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’14 Aug 27 Wed

Wednesday 27th August

’14 Aug 26 Tue

Tuesday 26th August

  • The Frail - "LoveDeathLegend" (album stream) (Premiere)

    The lush, synth-driven environs of the Frail's LoveDeathLegends is perfect for fans of Hot Chip and Michael Jackson.

    From a single synthesizer one can generate a seemingly endless repertoire of sounds, a fact which an equally endless amount of young bands around the world have capitalized on since the creation of that instrument. The Frail finds itself amongst this burgeoning electronic music scene, and like the genre's luminaries, it's a group that knows quite well how to wring a potent hook out of its synth arsenal. The trio is comprised of Daniel Lannon…

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’14 Aug 25 Mon

Monday 25th August

’14 Aug 19 Tue

Tuesday 19th August

  • Beyoncé: 10 of the best videos

    Beyoncé will receive the prestigious MTV Michael Jackson Video Vanguard award at the VMAs on Sunday. Weve picked Beys best videos to celebrate, featuring the Mojave desert, dance-offs, Lady Gaga, a crocodile and plenty of leotards

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’14 Aug 14 Thu

Thursday 14th August

’14 Aug 12 Tue

Tuesday 12th August

  • Michael Jackson's Former Maids Tell All!

    3 unnamed maids from Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch have come out to tell the world … that Michael Jackson would pee anywhere he wanted to, and that he used to threaten to throw animal poop at people.

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’14 Aug 11 Mon

Monday 11th August

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