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’14 Sep 18 Thu

Thursday 18th September

  • John Peel Archive releases first streamable "record box," curated by Pink Floyd/Nick Drake producer Joe Boyd (listen)

    Legendary BBC Radio 1 DJ John Peel is renowned for introducing thousands of ears to the sounds of psych, prog-rock, punk, reggae and hip-hop and amassed quite a collection of records before his sudden death in October, 2004. (A lot of them are by The Fall.) The John Peel Archive has been working to document the massive personal collection of over 20,000 LPs and over 40,000 singles over the past few years and have now posted the first of six curated Record Box collections delving deeper into what's on the shelves.

    The first mixtape-style collection is curated by producer Joe Boyd, who's worked with Pink Floyd, Fairport Convention, Nick Drake and, recently, Robyn Hitchcock. Boyd pulled over 20 records including several of the bands he worked with as well as groundbreaking material from Bob Dylan, (an original test-pressing of the legendary Demo White Label!), Tomorrow's psych classic "My White Bicycle," the Talking…

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’14 Sep 9 Tue

Tuesday 9th September

  • Waiting for the Sound of His Heart: An Interview with Ethan Johns

    Ethan Johns calls upon the ghosts of such British songsmiths as Bert Jansch and Nick Drake, while developing interwoven and metaphorical narratives in the footsteps of Richard Thompson and Bob Dylan.

    Ethan Johns has just gotten off a plane ... again. With years of touring, Johns' near nomadic existence has been the nature of his life for some time. He recently completed tours in the U.S. and UK, and is now preparing again for shows on the east coast of the U.S. in the coming months. During his time of traveling throughout 2013 and 2014, Johns spent a considerable amount of time capturing his observations, writing…

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’14 Aug 7 Thu

Thursday 7th August

  • Other People Collects New Tracks from Nicolas Jaar, Darkside, Dave Harrington for Anniversary Comp

    Other People is a self-described "serial label" that delivers new music each Sunday, but it has something special planned as it approaches its one-year anniversary: a compilation that includes new music from label founder Nicolas Jaar, his Darkside project and others. This is a follow-up to the label's debut compilation, Trust. The new comp is called Work, and it features two previously unreleased cuts from Jaar. There are two more from his duo Darkside, and another two from his Darkside bandmate Dave Harrington (including a cover of Nick Drake's "Things Behind the Sun")....Read More

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  • Castanets – “Tell Them Memphis” Video (Stereogum Premiere)

    “Out For The West,” the first song we heard from Castanets’ Decimation Blues, established that Raymond Raposa had developed a distinctly haunting take on sparse, somber folk music with a digital fringe. “Tell Them Memphis” — which could pass for the Flaming Lips covering something from 808s And Heartbreak in the style of Nick Drake [...]

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  • First Authorized Nick Drake Biography Coming This Fall, Features Unreleased Music

    Nick Drake made some truly beautiful music in his 26 years on earth, and it feels like his cult has grown every year since his 1974 death. Now Exclaim! reports that Drake’s family and estate have put together Nick Drake: Remembered For A While, the first-ever authorized biography of the man. From all available evidence, [...]

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’14 Aug 6 Wed

Wednesday 6th August

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