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’15 Apr 16 Thu

Thursday 16th April

’15 Mar 30 Mon

Monday 30th March

  • Fur, flight and ferocity: Rihanna brings back rap theatrics

    The pop star debuted her new single Bitch Better Have My Money live at the iHeartRadio Music awards, dropping in visual references to legendary female rap acts – watch her performance and let us know what you think

    It feels as though the 1990s have only just ended, but the decade’s pop culture revival is firmly in place. On Sunday night, when Rihanna debuted her new single Bitch Better Have My Money live at the iHeartRadio Music awards show, she channelled full-on 90s rap aesthetics. The pop star wore a green fur coat, green and black patent thigh-high boots and oversized sunglasses, all from Versace’s autumn-winter 2015 range. If you squinted out of the corner of one eye, you could have been watching 90s rappers Lil’ Kim or Foxy Brown in action.

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’15 Mar 24 Tue

Tuesday 24th March

  • Tears and technology: inside Björk's virtual reality video for Stonemilker

    Emily Mackay dons a headset and steps into an Icelandic landscape for the musician’s immersive new video experience

    Music videos that make a virtue of innovation tend to hammer the point home with bells and whistles, spaceships and explosions: for example, Michael and Janet Jackson’s Scream, Kanye’s Power or more recently, Azealia Banks’ mirror-game for Wallace or Arcade Fire’s interactive We Used to Wait.

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’15 Mar 2 Mon

Monday 2nd March

’15 Feb 4 Wed

Wednesday 4th February

  • The Top 11 Greatest Hits from "Greatest Hits" Compilations

    It's one of the strangest pop microcosms in history: singles released exclusively from Greatest Hits compilations. We rounded 'em up and ranked 'em to find out what is truly the greatest Greatest Hit of all.

    None of you reading this are greenhorns when it comes to "Greatest Hits" compilations. We all know the gamut: by creating a goto catalog release that will entice casual fans for years and decades to come, Greatest Hits/Best Of compilations are a reliable source of income for record labels and artists alike. We all snicker whenever an artist feels the need to tack on a "Volume One" onto that title, because unless you're the Eagles…

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’15 Jan 29 Thu

Thursday 29th January

’15 Jan 27 Tue

Tuesday 27th January

  • Janet Jackson Could Be The Next Legendary Diva With A Las Vegas Residency

    Spare a thought for Janet Jackson fans. Seven years have already passed since her last studio LP, 2008′s underrated Discipline, and the legendary diva recently shut down rumors that she was embarking on a comeback. Instead, the pop pioneer is devoting her time to charitable causes and married life with billionaire husband Wissam Al Mana. […]

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’14 Dec 20 Sat

Saturday 20th December

  • Whatcha Say: Madonna, Nicki Minaj And Janet Jackson Got Our Readers Talking

    Welp, we’re almost there Idolator readers: It’s nearly the end of 2014! But of course, our favorite pop acts aren’t giving us even a moment to rest. This week saw the debut of both Charli XCX‘s Sucker and Nicki Minaj‘s The Pinkprint, two of the year’s most anticipated pop releases. But there weren’t just anticipated […]

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’14 Dec 18 Thu

Thursday 18th December

’14 Dec 17 Wed

Wednesday 17th December

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