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’15 Feb 25 Wed

Wednesday 25th February

  • The Week In Rap: Big Sean Is Good Now, Somehow

    In the annals of rap history, Fat Joe holds a curious distinction. Joe is a just-OK rapper, a guy who fills space just fine on tracks but who almost never says anything that’ll rattle around in your consciousness. But Joe has been on more great songs than any other just-OK rapper in history. The list […]

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  • Acclaimed Documentary Filmmaker Bruce Sinofsky Dies At 58

    Sinofsky and his longtime co-director, Joe Berlinger, are perhaps best known for Paradise Lost, a trilogy of films about three teenagers convicted of killing three little boys in West Memphis, Ark.

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’15 Feb 24 Tue

Tuesday 24th February

  • Mahalia Barnes & The Soul Mates Featuring Joe Bonamassa: Ooh Yea! The Betty Davis Songbook

    Australia's soul wunderkind Mahalia Barnes crosses her T's and dots her Betty Davis I's as she pays tribute to an artist who was too much, too soon.

    It’s one of life’s ironies that an artist as independent and ahead of her time as Betty Davis (Mabry) is today remembered mostly for her brief marriage to Miles Davis, and for having transformed the trumpeter in record time from Italian suited jazzer to psychedelically garbed imbiber of Bitches Brew. (Davis credited Betty with introducing him both to hip threads and the sounds of Hendrix, Sly Stone, and others.) Chump change indeed for a singer,…

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’15 Feb 23 Mon

Monday 23rd February

’15 Feb 22 Sun

Sunday 22nd February

’15 Feb 20 Fri

Friday 20th February

’15 Feb 19 Thu

Thursday 19th February

’15 Feb 18 Wed

Wednesday 18th February

’15 Feb 17 Tue

Tuesday 17th February

  • Lou Reed on the Beatles: "I Thought They Were Garbage"

    A '80s-era interview with the late Lou Reed — in which the Velvet Underground leader calls the Beatles "garbage" — has been unearthed and animated for our amusement. The interview was with music executive Joe Smith in March 1987 and recently discovered by PBS, which has now animated the chat for its Blank on Blank series. Early on, the piece had Reed talking about protecting his New Jersey home, "out in the wilds of nowhere," from college-age creepers. Apparently he wasn't too afraid to bust out a shotgun on his property. Later, the musician delivered his...

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