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’14 Apr 23 Wed

Wednesday 23rd April

’14 Apr 21 Mon

Monday 21st April

’14 Apr 20 Sun

Sunday 20th April

  • Morrissey Condemns Seal Hunt, Calls Canada "Regrettably Fashionably Dead"

    Back in 2006, Morrissey vowed not to play any Canadian shows due to our country's seal hunt. Now, the outspoken singer has once again decried the practice with another venomous statement. Yesterday (April 19), a statement from the former Smiths singer went up on semi-official website True to You. The post is called "This sorrowful Canada," and much of it targets Gail Shea, the Minister of Fisheries and Oceans. While Shea called the hunt "humane," Morrissey facetiously suggested she should volunteer to face the same fate as the seals. Moz clarified that Canada is a...Read More

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’14 Apr 19 Sat

Saturday 19th April

  • Morrissey’s Not Happy With Canada

    It’s not a day that ends in Y if Morrissey’s not outraged by something and this time it’s a whole nation — in case you weren’t aware, the whole country of Canada is now “fashionably dead.” Morrissey took to his fansite to call the country out on its seal hunt, which started on Monday. The [...]

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’14 Apr 16 Wed

Wednesday 16th April

’14 Apr 14 Mon

Monday 14th April

  • Morrissey announces World Peace Is None of Your Business tracklisting

    Neal Cassady Drops Dead, Kick the Bride Down the Aisle and The Bullfighter Dies just a few of the titles of tracks from Morrissey's new album

    Neal Cassady Drops Dead, Kick the Bride Down the Aisle and The Bullfighter Dies: track titles like thse could only come from the new Morrissey album. The artist revealed the full tracklist of his 10th solo album, out in July, on fansite True To You.

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’14 Apr 12 Sat

Saturday 12th April

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