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Sunday 12th April

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Wednesday 8th April

  • How can you make an opera about 9/11?

    Opera has always thrived on grandiose spectacle, but are the events at the World Trade Center a tragedy too far? The team behind ENO’s new work Between Worlds talk about dramatising a day on which more than 2,700 people lost their lives

    An opera set in the World Trade Center on 9/11? How is that possible? How can opera attempt to dramatise the thousand-fold tragedies of the twin towers? I’ll be honest. My first reaction to hearing about Tansy Davies’s Between Worlds was one of incredulity. Isn’t the whole notion of an opera set high on the north tower, above the impact zone of the first plane, recreating the last minutes of lives that ended in some of the most terrifying circumstances it’s possible to imagine, an operatic risk too far, which could trivialise the tragedy and fail to honour its world-changing impact?

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Tuesday 7th April

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Thursday 12th February

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Monday 19th January

  • Ryan Hobler - 'The Elusive Yes' (album stream) (Premiere)

    The newest outing by the New Jersey singer/songwriter Ryan Hobler is a welcoming potpourri of folk stylings.

    Folk music is one big tent in terms of stylistic diversity, a fact encapsulated nicely by the latest LP by the singer/songwriter Ryan Hobler. Produced by Andy Baldwin (Bjork, Saint Lucia, Wakey! Wakey!), The Elusive Yes runs the gamut of folk styles in 12 tracks. Hobler himself lists Paul Simon, Elliott Smith, and Nick Drake as formative influences on his music, but even more can be heard throughout this album, which you can stream exclusively…

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Saturday 10th January

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Sunday 23rd November

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Monday 10th November

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Friday 7th November

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Wednesday 5th November

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