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’15 May 8 Fri

Friday 8th May

  • Jimi Hendrix's Estate Approves Official Biopic

    There have been a couple of Jimi Hendrix biopics over the years — like 2013's André 3000-starring Jimi: All Is by My Side and 2000's Hendrix — but these weren't approved by the iconic guitarist's estate and didn't feature any of his original music. Now, finally, it seems that a planned biopic has secured the approval of Jimi's estate. The film is due to be directed by Paul Greengrass (the Bourne movies, United 93, Captain Phillips). It will feature a script from Scott Silver (8 Mile) and will arrive through Legendary Pictures. ...

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  • Jimi Hendrix Biopic Moving Forward

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’15 May 7 Thu

Thursday 7th May

  • Bill Graham: 'He was the only one not on drugs'

    The legendary concert promoter is the subject of a new show in LA, which collects together memorabilia from the biggest rock stars of the music industry’s glory days

    Legendary concert promoter Bill Graham arrived in New York aged 10. A German-born orphan then called Wulf Wolodia Grajanca, he had fled the Holocaust with nothing but a prayer book, a yarmulke and a photograph of his family to his name. He weighed 67lbs and was suffering from rickets and malnutrition when he was placed in foster care in the Bronx.

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’15 May 6 Wed

Wednesday 6th May

’15 May 1 Fri

Friday 1st May

  • Foxygen – “24 Hour Lover Man”

    Foxygen’s “Farewell Tour” is currently underway, though it’s still not clear if that means Foxygen are breaking up or if it’s just the end of their “…And Star Power” incarnation. Either way, the band has just shared a truly bizarre new song. “24 Hour Lover Man” is a sloppy, lo-fi mess that samples Jimi Hendrix’s […]

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’15 Apr 14 Tue

Tuesday 14th April

’15 Mar 22 Sun

Sunday 22nd March

  • Lithofayne Pridgon: Jimi Hendrix’s original ‘foxy lady’

    Sam Cooke, Sly Stone and Little Willie fought for her attention. Jimi Hendrix loved her so much he wrote songs about her. In a rare interview Lithofayne Pridgon tells Chris Campion the unvarnished story of Harlem’s wildest music scene – and how she came to be Hendrix’s greatest muse

    Never been kissed until she met “Fever” singer Little Willie John. Seduced by Sam Cooke at only 16. Pined for by Jimi Hendrix as the one woman he loved but could never hold on to. Lithofayne Pridgon, the unacknowledged inspiration behind Hendrix’s “Foxy Lady”, has held some of the most charismatic and talented performers of their day in her sway, and befriended many others – a roll call that includes Jackie Wilson, Marvin Gaye, Sly Stone, Ike Turner and James Brown. She was also Etta James’s best friend.

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’15 Mar 19 Thu

Thursday 19th March

  • Classical composers – and the pop stars who channel their moves

    For Liszt, read Jimi Hendrix … for Wagner, Kanye West? Canadian MC and songwriter Chilly Gonzales – who learned his craft through classical piano – reflects on the crossover between the pop and orchestral worlds

    I grew up with my grandfather teaching me the great European tradition of composers. But when I wasn’t at the piano I was watching Lionel Richie dance on the ceiling, and I told myself there had to be a way to combine these two worlds. All music is connected, and I’ve reflected on what the equivalencies might be between my favorite composers and my pop heroes. Composers were our first musical celebrities, and the 19th century brought us the idea of a “musical genius”, a role which I happen to play on stage. If these master composers were to have been pop icons or MCs, we might find that not much has changed since a…

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’15 Mar 9 Mon

Monday 9th March

’15 Mar 5 Thu

Thursday 5th March

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