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’15 Jan 26 Mon

Monday 26th January

  • What's your favourite spoken word segment in a song?

    Since Mike Tyson will be speaking his mind on Madonna’s upcoming album Rebel Heart, we want you to tell us about the spoken word segments in songs that you think are most noteworthy

    There was one name that poked out incongruously among the featured artists list on Madonna’s Rebel Heart tracklist: Mike Tyson is listed on a song named Iconic. Initially it seems odd, but the boxer recently explained that he’s contributed a spoken word piece.

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  • Miley Cyrus Teases New Album, Thought Grammy Nomination Was a 'Joke'

    In a new sit down interview with Miley Cyrus, she tells ET's Katie Krause that she is hard at work on her upcoming album everyday, hints at a Madonna duet and reveals she thought her Grammy nomination was a "joke" - yes, really!

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’15 Jan 23 Fri

Friday 23rd January

  • Mike Tyson Explains His Mussolini-Inspired Madonna Collaboration

    Earlier this week, we learned the extremely bizarre news that Madonna's new album Rebel Heart would feature a cameo appearance from boxer Mike Tyson. Now, the former heavyweight champ has spoken out to explain his role on the album. As previously revealed, Tyson will appear on the track "Iconic," which also features Chance the Rapper. Speaking with Rolling Stone, Tyson revealed that he will be delivering a spoken word part. "Madonna calls you and tells you to come somewhere, you go," Tyson said. "I didn't know what the hell I was going there for. I'm just there...

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  • Mike Tyson Describes His Ad-Libbed, Mussolini-Inspired Spoken Word On Madonna’s New Album

    On Monday, we got word that among the short but impressive list of collaborators on Madonna’s forthcoming album Rebel Heart, Mike Tyson made the cut. Tyson is featured on the song “Iconic” alongside Chance The Rapper, and though he hasn’t heard a finalized version of the track quite yet, he did an interview with Rolling [...]

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’15 Jan 22 Thu

Thursday 22nd January

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