Too Tough To Tame by John Anderson

US country music singer-songwriter

"Too Tough To Tame" Cover Artwork

Too Tough To Tame


  1. Too Tough To Tame 3:57
  2. Guitars That Won't Stay In Tune 2:07
  3. The Tears That I Cry 3:23
  4. Tryin' To Make A Livin' On The Road 3:47
  5. Maybe Go Down 4:47
  6. Who's Lovin' My Baby 3:23
  7. When The Darkness Falls 3:04
  8. She Worships The Quicksand That I Walk On 3:39
  9. Bamboo Annie 3:52
  10. There Was A Time When I Was Alone 3:15

Length: 30:14

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