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’15 May 29 Fri

Friday 29th May

  • HBO orders 'Gorburger Show' pilot; Moby, Danny Brown, HEALTH & Eagles of Death Metal will guest

    photo: Gorburger @ BVSXSW 2013 (more by Amanda Hatfield)

    Gorburger, the giant alien monster who took over a Japanese talk show so he could interview (and sometimes eat) musicians, may be moving to cable. And not some channel you've never heard of, either. Variety reports that HBO has ordered a pilot of the show which ran two seasons on YouTube/Funny or Die. That would make TJ Miller, who voices Gorburger, a busy guy as he also stars as Erlich on HBO's Silicon Valley. Moby, Ed Helms and Johnny Knoxville will be guests on HBO's The Gorburger Show pilot, along with musical guests Danny Brown and HEALTH (who are doing a song together), as well as Eagles of Death Metal.

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’15 May 14 Thu

Thursday 14th May

’15 May 13 Wed

Wednesday 13th May

’15 May 4 Mon

Monday 4th May

  • St. Germain Returns with 'Real Blues'

    If you were old enough to buy CDs in the year 2000, you likely had three discs in the budding "electronica" section of your CD wallet: Moby's Play, the Propellerheads' Decksanddrumsandrockandroll and St. Germain's Tourist. The latter was the last thing we heard from French producer Ludovic Navarre, but he's opted to return with his first new album in 15 years. The new St. Germain release is called Real Blues, and a press release explains that it was created "with the participation of African musicians, the album features traditional Malian instruments like the kora, the balafon or the...

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’15 Apr 26 Sun

Sunday 26th April

’15 Apr 14 Tue

Tuesday 14th April

  • Damien Jurado – “On The Land Blues”

    Damien Jurado released Brothers And Sisters Of The Eternal Sun last fall, and aside from providing guest vocals on a couple of Moby remixes, we haven’t heard much from the singer-songwriter since. As it turns out, Jurado has been busy writing a soundtrack for the forthcoming independent film Tumbledown, written and directed by Desi Van […]

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’15 Apr 13 Mon

Monday 13th April

’15 Apr 7 Tue

Tuesday 7th April

  • Holy Ghost! Compile Remixes on 'Work for Hire'

    In addition to releasing original music, DFA dance act Holy Ghost! are prolific remixers. This has led them to put together their own remix compilation: Work for Hire is due out on May 5. Remix albums traditionally feature one artist getting remixed by other acts; in this case, however, the comp focuses on the remixes that Holy Ghost! have made for other artists. There are 20 tracks in all, including remixes of songs originally by LCD Soundsystem, MGMT, Blood Orange, Phoenix, Moby, Datarock and more. Most of these have already been released, but there are also unreleased...

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’15 Mar 26 Thu

Thursday 26th March

  • American Airlines playing "lesser known indie bands"; customers much happier now

    Haim waiting on a plane (via @Haimtheband)

    Elevators don't really use "elevator music" anymore but you can still hear bland, instrumental muzak when you board or deplane on various airlines. Not so now on American Airlines who, in October 2014, switched to a "surprisingly edgy mix of indie music" like Real Estate, Bon Iver, The xx, and, uh, Haim. It appears to be a welcome change, according to an article in one of American Airlines' employee newsletters:

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’15 Mar 14 Sat

Saturday 14th March

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