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’14 Jul 21 Mon

Monday 21st July

  • Dance This Mess Around: The B-52's "Rock Lobster"

    "There goes a narwhal!" is one of the B-52's most memorable lines. It's also what got John Lennon back into songwriting.

    Lots of trouble! Lots of bubble! This is the song that made John Lennon want to make music again. No, really. "Rock Lobster" is a landmark song on several fronts. For one, it was the B-52's first-ever single, released in 1978, and the song that gained them a cult following prior to landing their record deal. Even more than that, "Rock Lobster" has endured the test of time better than more seriously-minded fare from the…

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  • Eddie Vedder covers John Lennon's 'Imagine' live following anti-war comments

    The Pearl Jam frontman played the song during a solo show in Portugal

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’14 Jul 20 Sun

Sunday 20th July

’14 Jul 17 Thu

Thursday 17th July

’14 Jul 16 Wed

Wednesday 16th July

  • Bill Frisell On JazzSet

    Guitarist Bill Frisell shines in three very different settings: with his band reworking John Lennon tunes, in a duo with violinist Jenny Scheinman, and with The Bad Plus playing music of Paul Motian.

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’14 Jul 14 Mon

Monday 14th July

  • Michael Rault: Living Daylight EP

    If it’s said that Emitt Rhodes could out McCartney Paul McCartney at his best, then Michael Rault basically out Lennons John Lennon at the top of his game.

    Toronto-based Michael Rault originally hails from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, where he cut his teeth on the blues and punk. But he’s also cut his teeth on good ol’ fashioned British Invasion bands, and his latest EP, Living Daylight, is proof of that. Coming across as a cross between the Kinks and the Beatles, Rault takes the best bits of ‘60s and ‘70s power pop, puts them in a blender and hits 'puree'. The end result…

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’14 Jun 24 Tue

Tuesday 24th June

  • Bob Dylan's "Like a Rolling Stone" Manuscript Sells for Record-Breaking $2 Million

    Last year, Bruce Springsteen's "Born to Run" manuscript sold for $197,000, but if that seems awfully pricy, it's nothing compared to Bob Dylan's handwritten draft of "Like a Rolling Stone," which was auctioned off today (June 24) for $2 million U.S. As the Associated Press reports, auctioneer Sotheby's is calling this a record for a pop music manuscript. This eclipses John Lennon's handwritten lyrics for the Beatles' classic "A Day in the Life," which sold for $1.2 million in 2010. The manuscript of "Like a Rolling Stone" that went under the gavel in New York is written on four...Read More

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  • ArtsBeat: Dylan’s ‘Like a Rolling Stone’ Manuscript Sells for More Than $2 Million

    Sotheby’s auction, “History of Rock and Roll From Presley to Punk,” also included a guitar owned by John Lennon.

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’14 Jun 16 Mon

Monday 16th June

  • At Bonnaroo: Kim Kardashian's boobs overshadow, but Frank Ocean covers Kanye who gets booed, disses Jay-Z

    Kanye West at Bonnaroo (photo by Brian Mansfield)

    Though the big "news" seems to be Kim Kardashian's see through top (thanks Kanye for making Bonnaroo a place the Kardashians know about), our favorite Kanye related news was Frank Ocean's setlist. As CoS reports, Odd Future's R&B singer didn't end up playing any new songs, but he did play a number of hits from Channel Orange and Nostalgia, Ultra ("Thinkin Bout You," "Novacane," "Pyramids," etc) and his verses on Beyonce's "Superpower" and Kanye's "New Slaves." Speaking of, Kanye once again omitted Beyonce's husband from lyrics, possibly for not appearing at the ceremony where he recently became a husband (to the Bonnaroo newsmaker with the sheer top).

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’14 Jun 5 Thu

Thursday 5th June

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