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’14 Aug 20 Wed

Wednesday 20th August

  • Two out-of-print Jimi Hendrix albums set for re-release

    'The Cry Of Love' and 'Rainbow Bridge' will come out on September 15

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  • Jimi Hendrix's 'The Cry of Love' and 'Rainbow Bridge' Treated to Reissues

    Much of Jimi Hendrix's work was sadly released after his passing so many years ago, but now two of those posthumous releases are getting a new lease on life thanks to some upcoming reissues. New pressings of 1971 releases The Cry of Love and Rainbow Bridge will arrive on September 16 through Experience Hendrix, LLC/Legacy Recordings. These have been remastered from the original analog masters will be released digitally, as well as on CD and vinyl. This is the first-ever official CD pressing for Rainbow Bridge; The Cry of Love hasn't been pressed on CD since...Read More

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Tuesday 12th August

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Friday 25th July

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Thursday 24th July

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Friday 18th July

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Thursday 10th July

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