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’14 Jul 31 Thu

Thursday 31st July

  • Weedeater To Tour & Record New Album In September

    You can add a new album and touring onto Weedeater‘s plate alongside their upcoming reissues. Reissues of their albums “…And Justice For Ya’ll” (out September 02nd) and “Sixteen Tons” (out September 30th) are already in the pipeline via Season Of Mist. Also in the works is a new album with engineer Steve Albini (Zao, Nirvana) again behind the boards which they will begin recording in September as well. Some shows have been lined up to lead them into that studio … Continue reading →

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’14 Jul 30 Wed

Wednesday 30th July

’14 Jul 28 Mon

Monday 28th July

  • Cancers releasing an LP (stream two tracks)

    by Andrew Sacher

    Athens, GA's Cancers were in NYC for a show earlier this month with Iron Chic, Waxahatchee/Swearin' side project Great Thunder, and one of Mikey Erg's many bands Now People (maybe you caught it?). If you like any of those bands, you'll most likely dig Cancers too. '90s alternative rock is the biggest reference point here, and the fact that they got Nirvana/Mudhoney/Soundgarden producer Jack Endino to helm their upcoming debut record, Fatten the Leeches, couldn't be more appropriate. Their grungy guitars are more than a little inspired by those early Sub Pop bands, but singer Ella Kaspar takes an airier approach, more akin to the dream pop bands of that era. It's a good mix, as you can hear on new single "Moral Net" which premieres in this post. You can listen below, along with another LP cut, "Be Cool."

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  • What's going on Saturday? (Nick Cave, Braid, Darren Hayman, A Sunny Day In Glasgow, Antlers, APTBS & more)

    Nick Cave at Beacon Theatre in 2013 (more by Dana (distortion) Yavin)

    Darren Hayman

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’14 Jul 26 Sat

Saturday 26th July

  • Nirvana's Krist Novoselic is 'Standing With Eddie Vedder and the Real Possibility of Peace'

    Cubs fan Eddie Vedder made some controversial remarks this week about the conflict going on in Israel (and sang "Imagine" in response to critics). Fellow Seattle rocker Krist Novoselic, who in his own words is "Best Known For Playing Bass On All Those Nirvana Records", but "Can Get Into Wonky Politics," posted his own reaction earlier this week. If you missed it, it starts off:

    Thank you Eddie Vedder for speaking up for peace in our world. Eddie has gotten some criticism over comments he made about the conflict between the Palestinians and Israelis. That situation has been messed up for so long, it is no wonder that even mentioning it is toxic. Let's face it, the relationship between the Palestinians and the Israelis is a disaster! I don't know how many times I have heard the same explanations and excuses and it matters not, there is a continuing…

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’14 Jul 25 Fri

Friday 25th July

’14 Jul 24 Thu

Thursday 24th July

’14 Jul 22 Tue

Tuesday 22nd July

’14 Jul 21 Mon

Monday 21st July

  • Krist Novoselic Defends Eddie Vedder Following Anti-War Controversy

    While Pearl Jam vocalist Eddie Vedder recently faced criticism over a anti-war speech, the singer has also seen a lot of support for his peace-seeking words. Now stepping in to back the rocker and add a few words of his own is Krist Novoselic. An open letter from the former Nirvana bassist applauded Vedder for standing up and speaking out against the current Israel/Palestine conflict. While detractors alleged that Vedder's words, which castigated war practitioners "looking for a reason to kill," were "anti-Israel," Novoselic refuted those claims by thanking Vedder for "speaking up for...Read More

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