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Tuesday 23rd September

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Monday 22nd September

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Saturday 20th September

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Thursday 18th September

  • John Peel Archive releases first streamable "record box," curated by Pink Floyd/Nick Drake producer Joe Boyd (listen)

    Legendary BBC Radio 1 DJ John Peel is renowned for introducing thousands of ears to the sounds of psych, prog-rock, punk, reggae and hip-hop and amassed quite a collection of records before his sudden death in October, 2004. (A lot of them are by The Fall.) The John Peel Archive has been working to document the massive personal collection of over 20,000 LPs and over 40,000 singles over the past few years and have now posted the first of six curated Record Box collections delving deeper into what's on the shelves.

    The first mixtape-style collection is curated by producer Joe Boyd, who's worked with Pink Floyd, Fairport Convention, Nick Drake and, recently, Robyn Hitchcock. Boyd pulled over 20 records including several of the bands he worked with as well as groundbreaking material from Bob Dylan, (an original test-pressing of the legendary Demo White Label!), Tomorrow's psych classic "My White Bicycle," the Talking…

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  • Joe Sample, Crusaders Pianist Who Went Electric, Dies at 75

    Mr. Sample became a jazz star as a pianist in the 1960s and an even bigger star a decade later when he began playing electric keyboards.

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’14 Sep 16 Tue

Tuesday 16th September


    Sheesh, somehow it's been less than a year since we de-veiled the genuine jewel called Imitation of Life from Eiko Ishibashi. Well-heard in her native Japan, Imitation gave us pests from the west a chance an ear to what all the Nipponese press is on about - and on wax, to boot! Even in Japan, where she is a STAR, Eiko's music is only pressed on CD. For those of who feast on the culture and sounds of the east, Eiko is an interesting case - for she specializes in what the lazy and the hazy like to call "timeless" sounds - and as we all know, timeless sounds may also be placeless sounds - and while there is a considerable amount of what we might indelicately call "Japaneseness" in Eiko's approach to music, it goes well and far beyond a national place - why, after dropping the needle, you…

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