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  • JiHAE, 'It Just Feels'

    This ode to orgasm was written by Leonard Cohen and Dave Stewart years ago. It's now given new life by singer JiHAE.

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  • Leonard Cohen: 10 of the best

    From his 1967 debut album to last year’s Popular Problems, here’s the pick of the great man’s career. Think we’ve missed out on something great? Let us know in the comments

    Too clever for his own good, and certainly far too clever for anybody else’s: that was the sniffy verdict on Leonard Cohen’s brief stint as a highfalutin novelist. He was already an acclaimed poet, but his first piece of long-form fiction, 1963’s The Favourite Game, made little impact. And 1966’s follow-up Beautiful Losers was both puzzling, with its complex symbolism, and shocking, with its lewd depictions of grubby sex. Songs, though, made all the difference. His debut LP, Songs of Leonard Cohen, reinvented him as a devilish bard whose modern hymns of love, lust, faith and betrayal had far more life than they’d ever have as just ink on a page. Suzanne was first published as a poem in…

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Wednesday 29th April

  • Marissa Nadler – “Carnival”

    Marissa Nadler released Sacred Bones debut, July, back in 2014, but she’s kept busy since then by contributing to compilation records and covering well-known classics by likeminded artists. Last July it was Leonard Cohen’s “Seems So Long Ago, Nancy,” and at the beginning of the year, Nadler contributed a cover of Jason Molina’s “It’s Easier […]

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  • Leonard Cohen – “I Can’t Forget”

    Leonard Cohen is releasing a live album called Can’t Forget: A Souvenir Of The Grand Tour, and it’s full of new takes on some of his old, rare classics. “I Can’t Forget” comes from his 1988 album I’m Your Man, but today he’s released a new live version that will be on Can’t Forget. This […]

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