Please Smile My Noise Bleed by múm

Icelandic experimental group

"Please Smile My Noise Bleed" Cover Artwork

Please Smile My Noise Bleed


  1. On the Old Mountain Radio 5:11
  2. Please Sing My Spring Reverb 5:19
  3. Please Sing My Spring Reverb (Styromix) 6:33
  4. Please Sing My Spring Reverb (ISAN Catena mix) 4:17
  5. Flow Not So Fast Old Mountain Radio 1:28
  6. Please Sing My Spring Reverb (Phonem mix) 7:39
  7. On the Old Mountain Radio (Christian Kleine mix) 6:16
  8. Please Sing My Spring Reverb (Amx) 6:39
  9. Please Sing My Spring Reverb (B. Fleischmann mix) 5:24

First released in DE / 2001

Length: 46:49

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  • (DE) Monday 10th September 2001 – on Morr Music [MM020CD]