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’13 Oct 31 Thu

Thursday 31st October

  • Readers recommend: not a topic yet, but a new name above the door

    Adam Boult is about to post his final results blog and pass on the baton to Peter Kimpton, who introduces himself before he starts

    Hello. This is just an introduction before the readers recommend baton is passed to me from the excellent Adam Boult. You'll get a topic from me a bit later. I'd like to thank Adam for all his inspirational work as well all the fantastic readers' contributions that continue to roll in. Please keep reading Adam's other posts. I'll be joined on RR by my colleague Marta Bausells, who is starting next week. We will be writing the column on alternate weeks, but that may vary from time to time.

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’13 Oct 27 Sun

Sunday 27th October

  • Roy Harper: soundtrack of my life

    The singer, songwriter and guitarist on how Miles Davis and skiffle shaped his sound, dancing to Stephen Stills's overlooked 1972 gem – and the first time he met Jimmy Page

    Born in Manchester, folk-rock musician Roy Harper left home at 15 and began writing music inspired by his love of poetry. His 1966 debut album, Sophisticated Beggar, introduced the distinctive and complex style of songwriting for which Harper was to become renowned, leading to collaborations with artists including Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and Kate Bush. More recently, artists such as Fleet Foxes and Joanna Newsom have cited Harper as an influence. Last month, Harper released his first studio album in 13 years, Man and Myth.

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’13 Oct 25 Fri

Friday 25th October

  • 'Hello Cleveland. We're Diarrhea Planet!'

    From Circle Jerks to Cerebral Ballzy, choosing the most obnoxious name possible is a much-loved tradition among punk bands. Here, we run the rule over the latest crop of semi-offensive monikers

    Man, you know what I love being reminded of when I sit down to a nice brandy and a spot of thrash metal on a weeknight? The time a gash on my leg got infected and my mother's tears stung my cheek raw as the doctor told us they might have to amputate. Top banter.

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’13 Oct 23 Wed

Wednesday 23rd October

’13 Oct 22 Tue

Tuesday 22nd October



    Why the long face, o assembled? This much-awaited (blursh!) newsletter's just setting off, and already we got a problem? Hmm. Must be the dire header. You don't like the idea of scorched earth, with everyone and their baby deader than hell...and to be honest, we don't entirely cherish the image ourselves. Let's instead try to hear it more as a turn of phrase spoken from an ultimately happy place. A psyched place, even! Yes, Drag City is psyched, because in this fall of 2013, we are slowly, but completely, rising above over all others, and none shall survive our astonishing ascent. See? A better vibe already! But seriously, it's plain to see from any angle: we've got the BEST new records, BEST reissues, and sometimes even just the BEST t-shirts (like the Ty Sleeper tees (yes! In green, but also in black and white colored shirts!),…

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’13 Oct 19 Sat

Saturday 19th October

’13 Sep 30 Mon

Monday 30th September

  • Glasser – Interiors

    Listen to Cameron Mesirow's architecture-obsessed pop album ahead of its release – and let us know your thoughts

    Three years since Glasser's debut album, Ring, the artist we once described as "an electronic Joni Mitchell, or a more technoid Joanna Newsom" is back.

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’13 Sep 23 Mon

Monday 23rd September

’13 Sep 22 Sun

Sunday 22nd September

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