The Education of Lars Jerry by Mats Gustafsson

"The Education of Lars Jerry" Cover Artwork

The Education of Lars Jerry


  1. A Visit to Källom 9:51
  2. Lars Gets a Lesson in Myckelgensjö 5:30
  3. A Photo Is Made in Sundsvall 4:19
  4. Disappointing Lack of Initial Support (in Kubbe) 6:19
  5. Success in Drömme II 5:57
  6. Message from Fatmomakke 4:28
  7. Studies in Saxnäs 7:40
  8. Lars Develops Arachnophobia in Amerika 6:31

First released in US / 1999

Length: 46:36


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  • (US) 1999 – on Xeric [XER-CD-100]