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’14 Apr 17 Thu

Thursday 17th April

  • Today:Kylie Minogue Literally Glows On The Cover Of ‘Vogue’ Australia

    Kylie Minogue‘s Kiss Me Once promo blitz continues with a stunning Australian Vogue cover shoot. The pop icon literally glows in the gorgeous photo thanks to the her metallic bodice, the golden lighting and her flawless complexion. It’s hard to believe that the veteran kicked off her mega-successful recording career in 1987 because she looks ... More »

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’14 Apr 16 Wed

Wednesday 16th April

  • POWERS’ “Touch The World”: Idolator Premiere

    KidinaKorner associate Mike Del Rio is known for writing and/or producing cuts for other artists, like Christina Aguilera‘s “Make The World Move,” Skylar Grey and Eminem‘s “C’mon Let Me Ride” and, most recently, Kylie Minogue’s lead Kiss Me Once single “Into The Blue.” But the 27-year-old musician also lends his talents to his own duo, ... More »

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’14 Apr 15 Tue

Tuesday 15th April

’14 Apr 12 Sat

Saturday 12th April

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Friday 11th April

’14 Apr 10 Thu

Thursday 10th April

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