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’15 Jan 15 Thu

Thursday 15th January

  • Michael Jackson Salsa Album Finally Set For Release

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  • The Brit awards 2015: more thumping inevitability at pop's joyless office party

    Surprises are thin on the ground in the Brits nominations – but it could never be any other way with awards designed to reward commercial success

    • Sam Smith, George Ezra and Ed Sheeran dominate Brits nominations

    Few awards ceremonies have the same sense of thumping inevitability about them as the Brits. That’s partly because every year, without fail, the media react to their imminent arrival in the same way. The spectre of the ceremony’s past is raised: prepare yourself for the certain appearance of several online galleries featuring the Most Outrageous Moments in the Brits History, plainly a thing of eye-popping shock and revelation for anyone who didn’t know that one of Chumbawamba once threw water over John Prescott and Jarvis Cocker waggled his bum at Michael Jackson. The current Brits head honcho then heaves into view, announcing that the days of drunken chaos are long behind…

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’15 Jan 12 Mon

Monday 12th January

’15 Jan 9 Fri

Friday 9th January

’15 Jan 3 Sat

Saturday 3rd January

’14 Dec 25 Thu

Thursday 25th December

’14 Dec 11 Thu

Thursday 11th December

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