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Friday 13th March

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  • Sam Smith: ‘Becoming famous? It isn’t necessarily a nice thing’

    The Cambridgeshire crooner has shot from obscurity to record-breaking success in an amazingly short time. But instant fame has come at a price

    When they finally peel him out of bed it is almost three in the afternoon and Sam Smith, by his own reckoning, is still drunk. The pop star’s hotel room is “a state” (says Andrea, his PA) and the thick Burberry jacket that has been keeping him warm on this leg of his US tour is lost somewhere out in frozen New York. “I wouldn’t mind,” the PA keeps saying, calling around last night’s bars, “only it cost £3,000.” In her handbag she has quantities of hangover pills but Smith opts for a more immediate next-day remedy and picks out chicken McNuggets from a box of 50 that his managers are sharing. When his dad stops by to deliver a mild paternal bollocking for the excesses of…

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Thursday 19th February

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Tuesday 17th February

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Monday 16th February

  • The playlist – new bands: Ala.Ni, Huon Kind, The Beach and more

    Vintage-hued jazz from Mary J Blige’s former backing singer, sparse melancholic folktronica from Sydney and some finger-snapping funk to rival Mark Ronson

    Formerly a backing vocalist for Damon Albarn, Andrea Bocelli and Mary J Blige, Ala.Ni is a singer-songwriter, producer and video director from London who appears to have stepped out of some unspecified, pre-war time in the past. A time (and place) that might have featured artists of the stature of Billie Holiday – perhaps Ala.Ni could have supported her at the Cotton Club. The video to Cherry Blossom, from her debut EP You & I Spring (released on 23 March through ParadYse/No Format), is a bleached-out affair that, combined with her voice’s in-built graininess, makes it sound as if it’s been unearthed from the 30s or 40s. The fact that she resembles the ghost of Lady Day in the video helps maintain this eerie quality, while the spare…

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Monday 9th February

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