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Sunday 5th July

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Friday 3rd July

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  • Readers recommend: songs from or about Canada

    Neil Young? Joni Mitchell? This week pick out music that goes beyond the big stars to capture the spirit, culture, and landscape of this vast, bilingual country

    O Canada! Land of the beaver, the goose, bear and moose, the maple, caribou, mountie and loon. Such a landscape of vast space – the second biggest of any nation in the world, behind Russia, but larger than China and the US, and with the world’s biggest volume of fresh water in a whopping, lapping 31,700 lakes. As Canadian singer-songwriter Paul Anka (who, incidentally wrote for Frank Sinatra, Tom Jones and Michael Jackson) put it, it’s a country “that has a gentler, slower pace - it lends perspective”. This, and all those lakes, is something to musically reflect on in time for this coming Canada Day on 1 July.

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’15 Jun 16 Tue

Tuesday 16th June

  • Mac DeMarco pays tribute to Michael Jackson in 'Another One' video, invites you to record your own version of the song

    by Bill Pearis

    Mac DeMarco's new mini album, Another One, will be out August 7 on Captured Tracks and the singer has just shared the video for the title track. Mac directed it himself and the video also serves as a tribute to one of his favorite artists of all time, Michael Jackson. That tribute mainly entails wearing a MJ t-shirt and, for part of the video, a mask. You can watch it below. You can also watch a video where Mac teaches you how to play "Another One" and invites you to record your own version and send it to him. He'll pick his favorite and award the winner $.69 via PayPal. Watch that below too.

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  • Mac DeMarco wears creepy Michael Jackson mask in video for “Another One” — watch

    The title track to DeMarco's new mini-LP.

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  • Rhythm nation: isn't it time that dance routines made a comeback?

    From boy bands to R&B singers, few modern pop stars bother with copyable dance moves anymore. Luckily, a return to the routine could be on the horizon

    While pop’s been quite happy of late to cosy up to guest rappers and hang out in the murkier corners of EDM, it’s also been on an extended, pelvic thrust-free separation from the proper dance routine. Sure, there’s the odd cursory arm waggle or leg stretch, but gone, for now at least, are the all-inclusive, line-up-in-a-row dance routines that peppered the last three decades: Britney’s school corridor shimmy in …Baby One More Time, Michael Jackson’s zombified Thriller moves, Beyoncé’s hand jive in Single Ladies, and every Backstreet Boys hit among them.

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Friday 12th June

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Tuesday 9th June

  • Chris London - "Stare" (audio) (Premiere)

    Barrom confessionals, soul, and Michael Jackson-esque vocals meet on Chris London's captivating "Stare".

    If BIlly Joel had fallen in love with soul instead of rock 'n' roll before becoming the genre's resident piano man, he might have ended up sounding something like New York City singer Chris London. With vocals that bring Michael Jackson to mind, London lets his tenor soar on his new single "Stare", which displays a strong know-how of dynamic building on London's part. Beginning as a tender piano and voice tune, "Stare" then develops…

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