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  • The playlist: new bands – Jack Garratt, Kid Astray, Of Empires and more

    A young singer-songwriter making best-of-the-year lists, indie upstarts embracing glam and Britpop, and a prodigal Norwegian sextet all feature in this roundup of groups on the rise

    Jack Garratt is the latest all-singing, all-playing wunderkind: a 23-year-old musician and producer with a flexible, affecting voice and a way with electronics that will doubtless soon have him crowned the new James Blake or Jamie Woon. His debut Remnant EP came out on Island in the summer, ahead of sold-out gigs in London, and now he features on Zane Lowe’s Future 15 of 2015 . Garratt’s bass-heavy ballad-tronica has also earned the attention of producer Rick Rubin. He is Ed Sheeran, basically, but an Ed Sheeran who appears – if Garratt’s latest single, The Love You’re Given, is any measure – to be able to bring the Pharrell aspect to his recordings without the actual need of a producer like Pharrell.

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