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’14 Oct 14 Tue

Tuesday 14th October


    In ‘98, Royal Trux had emerged from their Virgin contract buyout, proudly bearing the brand of SELL-OUT! tattooed on their forehead by the angry mini-hordes of indie rock. As always, out was in and the only direction was UP. The year is now 2000 — Y2K and all that jazz. Innarestin’ times! The next move for Royal Trux started by reconvening their Floridian rhythm section of Dan Brown and Chris Pyle, who’d been a part of the Virgin act. Together with Kenny Nasta (who’d come on later in the Virgin period and then stuck around), these guys formed a boogie-tastic base while Neil ramped up the riffing for a set of songs that explored southern rock mythos lick by lick. On top, Jennifer and Neil furthered the hip-hop-styled dual-vocal approach from “The Radio-Video EP,” with each of them fully loaded with a separate set of lyrics and melody; two trains on…

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’14 Oct 6 Mon

Monday 6th October

’14 Oct 3 Fri

Friday 3rd October

’14 Sep 30 Tue

Tuesday 30th September

’14 Sep 29 Mon

Monday 29th September

’14 Sep 25 Thu

Thursday 25th September

  • Perfume Genius: Too Bright

    Glittered with transcendent brilliance, gilded shadows do not hide the empowered dramatic turn of Perfume Genius's Too Bright.

    Beginning with his desultory 2010 debut Learning, Perfume Genius has delivered bedroom tales of sparse frankness. The back story of Mike Hadreas has been documented with each release. A gay man grappling with emotional and physical insecurities, such demons serving as muse, music as catharsis. With his latest, Too Bright, Hadreas has left those confines for a gleaming cabaret. This is not to say he’s gone pop; rather, the sheen of Too Bright is a…

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’14 Sep 23 Tue

Tuesday 23rd September



    September has come to La Ciudad de Arrastre – and it’s still scorching hot with releases new and old. The ground is cracked! Water is scarce! We may not survive! But we probably will! And thank God! Because these records aren’t only just selling – they’re GOOD too. That’s not always guaranteed, you know (except here! — you’re-on-very-thin-ice ed.).

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’14 Sep 20 Sat

Saturday 20th September

’14 Sep 19 Fri

Friday 19th September

’14 Sep 18 Thu

Thursday 18th September

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