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’15 May 21 Thu

Thursday 21st May

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Wednesday 20th May

  • Jack White defends Tidal streaming service: 'What is elitist about it?'

    In a Q&A with fans, the former White Stripes frontman says Jay Z’s controversial music service will help struggling musicians and not just megastars

    Launched by a lineup of megastars and backed by Jay Z, the streaming service Tidal has been much-mocked. Even Mumford & Sons described the musicians who endorsed it – including Madonna, Daft Punk and Rihanna – as “new school fucking plutocrats”, while Lily Allen said the service’s $19.99 monthly fee would send listeners “back to pirate sites”.

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’15 May 19 Tue

Tuesday 19th May

’15 May 18 Mon

Monday 18th May

’15 May 16 Sat

Saturday 16th May

  • Rita Ora and Madonna film music video together

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  • Hot Chip's Guardian edit

    What happens when you give one of Britain’s best-loved pop bands the freedom to commission their own content? An interview with David Byrne, gaming with Peter Serafinowizc and nerding out over synths…

    Ever since they bounded onto the scene singing about toy monkeys and miniature cymbals, Hot Chip have stuck out as dance-pop’s odd guys. They wear funny outfits, their singer sounds sombre, and they distil influences like Roxy Music and Prince, Arthur Russell and Madonna with a nerdy zeal.

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  • The art of FKA Twigs’ music videos dissected

    Music video maverick FKA Twigs is creating seven short films for this year’s Manchester international festival. Here Neil Dougan, a media lecturer at Bolton University, breaks down her best clips

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