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’15 Mar 26 Thu

Thursday 26th March

’15 Mar 23 Mon

Monday 23rd March

  • Johnny Marr autobiography slated for autumn 2016

    ‘Journalists have been asking me when I’ll write my book,’ says ex-Smiths guitarist. ‘I’m very happy to say that the time has come’

    Following the success of Morrissey’s memoir, fellow Smiths founder Johnny Marr has announced that he will release his own autobiography in autumn 2016.

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’15 Mar 22 Sun

Sunday 22nd March

’15 Mar 13 Fri

Friday 13th March

  • Morrissey Reappropriates Fan Art to Make World's Ugliest T-Shirt

    A Morrissey fan has spoken out against his idol, claiming the singer has "stolen" their artwork and printed it on a T-shirt. It should also be pointed out that said item may well be the ugliest Morrissey shirt to ever grace a stadium's merch booth. A post on fan site Morrissey-Solo includes a testimonial from a devotee by the username "Morrissey Gang" who claims that he'd been ripped off by Morrissey's merchandising team. The person's Twitter account describes him as a "lover of all things Morrissey" and features various Morrissey-related collages and art pieces. A related Etsy...

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  • Morrissey Steals Fan’s Artwork For A Tour T-Shirt … Again

    Back in 1992, Morrissey’s camp reached out to NME photographer Derek Ridgers about using his photo of skinheads as part of a montage during the Smiths singer’s stage show for an upcoming French gig. Long story short, not only did Moz use the photo as his sole stage backdrop (i.e. not part of a montage) […]

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’15 Mar 11 Wed

Wednesday 11th March

’15 Mar 10 Tue

Tuesday 10th March

  • Morrissey Reschedules Tonight’s Dutch Show Rescheduled From December

    Morrissey canceled tonight’s previously re-scheduled show due to illness. On the tour for his latest album, World Peace Is None Of Your Business, the singer has been forced to cancel or reschedule several shows due to either/both illness and transportation issues. The venue he was slated to appear at tonight, Tilburg, Netherlands’ Poppodium 013, posted […]

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  • 2015 RadioLoveFest @ BAM: Terry Gross, Radiolab Live, "Mexrrissey," Molly Ringwald & more

    Mexrrissey: Mexico Loves Morrissey

    RadioLoveFest returns for a second year at BAM from May 5 - 10, reimagining some of your favorite radio programs as a live show. This year's highlights include science show Radiolab Live (5/5), "An Evening with Terry Gross" (5/6), "Don't Look Back: Stories from the Teenage Years" (5/6) which is hosted by Molly Ringwald, quiz show "Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me" (5/7) with contestants Mike Birbiglia, Jessi Klein, and Peter Grosz, and the music of The Smiths and Morrissey interpreted by Mexican musicians for a show called "Mexrrissey" (5/10).

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’15 Mar 9 Mon

Monday 9th March

  • Noel Gallagher has no time for Taylor Swift or Beyoncé. What's his problem?

    Why do Gallagher and other older male rock singers have such a problem with a younger generation doing things differently?

    In the mid 90s, at the height of Britpop, public slanging matches between acts such as Oasis and Blur saturated the pages of music magazines. It was meaningless and childish, but it was the vocation of angry young men who seemed to view mud-slinging as part and parcel of the music scene. But why on Earth, 20 years on, are some of those same people still clambering into the headlines with their outdated and boring attacks on modern pop music?

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