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’15 Mar 28 Sat

Saturday 28th March

’15 Mar 27 Fri

Friday 27th March

  • Cobain: Montage Of Heck: The Stereogum Review

    Cobain: Montage Of Heck is a movie about the frontman of Nirvana, but it isn’t about Nirvana. The word Bleach is never uttered. Dave Grohl was not interviewed, and his entry into the band is not addressed; he’s just there all of a sudden as the archival footage shifts into the Nevermind era. Even the […]

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’15 Mar 24 Tue

Tuesday 24th March

’15 Mar 19 Thu

Thursday 19th March

  • Kurt Cobain Documentary to Receive Worldwide Theatrical Release

    We knew that the documentary Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck would be coming to HBO on May 4, but it turns out that the film about the late Nirvana frontman will also be getting a theatrical release before that. Billboard reports that, beginning on April 10, the flick will be shown in 72 countries. The exact details of the rollout haven't been announced, but presumably there will be some screenings in Canada. The theatrical release means that to documentary will be eligible for the Academy Awards in 2016. The film has already screened at a few festivals, most recently...

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’15 Mar 16 Mon

Monday 16th March

  • The playlist: new bands – Beach Baby, Cash + David, Ellenberg and more

    A pick’n’mix of classic indie guitar sounds, two flavours of female-fronted electronica and life-affirming, wide-eyed psych pop

    Beach Baby, a four-piece from Dorset and Athens who met at Goldsmiths College in London, are managed by the team behind Jungle, but their debut single, Ladybird, out on 30 March on Chess Club, sounds totally different. It’s indie guitar pop, without wishing to damn it with faint praise. Somehow it manages to capture elements of the best of several genres/eras – post-punk, baggy, shoegaze and grunge – without sounding like a mess. They cite as influences the Cure, Joy Division, the Smiths, Pavement and Nirvana. Indeed, Ladybird – conceived as “an alternative love song tracing the subconscious workings of a relationship” – has some of the Cure’s early moody majesty, only combined with the dynamics of Nirvana and the stoned triumphalism of The Stone Roses. Could be big.

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’15 Mar 13 Fri

Friday 13th March

’15 Mar 12 Thu

Thursday 12th March

’15 Mar 11 Wed

Wednesday 11th March

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