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’15 Mar 26 Thu

Thursday 26th March

  • American Airlines playing "lesser known indie bands"; customers much happier now

    Haim waiting on a plane (via @Haimtheband)

    Elevators don't really use "elevator music" anymore but you can still hear bland, instrumental muzak when you board or deplane on various airlines. Not so now on American Airlines who, in October 2014, switched to a "surprisingly edgy mix of indie music" like Real Estate, Bon Iver, The xx, and, uh, Haim. It appears to be a welcome change, according to an article in one of American Airlines' employee newsletters:

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’15 Mar 14 Sat

Saturday 14th March

’15 Mar 10 Tue

’15 Mar 8 Sun

Sunday 8th March

’15 Mar 3 Tue

Tuesday 3rd March

’15 Feb 26 Thu

Thursday 26th February

’15 Feb 24 Tue

Tuesday 24th February

  • Hear Will Butler's second track specially written for the Guardian, Waving Flag

    All this week, Arcade Fire’s Will Butler is writing songs based on stories he’s read in the Guardian. Today’s takes its inspiration from the stories of an anti-apartheid hero’s remains being repatriated and Ukrainian separatists celebrating a Soviet holiday

    • Read the stories that inspired Waving Flag – here and here
    • Hear Will Butler’s first track for the Guardian, Clean Monday

    I was barely alive for the Cold War. I mean, I was alive, but I don’t particularly remember it. I was born in 1982. But I still have a deep American kneejerk suspicion of Soviet communism. What can I say? Though, really, that suspicion is somewhat justified by the horrific history of the Soviet Union.

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’15 Feb 20 Fri

Friday 20th February

  • Arcade Fire's Will Butler: 'My goal in art is to be like Moby-Dick'

    The multi-instrumentalist and composer will write a song a day from 23 February for a week about a different Guardian news story. Here, he talks about optimism in the face of world horrors, sibling rivalry and his debut solo album, Policy

    Arcade Fire’s Will Butler will be writing a song a day based upon a news story in the Guardian for a week from 23 February. Each original track will premiere on the Guardian’s website.

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’15 Feb 11 Wed

Wednesday 11th February

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