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Wednesday 21st January

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Monday 19th January

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Thursday 15th January

  • Justin Bieber teams up with Rick Rubin

    Singer pictures himself with the legendary producer – and has reportedly started recording with him

    One of them has been one of the key figures in the hip-hop revolution, has worked on some of the landmark albums of the past 30 years, including Slayer’s Reign in Blood and Johnny Cash’s American Recordings, and is regarded as one of the most important producers is music. The other has urinated on a picture of Bill Clinton, abandoned a pet monkey in Germany and thrown eggs at his neighbour’s house.

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’14 Dec 18 Thu

Thursday 18th December

  • Dave Sitek's Federal Prism Label Launches Online Pop-Up Shop

    A while back, TV on the Radio member and busy production guru Dave Sitek started his own label called Federal Prism. Now, the company has launched what is being called an online "Pop Up Record Shop" that will yield a number of limited vinyl releases. This shop will be open for the next 61 days through PledgeMusic, and it includes a few dozen releases from artists like the Julie Ruin, Johnny Cash, Theolonious Monk, the Germs, TV on the Radio, Sly & the Family Stone, Chuck Inglish, Cerebral Ballzy, fIREHOSE, Würm, Telepathe, Dot Jacket and more. The bulk of the releases are vinyl, but...

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  • Johnny Cash's 'American' Series Collected in Vinyl Box Set

    In the final decade of his life, Johnny Cash experienced something of a resurgence thanks to his team-up with Rick Rubin and his American Recordings. Now, all of those albums are set to be collected in a vinyl box set. American Recordings I-VI is due out on February 24. There have been six albums in the American series — four released during Cash's life, and two more released posthumously. These are spread across seven vinyl records, as 2002's American IV: The Man Comes Around takes up two LPs. These all come on 180-gram audiophile vinyl, and the set...

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  • 2014 albums we missed: Sylvie Simmons – Sylvie review

    There’s an unspoken rule among rock critics: don’t release your own music. Simmons shatters that rule to gripping effect with one of the most beautiful, low-key albums of the year

    There’s no getting around the fact that, at first glance, Sylvie Simmons’s debut album is quite a tough sell. Simmons is best known as a writer: LA correspondent for Sounds in the 70s, Kerrang’s hair metal expert in the 80s, latterly Mojo’s Americana critic and author of acclaimed biographies of Serge Gainsbourg and Leonard Cohen. There aren’t supposed to be many rules for rock journalists, but one pretty incontrovertible one is: for God’s sake, don’t make your own music. There are, of course, exceptions, but Simmons is embarking on a difficult path previously trodden by Nick Kent, Charles Shaar Murray and Lester Bangs: great writers whose endeavours as recording artists offer compelling evidence that the twain should never meet.

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’14 Nov 12 Wed

Wednesday 12th November

’14 Nov 5 Wed

Wednesday 5th November

  • Jerry Lee Lewis Is a Ball of Promotional Fire With New Book and Albums

    Los Angeles Times (TNS) -- “Last man standing!” said the 79-year-old Jerry Lee Lewis with a hearty laugh, speaking by phone from Manhattan. A founder of rock ‘n’ roll, Lewis is indeed last of the many luminaries discovered by Sun Records founder Sam Phillips, which included Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Howlin’ Wolf and many others. Lewis had come to New York for a round of appearances paired with a new book, “Jerry Lee Lewis: His Own Story,” and an album,…

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’14 Nov 1 Sat

Saturday 1st November

  • Jian Ghomeshi's Fall from Grace, Blue Rodeo's Christmas Offering and the End of Dirty Beaches in Our News Roundup

    If you haven't worked yourself into a coma of booze and candy, we're back to present our news roundup, helping you catch up on the week that was. So while you wash off all that ghoulish makeup, come take a look at some of the top stories to grace our pages the last few days.

    First off, undoubtedly the biggest story to break this week was that of Jian Ghomeshi and his increasingly disturbing fall from grace. On Sunday (October 26), news broke that the CBC had abruptly cut ties with its long-running Q host, leading to much speculation and a sudden response from Ghomeshi involving his private sex life and a $55 million lawsuit against the CBC. Not long after, more details surfaced, as a series of women came forward with claims of sexual abuse, soon leading to damning letters from the once friends like Owen…

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’14 Oct 28 Tue

Tuesday 28th October

  • John Carter Cash Arrested After Stripping Down to His Underwear in Newfoundland Airport

    John Carter Cash is renowned as a producer, archivist and musician, and he still plays a key role in the legacy of his parents Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash. His life took a rather strange turn yesterday (October 28), however, as he was arrested for disturbing the peace and being drunk in public after stripping down to his underwear in a Newfoundland airport. According to the Telegram newspaper, the RCMP were called to the Deer Lake airport with reports that a man had taken off his clothes and was only in his underwear while in the airport. Soon Deer Lake RCMP identified the...Read More

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