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’14 Apr 23 Wed

Wednesday 23rd April

  • Witch: Movin' On / Kuomboka

    This is what we're left with after the fuzz guitars go away.

    Witch was a '70s band from Zambia in southern Africa that had been influenced by the likes of Jimi Hendrix and the Rolling Stones. Their early albums were heavy with fuzz guitar and made a huge impact on what was then known as “Zamrock”. Later, however, the band split up, new members came in and the music radically changed. If you need any evidence that disco, in all its spangled, falsettoed glory, ever made it…

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’14 Apr 22 Tue

Tuesday 22nd April

’14 Apr 16 Wed

Wednesday 16th April

  • Robert Cray Band On World Cafe

    He was inspired by The Beatles, but later fell under the spell of Jimi Hendrix. Cray is in the studio today to perform songs from his new album, In My Soul.

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’14 Apr 2 Wed

Wednesday 2nd April

’14 Mar 30 Sun

Sunday 30th March

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