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  • Hip-hop on top as Kanye West beats Bob Dylan in breadth of lyrical vocabulary

    Analysis of vocabulary used by 99 of the biggest-selling artists finds Eminem and Kanye West streets ahead of Dylan and the Beatles for number of words used

    He has been hailed a genius and described as the greatest songwriter America has ever produced. But new research pitting the lyrical breadth of Bob Dylan against some of today’s most successful rap artists suggests the times they are a-changing. Analysis of the vocabulary used by 99 of the biggest-selling artists has revealed that the lyrical vocabulary of hip hop’s finest, including Eminem, Jay Z, Tupac Shakur and Kanye West, features hundreds more words than that of Dylan.

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  • Raury: 'This generation is not hopeless'

    He’s only 19 and counts Kanye West as a fan – but is the world ready for his brand of his blissed-out New Age rap?

    In order to define itself, every generation must reject the past and assert its own take on the world: for example, the pop culture explosion of the 60s followed the austerity of the postwar years, or the eruption of punk against the hippies who preceded them. But what about the youth of 2015? If the the mass media is to be believed, this is a generation warped by technology, whose only pastimes are taking selfies, ingesting porn and NekNomination. How will they negotiate post-capitalism and Katie Hopkins? According to Raury – the 19-year-old self-professed “future of hip-hop” who counts Kanye West and Andre 3000 as fans – revolution is on its way.

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