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’14 Dec 9 Tue

Tuesday 9th December

’14 Dec 8 Mon

Monday 8th December

  • Joanna Newsom Says She’s Working On Music, Discusses Ferguson In New Interview

    Other than her role in the new Paul Thomas Anderson film Inherent Vice, it’s been a while since we’ve heard anything from human wonder machine Joanna Newsom. In fact, Have One On Me, Newsom’s staggering triple album, will turn five next year. But Newsom has some ideas percolating, and in a new interview, she talks [...]

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  • Alex Winston – “Careless” (Stereogum Premiere)

    New York-via-Detroit singer Alex Winston makes the kind of big, meticulously crafted pop songs that sound anthemic without coming across as soulless. Her idiosyncratic vocals have earned her comparisons to the likes of Joanna Newsom and Lykke Li, placing her in the grand tradition of post-Kate Bush alternative pop singer-songwriters. On 2012′s King Con, that [...]

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’14 Sep 30 Tue

Tuesday 30th September

’14 Sep 26 Fri

Friday 26th September

  • Joanna Newsom’s Inherent Vice Role Revealed

    Last year, we learned that Joanna Newsom would play a role in the movie Inherent Vice, a Thomas Pynchon adaptation from the director Paul Thomas Anderson. Today, we learn what she’s doing in this mysterious movie. According to The New York Times, Newsom plays the “earth-goddess-like” Sortilège, who narrates the movie. Newsom co-stars with Joaquin [...]

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’14 Jul 2 Wed

Wednesday 2nd July

  • Vashti Bunyan details new (and "final") album, 'Heartleap'

    As if it wasn't enough that we got a new Linda Perhacs album this year, it's also been announced that we'll get a new one from another cult folk legend, Vashti Bunyan. Vashti will release Heartleap on October 6 via FatCat in Europe and a day later via DiCristina in North America. It's her third album overall, following her legendary 1970 debut, Just Another Diamond Day, and 2005's excellent comeback album, Lookaftering. Vashti also says this will be her last.

    Though her last two albums were recorded with multiple collaborators (including Joanna Newsom and Devendra Banhart on her most recent one), Vashti chose to make this one entirely on her own. She says, via press release:

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’14 May 16 Fri

Friday 16th May

’14 May 2 Fri

Friday 2nd May

  • Jess Williamson: Native State

    Native State is an artistic triumph that eschews the artifice of commercial appeal for the sake of personal clarity.

    On its surface, one could view Jess Williamson's Native State as yet another entrée into the modern chamber folk canon alongside Joanna Newsom, Fleet Foxes et al. Yet underneath its minimalist construct, Native State's sparse seven songs can be taken as a classic bildungsroman, one in which the protagonist's journey of discovery finds them returning home. Echoing Williamson's own journey from Austin, Texas to New York City and back, travel and locales litter Native State's…

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’14 Mar 21 Fri

Friday 21st March

  • The Milk-Eyed Mender Turns 10

    If something portends future classic status for an album, it may well be contemporary artists covering songs from the record shortly after its release. This was certainly the case with Joanna Newsom’s The Milk-Eyed Mender, which will be 10 years old on Sunday. The Decemberists covered “Bridges And Balloons” for years, including a baroque reading [...]

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