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  • Moby On World Cafe

    Today's Vintage Cafe revisits Moby's stripped-down set from earlier this year. Listen to the six-song performance, which includes an interview with World Cafe host David Dye.

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Thursday 27th March

  • Band of Skulls: Himalayan review 'Hooks are instantly familiar'

    (Electric Blues)

    The third album from Southampton trio Band of Skulls reflects their trajectory over the last five years from small venues to mid-sized ones and their ambition to knock on even bigger doors. They've crafted a sound that is virtually a catch-all of recent guitar band successes: a bit Kings of Leon here, a bit Arctic Monkeys/Queens of the Stone Age there, and a lot of the Black Keys everywhere. However, guitarist Russell Marsden and bassist Emma Richardson's combined vocals at times provide an androgynous, T Rexy twist, and the 12 tracks make occasional visits to everything from classic rock workouts to yearning powerballadry. If some of their hooks feel instantly familiar, it's because they are: it's not too difficult to spot direct steals, with everyone from Jimi Hendrix to Moby getting plundered. Originality is not their strong suit, then, but they are adept at weaving a killer riff into…

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  • Viral Video Chart: The Beatles, Reese Witherspoon and Transformers

    The Fab Four harness the power of technology, the Legally Blonde star teleports and the robots pursue new plot twists

    We are going to ask you to suspend belief for a little while as some of our viral videos are quite a stretch of the imagination. We kick off with a wonderful Beatles spoof in which Fred Armisen joins the Fab Four on the Jimmy Fallon show as they try to use the powers of new technology to bring their brand to America. They'll have to think about changing the titles of some of those hits … With a little help from My Facebook Friends, Ain't She Tweet, Lucy in the Skype with Diamonds ... can you think of any more?

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