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’15 Feb 24 Tue

Tuesday 24th February

  • Cult heroes: Digital Underground peaked so high, so early, little more was required

    Digital Underground are best remembered for one novelty song and giving 2Pac his big break. But that completely undersells a pioneering hip-hop group

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    There is, of course, no justice. If there were, a series on cult heroes would be redundant. But for an example of the particular and peculiar kind of injustice by which the music business is riven, one need only compare the relative renown of Greg Jacobs and Tupac Shakur.

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’15 Feb 14 Sat

Saturday 14th February

’15 Jan 29 Thu

Thursday 29th January

’15 Jan 9 Fri

Friday 9th January

’15 Jan 8 Thu

Thursday 8th January

’15 Jan 7 Wed

Wednesday 7th January

’14 Dec 23 Tue

Tuesday 23rd December

  • YouTube Threatened with $1 Billion Lawsuit over Song Licensing

    Google experienced some difficulties in securing licensing rights for its YouTube Music Key subscription service, and those difficulties persist. Music industry bigwig Irving Azoff owns the performance rights of around 20,000 songs through his Global Music Rights (GMR) company, and he's threatening YouTube with a $1 billion lawsuit. The GMR catalogue includes songs by Pharrell Williams, John Lennon, the Eagles, Smokey Robinson, Chris Cornell and others. Many of these were previously handled by ASCAP and BMI, and were subject to blanket licences for services like YouTube. Now...

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  • YouTube threatened with legal action for 20,000 videos by Pharrell and more

    Global Music Rights, which represents the likes of Pharrell, the Eagles and John Lennon, asserts that YouTube does not have the right to host videos from its artists

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’14 Dec 22 Mon

Monday 22nd December

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