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  • Jose Gonzalez stars in weird Calexico video, played Webster Hall, MHOW, Chicago & more on tour with Olof Arnalds (pics)

    photos by James Richards IV

    They opened the show with "Afterglow," González singing, "All of this will be gone someday," as his voice and guitar reverberated through the crowd, creating perfect harmony with the rest of his band and the room itself. There was something special in the resonances there, the way the vocals filled the space and the guitars hummed, matching some natural frequency of the moment. Music Hall became a church of sorts and the crowd was completely entranced. "Stories We Build, Stories We Tell" was like a swaying pocket watch, guitars and bongos and finger snaps looped over and over until the audience was hypnotized. For the rest of the set, the energy among González, the band and the audience was palpable: few words were spoken, but the ideas and the shared moments were perfectly conveyed. At moments the power of the music's vibrations and the…

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