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’14 Jun 3 Tue

Tuesday 3rd June

  • Kimbra – “90s Music” Video

    Kimbra’s “90s Music” is among the wildest singles of 2014, and now it has one of the wildest videos. In keeping with the song’s title, the clip feels like all the most cartoonish live-action videos from the late ’90s mashed together into one surreal blast of moving colors. I’m talking Jamiroquai, Missy Elliott, Bjork, Busta [...]

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’14 Mar 6 Thu

Thursday 6th March

’14 Jan 27 Mon

Monday 27th January

’14 Jan 8 Wed

Wednesday 8th January

  • Donny Hathway: a classic feature

    To remember the soul genius, who jumped to his death 35 years ago this month, here's a piece that singer-songwriter Kandia Crazy Horse wrote in 1999 – from Rock's Backpages

    My recent theory is that if the late soul man and scribe Donny Hathaway had been white he would be as (cult) famous as Cosmic American Gram Parsons; mentioned in the same breath as the prematurely departed mystic Nick Drake. Twenty years since Hathaway leaped to his death from the 15th floor of Manhattan's Essex House hotel, he's neither.

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’13 Nov 14 Thu

Thursday 14th November

’13 May 11 Sat

Saturday 11th May

’13 Mar 12 Tue

Tuesday 12th March

  • SXSW 2013: The British are coming!

    As the annual Texas beanfest of music gets underway, we look at some of the Brits who might make their mark

    True, a lot of the Ones to Watch at SXSW 2013 – from DIIV to Danny Brown, Death Grips to Flaming Lips – are either established or American, or both. And yet the festival is still the industry's most prestigious annual showcase for new and emerging talent from all over the world and the place to be for any aspiring British act. So here are 10 touted UK artists to see over the next few days in Texas.

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’13 Jan 30 Wed

Wednesday 30th January

  • Feast: the Young Vic goes Yoruba

    It spans 300 years, takes in five countries – and needed 10 writers. Maddy Costa on an ambitious attempt to dramatise the culture and belief system of Yoruba

    There's a party going on. Damon Albarn is busy improvising on a thumb piano. Sola Akingbola, the drummer from Jamiroquai, is playing a shuffle on a shekere (a large maraca strung with beads). And Cuban dancer Yanet Fuentes is shivering her hips to the rhythm. In the middle of it all sits theatre director Rufus Norris – the man responsible for harnessing this hubbub and putting it on stage.

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’12 Dec 4 Tue

Tuesday 4th December

  • No 9: Hot Chip – In Our Heads

    Our countdown of the year's best albums continues with Hot Chip's In Our Heads. On their stellar fifth album, the great British pop group combined fun, warmth and sincerity

    What a lovely group Hot Chip have become. Quietly, unassertively – this is the most diffident of bands – they have crept up in music's outside lane, surpassing flashier and more boastful groups, accumulating a catalogue that now stands comparison with the best English pop has offered over the last 30 years or so.

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’12 Nov 1 Thu

Thursday 1st November

  • Acid Jazz at 25: 'Everyone said we were mad'

    Tom Horan on the label that brought mod classics back to the dance floor, signed Jamiroquai and rediscovered Terry Callier

    'It was just going to be a party label. We didn't take it too seriously," says Eddie Piller. His cockney tones a little frayed after a soul weekender at the Ambassador Suite in Bournemouth, the clubland veteran and DJ is contemplating the remarkable feat of keeping an independent record label alive for a quarter of a century. And not just any label. Like 2 Tone before it, his Acid Jazz imprint – 25 years old this year – became a genre of its own.

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