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’14 Dec 20 Sat

Saturday 20th December

  • Today:Whatcha Say: Madonna, Nicki Minaj And Janet Jackson Got Our Readers Talking

    Welp, we’re almost there Idolator readers: It’s nearly the end of 2014! But of course, our favorite pop acts aren’t giving us even a moment to rest. This week saw the debut of both Charli XCX‘s Sucker and Nicki Minaj‘s The Pinkprint, two of the year’s most anticipated pop releases. But there weren’t just anticipated […]

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’14 Dec 18 Thu

Thursday 18th December

’14 Dec 17 Wed

Wednesday 17th December

’14 Nov 10 Mon

Monday 10th November

  • Dinosaur Feathers: Control

    With their latest, Brooklyn-based genre-hoppers Dinosaur Feathers take on '80s R&B with aplomb.

    Ostensibly finding initial inspiration in the first few Janet Jackson albums, the members of Brooklyn’s Dinosaur Feathers fully immersed themselves in early ‘80s R&B for their latest release, Control. With its cracked take on the genre, it often walks a fine line between homage and parody, irony and sincerity in a manner that makes it nearly impossible to discern their initial intent. This ambiguity only serves to heighten both the overall fun quotient and level…

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’14 Nov 5 Wed

Wednesday 5th November

’14 Nov 4 Tue

Tuesday 4th November

  • K. Michelle Is Fierce In Her “Love ‘Em All” Video: Watch

    K. Michelle has released the visuals for her new single, “Love ‘Em All.” The clip finds the singer at her fiercest state, as she flips her luxurious red weave, caresses mannequins, straddles a chair Janet Jackson-style and shows off her dance moves with choreography scenes. “Love ‘Em All” is the first single off K. Michelle’s forthcoming sophomore LP Anybody […]

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’14 Nov 1 Sat

Saturday 1st November

’14 Oct 31 Fri

Friday 31st October

’14 Oct 24 Fri

Friday 24th October

  • Kiesza Takes It All Off In Her “No Enemiesz” Video: Watch

    Kiesza shows off her rock-hard dancer’s body in her video for “No Enemiesz,” the latest track from her debut album Sound Of A Woman. The flame-haired songstress takes notes from Janet Jackson‘s 1986 hit “The Pleasure Principle” visual, transforming an empty loft into her personal dance studio. The video is all about choreography, where Kiesza dances alone in […]

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