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’14 Jul 28 Mon

Monday 28th July

  • Kanye West Named Default Victor In Coinye Lawsuit

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  • Kanye West Wins Legal Battle Against Coinye

    Kanye West's court battles with parody bitcoin Coinye West are over, with a series of documents filed by the rapper's lawyers last week bringing the trademark infringement lawsuit to an end. NBC reports that while the digital cryptocurrency company shut down after a cease-and-desist order last January, West's legal team had been pressing on with the case. While the details are still under wraps, 84 documents were filed over the last few months, naming "100 John Does and a handful of named defendants." According to reports, most of the defendants lost by default, having not responded...Read More

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Sunday 27th July

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Saturday 26th July

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Friday 25th July

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Thursday 24th July

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Wednesday 23rd July

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