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’14 Nov 24 Mon

Monday 24th November

  • Little Cinema: Adventure

    For a copycat act, Little Cinema aren’t bad. Not outstandingly great, but not bad, either.

    The ‘80s British rock outfit the Smiths didn’t really earn a lot of traction in America back in their day, falling prey to the usual knock against UK bands: they sounded too British. It’s a bit of a shame. However, if you wanted to like the Smiths (and by extension Morrissey) but couldn’t penetrate them because they wrote and sang about things in their homeland, Little Cinema, a long-distance group from Austin and Brooklyn, might…

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’14 Nov 22 Sat

Saturday 22nd November

  • Ride Reunite, Melvins Reissue Their Early Work, and Billy Bragg vs. Taylor Swift in Our News Roundup

    Once again, the Exclaim! news roundup is back to take a trip down memory lane, or at least when it comes to the last week. If you're feeling a bit out of the loop, let us help you get back in the know.

    First off, it was a pretty amazing a week for shoegaze fans, as first wave UK pioneers Ride announced they would be reuniting. What began as rumours were soon confirmed by the band, who revealed they will embark on a world tour next year. While the schedule is still a modest one, Ride will be playing one Canadian date in Toronto on June 2. If that weren't enough, fellow shoegaze unit Swervedriver revealed they will be returning with a new studio album next year, marking their first since 1998.

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’14 Nov 21 Fri

Friday 21st November

’14 Nov 20 Thu

Thursday 20th November

  • Morrissey Storms Offstage In Poland After Fan’s Offensive Comment

    Morrissey cancels a lot of tour dates, and sometimes he doesn’t drop the hammer until the show is already in progress. That was the situation in Poland last night, anyway. The Daily Mail reports that Moz was 25 minutes into a show at Warsaw’s Klub Stodola when he stromed offstage. A spokesperson for Live Nation, [...]

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  • Morrissey Walks Off Stage in Poland Due to Heckler

    Even when Morrissey doesn't cancel his live shows, they don't always go smoothly for the outspoken former Smiths star. This became apparent last night (November 19), when Moz reportedly ended a concert in Poland after just 25 minutes due to a heckler. Moz was performing at Warsaw's Klub Stodola and was just six songs in when, according to reports, he left due to comments from someone near the stage. In a statement, Live Nation explained that "one of the members of the audience standing close to the stage directed extremely offensive and chauvinistic words" towards the singer. A fan...Read More

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  • Morrissey Fans Offered Free Gig Over Walkout

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’14 Nov 18 Tue

Tuesday 18th November

  • Morrissey Cancels Rescheduled Swiss Show

    That crazy cat Morrissey is always cancelin’ shows! At this rate Moz is almost as likely to pull the plug on concerts as he is to issue eloquently maudlin quips about the royal family and/or dourly condemn testing products on animals. He’s a concert-canceling machine! He even calls off shows that were already rescheduled from [...]

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’14 Nov 17 Mon

Monday 17th November

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