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’15 Jan 22 Thu

Thursday 22nd January

  • Cult heroes: Wipers – the sound of emptiness and dread

    We kick off our new series on music’s cult heroes with a celebration of Wipers and Greg Sage, who took American punk in thrilling new directions

    • Sub Pop’s Bruce Pavitt revisits the greatest bands of the 80s

    “Romeo,” murmurs Greg Sage, “walks the city at night.” Beneath his voice, drums thunder along, almost motorik in their linear path, but twice as fast. “The tall dark buildings cast a ghostly shadow in his burning eyes.” Heavily fuzzed guitar and bass pick out a mutated rockabilly pattern underneath. “Oh Romeo, roam Romeo, Romeo roam, roam Romeo, yeah.” And for the chorus, a huge swoop of slide guitar and a whoosh of brass, like the sound of a railroad horn as the train races past in the darkness. It’s recognisably punk rock, but different: it’s less constricted than punk rock, less limited in its scope, but lacks none of the…

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’15 Jan 19 Mon

Monday 19th January

  • 'Stone Free' Jimi Hendrix Tribute with the Cure, Eric Clapton, Body Count Given Vinyl Reissue

    Legendary guitar hero Jimi Hendrix's back catalogue has long been subject to a litany of reissues, but the latest repackaged release for fans to experience will be the 1990s tribute LP, Stone Free. Featuring cuts recast by Eric Clapton, the Cure, Jeff Beck and even Body Count, the collection gets its first-ever vinyl pressing on February 9 via Music On Vinyl. Originally delivered in 1993, Stone Free: A Tribute to Jimi Hendrix gathered up a varied list of artists from the worlds of rock, blues, jazz, hip-hop and metal to interpret a number of Hendrix classics. According to...

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’14 Dec 15 Mon

Monday 15th December

  • Premature Evaluation: D’Angelo And The Vanguard Black Messiah

    Every once in awhile, an artist somewhere on the R&B/soul/black music spectrum releases an album that’s simultaneously an attempt to come to grips with America, and to tell America to go fuck itself. Among the totemic examples are Jimi Hendrix’s Electric Ladyland, Sly And The Family Stone’s There’s A Riot Goin’ On, Funkadelic’s America Eats [...]

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’14 Dec 1 Mon

Monday 1st December

’14 Nov 28 Fri

Friday 28th November

  • In defence of the viola

    The viola was the instrument of choice for Mozart, Haydn, Bach, Dvorák and Beethoven; Jimi Hendrix and John Cale both played it; violinists turn to it to improve technique. So why is the viola the butt of jokes? Tabea Zimmermann defends her instrument

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’14 Nov 25 Tue

Tuesday 25th November

’14 Nov 13 Thu

Thursday 13th November

’14 Nov 6 Thu

Thursday 6th November

’14 Oct 27 Mon

Monday 27th October

  • Cream singer/bassist Jack Bruce, RIP

    Jack Bruce, singer, bassist and one-third of classic power trio Cream (as well as a successful solo career), died Saturday (10/25) at age 71:

    His family announced the death on his website. A spokesman said the cause was liver disease; Mr. Bruce had received a liver transplant several years ago.

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’14 Oct 25 Sat

Saturday 25th October

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