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’15 May 26 Tue

Tuesday 26th May

  • Cult heroes: Lawyer by day, psychedelic warrior by night, Cory Rayborn has been supporting the underground for 15 years

    He started Three Lobed Recordings so he could release a record by Bardo Pond, but now Cory Rayborn’s label is a destination for underground rockers

    The difficulty with having musical heroes is that, as the Melvins’ Buzz Osborne puts it, most people in bands are “whore-mongering drug addicts”. From Jerry Lee Lewis marrying his 13-year-old cousin, through John Lennon’s penchant for brawling and bullying, to Alex Turner’s tax arrangements, forget never meeting your heroes – you should never even read about them. To seek out a less dubious idol, you might have to look behind the limelight.

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’15 May 24 Sun

Sunday 24th May

  • Paul McCartney review – good spot Kanye: this guy’s got promise

    From culture-defining classics to moving tributes to John Lennon and George Harrison, this was a class act from Macca following his collaboration with Kanye West

    Those Kanye West fans here to check out his latest protege might be surprised at how quickly he has come on. Just five months after being discovered, he is playing arena shows with a set of 40 songs – at least 27 of which are among the best ever written – and the nation loves him.

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’15 May 19 Tue

Tuesday 19th May

  • Oh Lorde, pray leaving your manager wasn't a mistake

    The New Zealand star has become the latest in a long line of musicians to separate from the manager who made them famous. Will she live to regret it, as so many before her have?

    “Now we’re fucked.” That was how John Lennon summed up the future for the Beatles after hearing of the death of their manager, Brian Epstein, in August 1967. Three more years of incredible music followed, but the heart had been pulled out of the band and they imploded in bitter recrimination as Paul McCartney pushed for Lee Eastman to be their business manager, while the others backed the ruthless Allen Klein.

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’15 May 7 Thu

Thursday 7th May

’15 May 6 Wed

Wednesday 6th May

  • Errol Brown, lead singer of Hot Chocolate, dies aged 71 - video

    Hot Chocolate's lead singer, Errol Brown, has died aged 71 after suffering from liver cancer. He died at home in the Bahamas. Brown was born in Jamaica and moved to Britain with his mother when he was 12. Hot Chocolate were initially signed to the Beatles' Apple label, after John Lennon heard their reggae version of Give Peace a Chance – recorded when Brown was 21 – and liked it Continue reading...

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  • New Study Finds Hip-Hop More Revolutionary Than the Beatles

    John Lennon may have claimed that the Beatles were "bigger than Jesus," but a new study is claiming that hip-hop music revolutionized the industry more than the Fab Four ever did.   A group of London, UK academics analyzed data to track musical patterns between 1960 to 2010, identifying the arrival date and duration of certain trends in the U.S. charts.   "For the first time we can measure musical properties in recordings on a large scale," said lead author Matthias Mauch [via The Guardian]. "We can actually go beyond what music experts tell us, or what we know ourselves about them,...

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’15 May 5 Tue

Tuesday 5th May

  • Bush Tetras celebrated 35 years with show at Le Poisson Rouge (pics, setlist)

    photos by Greg Cristman

    Bush Tetras @ LPR 5/1/2015

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  • Squeeze: how we made Up the Junction

    Glenn Tilbrook, singer/songwriter: ‘We shot the video in John Lennon’s kitchen. We’d had quite a few beers by then’

    When I was 15, I saw an advert in a shop window. A guitarist was needed for a “recording and touring band: influences the Kinks, Lou Reed and Glenn Miller”. This was Chris Difford’s fictitious band! Even then, he had a gift for making up stories. I’d been playing with Jools Holland for about a year and, though it was lovely, we’d never sparked as writers. Then Chris played me his songs, and his lyrics were incredible. I’d been writing songs since the age of 11 but I’d never have come up with the things he did. I didn’t feel a failure, though. I felt excited.

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’15 May 2 Sat

Saturday 2nd May

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