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Wednesday 23rd April

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Tuesday 8th April

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Friday 28th March

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  • John Coltrane's Saxophone Added To The Smithsonian

    One of John Coltrane's tenor saxophones has been donated to the Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of American History by his son Ravi.The...

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  • George Russell: the composer who thought outside the box

    Sixty years after his revolutionary methods began transforming jazz, composer George Russell is still inspiring your musicians, writes John Fordham.

    When composer George Russell died in 2009, plenty of the worlds musicians and listeners remained indifferent to his achievements - or were still scratching their heads about them - close on 60 years after his revolutionary methods began transforming jazz. But plenty of others - Ornette Coleman and Jan Garbarek among them - knew exactly why he mattered. Russell didnt believe that European music theory, with its roots in the major/minor scale system, and the cadential "urge" of its seven notes toward resolutions, could say much that was useful about jazz. So he shifted the emphasis from cadences and chords to the drifting modes of an updated medieval church music, to notions of "ingoing and outgoing" or "gravitational pull" rather than "tension and resolution".

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Friday 14th March

  • Courtney Pine is blowing up a saxophone gale | from the archive, 15 March 1986

    The young musician is one of the first black men this side of the Atlantic to make his mark on the jazz scene

    The cover of the March issue of the elegant British jazz magazine Wire features a young black man in red beret and natty grey overcoat holding tenor saxophone. Unusually for a jazz performer, the figure has lately become very familiar in younger music circles in this country, through a TV appearance, local press coverage, and even that barometer of current tastes, The Face. The recipient of all this attention is Courtney Pine, the 21-year-old British-born son of a Jamaican carpenter and local government official, who has suddenly shot to as much stardom as you can get on the jazz scene this side of the Atlantic.

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Tuesday 4th March

  • John Fordham's month in jazz – March

    British jazz talent makes waves with Zara McFarlane, Polar Bear and Sarah Gillespie, and this month sees big-name gatherings to savour in Bristol and London of jazz's most exciting talents

    Zara McFarlane has a touch of Nina's fire about her

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Thursday 27th February

  • Out of This World review


    Few post-bebop jazz musicians are better represented in major-label archives than John Coltrane, so this budget 1960-62 compilation – after the saxophonist's brief spell with Thelonious Monk, and during the exit from his spectacular partnership with Miles Davis – inevitably doesn't replace classics of the same era like Africa Brass and The Village Vanguard Recordings. But Out of This World is a good intro to Coltrane at a turning point in his musical life, and a well-guided one thanks to a typically informative accompanying essay from UK saxist Simon Spillett. Opening with a fine 1960 Swedish Radio version of the touring Miles Davis quintet on So What (in which both Miles and Coltrane can be heard stretching out toward their own notions of greater melodic freedom), the collection takes in the stormy affinities of Coltrane and Elvin Jones over the west African bassline and free-ensemble playing on Africa;…

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Wednesday 5th February

  • Nile Rodgers: 'Chic was toxic'

    The musician and super-producer tells Paul Lester about Chic's good times, about working with David Bowie and Daft Punk, and about the creation of the bassline that changed pop history

    Hi, Nile! How's your health these days?(1)

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