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Friday 27th February

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Wednesday 18th February

  • Want to Buy Kurt Cobain's Credit Card? Now You Can

    Psst, want to buy Kurt Cobain's credit card? Don't worry, this is totally legal — it's part of an auction of music memorabilia that is being sold through Paddle8. It opened yesterday (February 17) and will run until February 26. The Nirvana frontman's Visa card from Seafirst Bank expired in February 1995 (so don't even try to use it). It features his signature in blue ballpoint pen on the back, and there's even what appears to be a phone number written on it. It comes with a credit card holder from the King of Clubs Slot Club. This item is expected to fetch between $7,000 and...

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Saturday 14th February

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Monday 9th February

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Friday 6th February

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Friday 30th January

  • Big Boi and Krist Novoselic Aren't on the New Modest Mouse Album

    The wait for Modest Mouse's new album has been protracted to say the very least, but along the way, fans were tantalized with studio reports that the band had hooked up with Outkast rapper Big Boi and Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic. Now that Strangers to Ourselves is finally almost here, it turns out that those collaborations won't be on it after all. Drummer Jeremiah Green revealed the news during an interview on the podcast The Shit Show. He explained that the recordings with the aforementioned collaborators didn't make the cut for the album, but hinted that we may...

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Wednesday 28th January

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Sunday 25th January

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