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’14 Nov 15 Sat

Saturday 15th November

  • Beefs 2014: Ariel Pink Says Grimes Is "Stupid and Retarded"

    Last month, Ariel Pink ruffled some feathers with his alleged comments about Madonna — which he has since apparently denied saying — and Grimes denounced him for his "delusional misogyny." Now, Pink has fired back at Grimes, calling her "stupid and retarded" and claiming, "I'm the male version of her." These insults were hurled in an interview with The Guardian, in which Pink was asked about Grimes' angry response to his comment that Madonna had been on a "downward slide" since her first album. "What an amazing promotional campaign this is," he said about the...Read More

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  • Ariel Pink: 'I'm not that guy everyone hates'

    Loved by Azealia Banks and Kurt Vile, loathed by Madonna and Grimes, this provocative pop prodigy wants to be normal but often lets his mouth get the better of him

    You can listen to an exclusive album stream of Pom Pom here

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’14 Nov 14 Fri

Friday 14th November

  • Ariel Pink Explains Why He Hates The Eurythmics

    Ariel Pink has opinions on everything! Horror movies, Madonna … ask that guy a question and he is gonna have an answer. Today, Spin published an interview with Pink in which he shared some more opinions, this time on an assortment of random pop hits. Among those pop hits was the Eurythmics’ classic “Sweet Dreams [...]

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’14 Nov 12 Wed

Wednesday 12th November

  • Ariel Pink Discusses the Bold and Popcentric 'pom pom,' Addresses Recent Madonna Controversy

    On November 18, Ariel Pink will finally drop his epic new record, pom pom, care of 4AD. Pink's latest is a bold carnival of an album, all effervescent synth explosions, hooky melodies and nonsensical lyrics, and one that he says he's "always wanted to make." That being said, it took a while to get there. "Maybe it's just the slow process of getting to a place where I was capable of doing it," he tells Exclaim! from his native Los Angeles. "I didn't make any conscious decision, I just sort of did it the way I normally did it, just writing songs. None of it was scavenged from old...Read More

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  • Madonna's Like A Virgin turns 30 - in pictures

    To mark the 30th anniversary of Like A Virgin, a new book entitled Madonna: Ambition. Music. Style will be released it features images that chart the singers journey from her first photo session to the Sticky & Sweet stadium tour

    Images courtesy of Carlton Books

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’14 Nov 10 Mon

’14 Nov 8 Sat

Saturday 8th November

  • Kate Hudson, Matthew McConaughey & Naya Rivera Cozy Up In These Fall Fashion Trends

    It's November, which means fall is really here (but don't go getting this excited just yet)! Madonna , Kate Hudson , and Naya Rivera are just a few of the stars who are taking the opportunity to layer up with trench coats, beanies and fur hooded coats. With colder months ahead, a coat is one way to set the tone for your entire outfit. Trench coats are always a classic choice – and you can put your unique twist on the staple unexpected detailing such as faux leather cuffs. If you want to go

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’14 Nov 6 Thu

Thursday 6th November

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