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Monday 14th July

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Wednesday 9th July

  • Mary J. Blige’s Next Album To Be Recorded In The UK, Overseen By Naughty Boy

    Alright, let’s do the math here. Sam Smith broke out last year by featuring on Naughty Boy‘s “La La La” and Disclosure‘s “Latch.” Smith then offered up a new version of his hit “Stay With Me” featuring Mary J. Blige this past spring, while Disclosure reworked their Settle track “F For You” with new vocals ... More »

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Friday 4th July

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Sunday 29th June

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Wednesday 18th June

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Tuesday 10th June

  • Pharrell Joins Mary J. Blige For “See That Boy Again”: Listen

    Mary J. Blige and Pharrell channel Stevie Wonder in their new duet “See That Boy Again.” To mournful horns and dramatic strings, the queen of hip-hop soul traces through how she attempts (but ultimately fails) to forget how a man walked out on her. Pharrell pops in to belt out some comforting words, only to ... More »

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Monday 9th June

’14 Jun 8 Sun

Sunday 8th June

  • Is Madonna Collaborating With Disclosure?

    Madonna has sparked rumors with photos she snapped at New York’s Governors Ball, though not of just anyone. While joking that she was doing “security work” for U.K. dance duo Disclosure (“Latch” featuring Sam Smith, “F for You” featuring Mary J. Blige, this terrific remix of Pharrell‘s “Frontin’”), Madonna had fans wondering if they plan to collaborate ... More »

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Monday 2nd June

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