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’15 May 29 Fri

Friday 29th May

’15 May 21 Thu

Thursday 21st May

  • Patrick Watson Melds Flesh and Machine on 'Love Songs for Robots'

    Patrick Watson's new album may be called Love Songs for Robots, but it was inspired less by science fiction than science fact. The Montreal-based musician — who fronts his own eponymous, Polaris Prize-winning band — frequently leafs through science journals as part of his morning routine, and those publications' strangest passages became his muse.   "I read about scientists that grew a woman's entire reproductive system in a lab, and about a 3D printer that can create miniature livers," Watson tells Exclaim! "Reading those journals made me wonder what technology will be like...

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  • Muse: New album is us 'losing our minds'

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’15 May 20 Wed

Wednesday 20th May

  • Ninth Floor Mannequin – “Absences”

    “Absences” is a stellar track from Ninth Floor Mannequin that features crisp guitars and a bustling post-punk bass line beautifully complementing the hazy vocals throughout. I’m particularly fond of the bridge around the two-minute mark, where a spacey synth backing combines with slick guitar lines — nicely reminiscent of a lusher Muse. The hypnotic structure […]

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’15 May 18 Mon

Monday 18th May

’15 May 13 Wed

Wednesday 13th May

’15 May 9 Sat

Saturday 9th May

’15 May 7 Thu

Thursday 7th May

  • Auction for the Promise Club - "This May Hurt" (audio) (Premiere)

    Auction for the Promise Club display pop sensibilities with a new prog edge in their latest single, "This May Hurt".

    The Cornwall, United Kingdom trio Auction for the Promise Club have already garnered support from major outlets in their own country, such as BBC, 6Music, and NME Radio. Following their 2012 One EP, the band have now readied a followup single, "This May Hurt', which you can stream exclusively below. With the energy of Paramore and the new prog guitar riffs of bands like Muse, Auction for the Promise Club show off their pop smarts…

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’15 May 6 Wed

Wednesday 6th May

  • Leonard Cohen: 10 of the best

    From his 1967 debut album to last year’s Popular Problems, here’s the pick of the great man’s career. Think we’ve missed out on something great? Let us know in the comments

    Too clever for his own good, and certainly far too clever for anybody else’s: that was the sniffy verdict on Leonard Cohen’s brief stint as a highfalutin novelist. He was already an acclaimed poet, but his first piece of long-form fiction, 1963’s The Favourite Game, made little impact. And 1966’s follow-up Beautiful Losers was both puzzling, with its complex symbolism, and shocking, with its lewd depictions of grubby sex. Songs, though, made all the difference. His debut LP, Songs of Leonard Cohen, reinvented him as a devilish bard whose modern hymns of love, lust, faith and betrayal had far more life than they’d ever have as just ink on a page. Suzanne was first published as a poem in…

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’15 May 5 Tue

Tuesday 5th May

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