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    Pssst! Hey buddy! Wanna buy a record? Yeah? By God, then step into our office! It’s still the clarion call of Drag City Records after all these years, where we'll sell 'em one at a time - or six at a time, but one of each! - and you know what? We must have found our calling.Why let others have all the fun of turning the world upside on the downside with our catalog of maniacs and the things they call “records”? I mean sure, they can try – but so can we (and already, we’re really trying, aren’t we? – early last-nerve ed.)! And when the shit goes sideways – and it probably had better, this country’s goin’ to the dogs otherwise – fuck you! We’ll still be holding it down here at the venerable ol’ IB (= “Ivory Bunker,” aka DCHQ – MF…

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  • Keeping the Acclaim: The Legacy of Coheed and Cambria's 'Good Apollo, I'm Burning Star IV'

    A decade after its release, Coheed and Cambria's third full-length album remains the group's highest benchmark, as well as one of the genre's best modern albums.

    These days, progressive rock and mainstream success are typically mutually exclusive; in other words, it’s extremely rare for a band associated with the style to enter our public consciousness, receive extensive attention from the media, achieve substantial sales, and headline major [inter]national tours. Fortunately, a few modern prog artists, such as Radiohead, Muse, The Mars Volta, Dream Theater, Tool, and Between the Buried and Me have more or less accomplished these feats and become household…

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Tuesday 9th June

  • Muse: Drones

    Drones could have been a return to form for Muse, but its heavy-handed political paranoia drowns out the music in a sea of unsubtle Orwellian buzzwords.

    The Devon, England trio Muse had a good thing going for awhile. Then, somewhere along the way, just before 2009's The Resistance, frontman Matt Bellamy stumbled upon the writings of George Orwell. Now, Bellamy could have already been familiar with Orwell's writing; in fact, it's likely. But beginning with The Resistance, especially its closing tripartite "symphony" entitled "Exogenesis", Muse's lyrical directive took on a tone not unlike that of a Glenn Beck broadcast. In many…

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