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  • From X Factor to off the charts: why Leona Lewis can't crack the top 40

    Lewis’s new single Fire Under My Feet has failed to burn up the music charts. So how did she go from global superstar to slowly fading away?

    Leona Lewis has, in many ways, single-handedly turned The X Factor into a global concern. Launched in the UK by Simon Cowell in 2004, the first two series produced barely serviceable winners in the shape of Steve Brookstein, a sort of Michael Bublé for the Pizza Express touring circuit, and a low-cost Justin Timberlake in the form of Shayne Ward. While they both achieved moderate success in Britain, their chances of cracking the US seemed about as likely as Sharon Osbourne having a nice word to say about Dannii Minogue. So when Lewis, an office assistant from east London, was crowned the winner in 2006, it looked as if she and her impeccable voice would become nothing more than the Argos alternative to…

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