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Monday 14th April

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Wednesday 9th April

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Friday 28th February

  • 'I feel like I've been given a third chance'

    Toni Braxton talks about her new R&B album collaboration with 'musical husband' Kenneth 'Babyface' Edmonds, and how she's bouncing back from past setbacks

    Despite the crackly transatlantic phone line, Toni Braxton's regal disposition comes through loud and clear. "I'm like that classic black dress that never goes out of style," she pronounces in lofty tones. "You may have to change a few accessories here and there, but that's OK."

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Thursday 13th February

  • Disclosure go to New York City

    They craft immaculate dance-pop hits with big names from Lorde to Mary J Blige, but when we caught up with them on their US tour in New York, Disclosure's Guy and Howard Lawrence really wanted to tell us how much they love Walking on the Moon

    "What just happened?" Guy Lawrence asks the 3,000-strong crowd at Terminal 5 in New York, looking delirious but somewhat dazed. Mary J Blige is what just happened. Making a surprise cameo appearance on this, the last of Disclosure's three nights at the venue in Hell's Kitchen, the R&B star brings some regal charisma to the show. As she prowls across the stage in her bright orange leather jacket and shades, she scats and soars over the melody to F For You, from Settle, one of the Guardian's top albums of 2013, fitting seamlessly into the song's pristine house space.

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Tuesday 11th February

  • Frank Ocean's "Super Rich Kids" Named in Sampling Lawsuit

    In what's surely one of the more head-scratching pieces of litigation we've seen in a while, Frank Ocean's "Super Rich Kids" has been named in a sampling lawsuit. What makes this case so unusual is that it surrounds the Honey Drippers' 1973 song "Impeach the President," a track that Ocean didn't actually sample. How is this possible? Well, this Frank Ocean song from 2012's Channel Orange samples Mary J. Blige's 1992 single "Real Love," a song that in turn sampled Audio Two's 1988 cut "Top Billin.'" That Audio Two track used elements of the beat from the Honey Drippers' "Impeach...Read More

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