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’14 Jul 29 Tue

Tuesday 29th July

  • Madonna And Miley Cyrus Are Collaborating On A New Track? All The Signs Are There

    Brace yourself for another intergenerational duet on Madonna‘s new album. The pop legend shared lyrics on her Instagram account last night (July 28) and tagged Miley Cyrus (and “Wrecking Ball” songwriter MoZella). That’s a pretty strong hint that they’re working together but the twerkin’ 21-year-old basically confirmed it by replying to the post with a ... More »

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  • Popping Up: Kalin And Myles

    Popping Up is our recurring look at new artists making noise on the music landscape. Because, hey — Madonna and Britney were once unknown, too. When undiscovered R&B crooner Kalin White, 19, met rapper/beatmaker Myles Parrish, 21, at a house party in their native Northern California, they had no idea that they would become the pop ... More »

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Monday 28th July

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Friday 25th July

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Thursday 24th July

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Wednesday 23rd July

’14 Jul 21 Mon

Monday 21st July

  • Hall & Oates: 'I hated being a Daryl doll'

    They were the singlet-wearing superstars who ruled the 80s, eclipsing even Madonna and Duran Duran. But there was always more to Hall & Oates than mullets and moustaches. Paul Lester meets the pop pioneers Continue reading...

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