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’15 Jan 22 Thu

Thursday 22nd January

  • Cult heroes: Wipers – the sound of emptiness and dread

    We kick off our new series on music’s cult heroes with a celebration of Wipers and Greg Sage, who took American punk in thrilling new directions

    • Sub Pop’s Bruce Pavitt revisits the greatest bands of the 80s

    “Romeo,” murmurs Greg Sage, “walks the city at night.” Beneath his voice, drums thunder along, almost motorik in their linear path, but twice as fast. “The tall dark buildings cast a ghostly shadow in his burning eyes.” Heavily fuzzed guitar and bass pick out a mutated rockabilly pattern underneath. “Oh Romeo, roam Romeo, Romeo roam, roam Romeo, yeah.” And for the chorus, a huge swoop of slide guitar and a whoosh of brass, like the sound of a railroad horn as the train races past in the darkness. It’s recognisably punk rock, but different: it’s less constricted than punk rock, less limited in its scope, but lacks none of the…

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  • Subterranean homesick muse: Sub Pop’s Bruce Pavitt revisits 80s greatest bands

    Before launching label that brought the world Nirvana, Pavitt co-founded the fanzine of the same name. The Melvins were ‘weak’ and Henry Rollins had the ‘sex appeal of Elvis or James Brown with the psychotic edge of Charlie Manson’

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’15 Jan 15 Thu

Thursday 15th January

  • Awkward SNL Promo Confirms It’s Time For Sia To Stop Obscuring Her Face

    For this album cycle, Sia made the decision to stay out of the spotlight and avoid public appearances whenever possible. This has resulted in some really great entertainment: take using 12-year-old Maddie Ziegler as her muse to create two iconic music videos, or Lena Dunham’s inspired interpretive “Chandelier” dance on Seth Meyers. But it’s also [...]

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’15 Jan 13 Tue

Tuesday 13th January

’15 Jan 2 Fri

Friday 2nd January

’14 Dec 18 Thu

Thursday 18th December

’14 Dec 15 Mon

Monday 15th December

  • Lamb Of God, Clutch, Every Time I Die, Body Count, Etc. Added To 2015 ‘Download Festival’

    19 artists have been added to the 2015 ‘Download Festival‘, which will feature headlining sets from Slipknot, Muse, Kiss, Judas Priest and more. The latest additions to the festival include: Lamb Of God Clutch Body Count Black Veil Brides Motionless In White Madball Every Time I Die DragonForce Backyard Babies Crown The Empire Northlane H.E.A.T. Billy Idol Rise Against Parkway Drive Hollywood Undead Eagles Of Death Metal Godsmack Mallory Knox The event will be held June 12th-14th at Donington Park, … Continue reading →

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’14 Dec 11 Thu

Thursday 11th December

’14 Dec 9 Tue

Tuesday 9th December

’14 Dec 2 Tue

Tuesday 2nd December

  • Bette Midler: It's the Girls!

    With her latest release, the Divine Miss M takes on girl groups from the Andrews Sisters to TLC and a little bit of everything in between.

    Throughout her career, Bette Midler has proven herself a versatile vocalist capable of tackling everything from bawdy cabaret to saccharine-sweet adult contemporary fare. On It’s the Girls!, Midler finds her muse in the works of girl groups from the Andrews and Boswell Sisters through to the Ronettes and Chiffons through to TLC. It’s a somewhat scatter-shot approach to the notion of the girl group sound that ultimately works perhaps a bit better than it should…

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