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’14 Nov 19 Wed

Wednesday 19th November

’14 Nov 18 Tue

Tuesday 18th November

  • Ariel Pink: pom pom

    pom pom is up there with Ariel Pink's very best work, even if there’s nothing as insanely hooky as “Round and Round".

    I’ve already mentioned in PopMatters that Ariel Marcus Rosenberg is a pretty weird dude, but, lately, he’s been taking his eccentricity to a whole other level. Where do we begin? Well, he came out earlier this year to announce that he was working on material for the new Madonna album, but he then noted that Madge has been on a “downward slide” since her debut record – and he was hired to fix that. Madonna’s…

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  • Tears for Fears: Songs From the Big Chair

    A 1985 bestseller re-issue which fails miserably to stand the test of time to put it mildly.

    Songs From the Big Chair? The cheap shot would be Songs From People With Big Hair, more like. This album was first released at that surreal moment in the summer of 1985 when Live Aid bestrode the world and a pop music establishment (Michael Jackson, Duran Duran, Phil Collins, the emerging Madonna) ruled the roost, defined as much as by their glossy MTV videos as by their ubiquitous pop dance recordings. It was therefore ironic…

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’14 Nov 15 Sat

Saturday 15th November

  • Nicki Minaj's Nazi Controversy, Will Butler's Solo Album Plans and Daft Punk's Live Box Set in Our News Roundup

    Once again, it's time for a much-deserved weekend, as well as our weekly news roundup. So if you're feeling a bit out of the loop, here's your chance to catch back up on the week that was.

    First off, it was another good week for controversies and those love 'em or hate 'em beefs. Not only did Nicki Minaj draw a whole lot of heat of her Nazi-inspired new video — an aesthetic the video's director later confirmed he was entirely going for — but the Foo Fighters dudes waded into some other recent hot topics, with frontman Dave Grohl saying he could give two shits about the whole streaming debate and their drummer Taylor Hawkins stating U2's new album "sounds like a fart." That being said, the Foos aren't exactly garnering tons of acclaim for their new album either.

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  • Beefs 2014: Ariel Pink Says Grimes Is "Stupid and Retarded"

    Last month, Ariel Pink ruffled some feathers with his alleged comments about Madonna — which he has since apparently denied saying — and Grimes denounced him for his "delusional misogyny." Now, Pink has fired back at Grimes, calling her "stupid and retarded" and claiming, "I'm the male version of her." These insults were hurled in an interview with The Guardian, in which Pink was asked about Grimes' angry response to his comment that Madonna had been on a "downward slide" since her first album. "What an amazing promotional campaign this is," he said about the...Read More

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  • Ariel Pink: 'I'm not that guy everyone hates'

    Loved by Azealia Banks and Kurt Vile, loathed by Madonna and Grimes, this provocative pop prodigy wants to be normal but often lets his mouth get the better of him

    You can listen to an exclusive album stream of Pom Pom here

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’14 Nov 14 Fri

Friday 14th November

  • Ariel Pink Explains Why He Hates The Eurythmics

    Ariel Pink has opinions on everything! Horror movies, Madonna … ask that guy a question and he is gonna have an answer. Today, Spin published an interview with Pink in which he shared some more opinions, this time on an assortment of random pop hits. Among those pop hits was the Eurythmics’ classic “Sweet Dreams [...]

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