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’14 Dec 12 Fri

Friday 12th December

  • 10 great emo songs by non-emo bands

    by Andrew Sacher

    Our friends Washed Up Emo launched this site where you can type in a band's name and get the "emo council"'s verdict on whether or not said band is emo. It's a fun/funny site with some indisputable ones (like American Football), some that will surely anger people (sorry Fall Out Boy fans), and of course some on-the-fencers (let the Jawbreaker arguments begin). Whether or not a band is emo is of course an Extremely Important Issue, and we wanted to have some fun with it and stir it up some more by putting together a list of 10 great songs by non-emo bands that are pretty damn emo. Credit where it's due: in coming up with the list, I googled a bit to see other opinions on how emo these bands are, and found that Popstache did a similar list in 2011, and it actually…

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’14 Dec 11 Thu

Thursday 11th December

’14 Dec 9 Tue

Tuesday 9th December

  • Morrissey Turns Down Opportunity to Deliver Alternative Christmas Message

    Morrissey's scorn for the royal family is well-documented, but the Smiths singer nevertheless passed up the opportunity to take on the Queen with his own alternative Christmas message. Morrissey's yuletide message would have aired on the UK's Channel 4 at the same time as the Queen's Christmas address on the BBC. This would have put Moz in a head-to-head ratings war with the Queen herself. And while the execs at Channel 4 doubtless assumed that the singer would relish this opportunity, he wrote an open letter [via True to You] saying that the monarch should be given...Read More

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  • Morrissey says he's set to start making a new LP, turns down televised Xmas speech offer; Johnny Marr cancels tour

    Morrissey in Austin earlier this year (more by Tim Griffin)

    Morrissey has had quite the rollercoaster of a year: signing to a label, finally releasing a new album, saying he was never actually signed to that label, pulling his record from shops, canceled tours and some serious health problems. But, according to an interview given to a Serbian radio station B92 (he plays Serbia and Croatia this week), he's already got a new album's worth of songs written and hopes to record early in the new year. (Via Stereogum.) Releasing that album, well we'll see.

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  • Morrissey Turns Down Offer Of Alternative Queen's Speech

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  • Morrissey says he turned down alternative Christmas message to rival Queen

    ‘I don’t think Christmas Day is quite the time to be trading slaps,’ writes the anti-monarchist

    Morrissey says he rejected an offer to rival Her Majesty’s annual televised Christmas Day message. The singer, who has long been vocal about his disregard for the monarchy, said he was sympathetic of the Queen’s right to address the British nation, but also added that her speech reinforces his beliefs that the monarchy are irrelevant.

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’14 Dec 8 Mon

Monday 8th December

’14 Dec 7 Sun

Sunday 7th December

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