

    What, I wonder, has been the piece of music that has moved you most? It’s been when I’ve been unable to move that music has been most moving. “I’m moving home,” has been my refrain of late to explain being frantically busy, but now that I’ve finally moved, my body has given in to dreaded fatigue and flu and I’ve been buried beneath the duvet, limbs leaden, unmoving (apologies here must go to my new flatmates for not yet lifting a finger to help do the bins). And so I’ve been enjoying music instead from a position of stillness, curled up beneath the bedcovers while watching Glastonbury unfold, from marvelling at Mary J Blige dancing on huge heels to the dancer doing handstands as Pharrell…

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’15 Jun 29 Mon

Monday 29th June

  • Grace Jones to Release Memoirs

    Way back in 1981, Jamaican-American polymath Grace Jones released a song called "Art Groupie" with the line, "I'll never write my memoirs." She's since had a change of heart, since the singer/actress/model has confirmed the September 29 arrival of I'll Never Write My Memoirs through Gallery Books. The tome has been in the works for some time, having been initially announced in 2013. At the time, Jones said this about her decision to write a memoir despite previously denouncing the idea: "Since then, I thought, if I don't do it, somebody else will." That's the front cover...

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  • Caspian releasing 'Dust and Disquiet,' announce tour w/ Circle Takes the Square (dates, new song stream)

    by Andrew Sacher

    Massachusetts post-rockers Caspian will release their new album, Dust and Disquiet, on September 25 via Triple Crown (pre-order). The album's first single is "Sad Heart of Mine," which has Caspian's soaring buildup-climax-release formula sounding great as ever. Listen and check out the tracklist below. That's the artwork, designed by Jordan Butcher, above.

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  • Belgian pop band Soldiers Heart release debut EP (listen)

    by Bill Pearis

    Belgian five-piece Soldier's Heart formed in 2012 and released their first single, the slinky "African Fire," last year. That track is now the centerpiece for the band's debut EP which will be out this week. The band's sound, laid-back but danceable pop with crystalline guitars and some clever production touches, is on full display in the EP's four tracks, and we're premiering a stream of the whole thing. Listen below.

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  • Chris Squire obituary

    Co-founder of the prog rock group Yes whose bass playing moulded their unique sound

    Having been a founding member of Yes in 1968, Chris Squire, who has died aged 67 from leukaemia, remained committed to the group for the next 47 years. Squire, the band’s bass player, retained ownership of the Yes name even during a period of instability in the late 1980s, when other members split away to form Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe. He was the only member to play on every one of Yes’s 21 studio albums, from their debut, Yes (1969), to Heaven & Earth (2014); and helped to write much of the band’s material.

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  • What's going on Sunday? (Pride March, Contemporary Color, Two-9, TMBG, Stardust fest, Broken Water, Kal Marks & more)

    2014 NYC Gay Pride March (more by Amanda Hatfield)

    You can browse our full NYC show calendar for all of tonight's shows, but here are some highlights...

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’15 Jun 28 Sun

Sunday 28th June

  • Richard Thompson: Still review – characteristically stormy


    Thompson’s resourcefulness shows no sign of waning (though, he remarks drolly, this latest title can be read as “Is he still at it?”). Newly recruited producer Jeff Tweedy brings fresh textures to a mix of bluesy rock, delicate acoustica and skirling electric folk, but mostly he stands back and lets a master do his stuff. The mood is characteristically stormy, with the gnarly Patty Don’t You Put Me Down and the barbed political outburst of Dungeons for Eyes among the standouts. For counterbalance come the moody Broken Doll and Where’s Your Heart. No one makes a Fender sing like Thompson and Guitar Heroes, a nod to his idols, ends in an improvised blaze.

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