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’14 Sep 25 Thu

Thursday 25th September

  • Leonard Cohen: Popular Problems

    Cohen's 13th studio release offers nine powerful reflections on the sacred and the profane with characteristic mix of humor and longing.

    Leonard Cohen’s 13th studio album, Popular Problems, arrives two days after his 80th birthday, and it is a stunning testament to the singer’s rejuvenated strength in performance and his ongoing mastery of song structure. All of the characteristics that have defined Cohen’s long career are present here, the humor, the tongue-in-somebody’s-cheek sexuality, the longing spirituality. Cohen is America's poet/prophet of the sacred and profane, and he delivers majestically on this brief but powerful album. Cohen…

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’14 Sep 24 Wed

Wednesday 24th September

’14 Sep 23 Tue

Tuesday 23rd September

  • Get Reviews of Aphex Twin, Leonard Cohen and Julian Casablancas in Our New Release Roundup

    A host of sensational new sounds fill today's New Release Roundup. Stocked up with reviews of some of music's latest releases, it's sure to point you in the right direction on the way to refreshing your listening lineup. Give it a read below; if you can't find the album you came here for, be sure to check our Recently Reviewed section for more.

    Returning with his first record in over a decade, Aphex Twin's Syro demonstrates an even measure of sounds that are distinctively from the mind of Richard D. James. But being an artist with such an eccentric and unpredictable discography, what direction has he taken his brand of electronic music in this time around? Read our review to find out if his extended absence has changed sound.

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  • New Mix: Damien Rice (Premiere), Leonard Cohen, Caroline Rose, Afternoons

    On this week's show, we premiere a thoughtful song from Damien Rice, a track from Leonard Cohen's highly anticipated new album, music from recent discovery Caroline Rose and more.

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’14 Sep 22 Mon

Monday 22nd September

’14 Sep 21 Sun

Sunday 21st September

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