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’15 Jan 30 Fri

Friday 30th January

  • Big Boi and Krist Novoselic Aren't on the New Modest Mouse Album

    The wait for Modest Mouse's new album has been protracted to say the very least, but along the way, fans were tantalized with studio reports that the band had hooked up with Outkast rapper Big Boi and Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic. Now that Strangers to Ourselves is finally almost here, it turns out that those collaborations won't be on it after all. Drummer Jeremiah Green revealed the news during an interview on the podcast The Shit Show. He explained that the recordings with the aforementioned collaborators didn't make the cut for the album, but hinted that we may...

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’15 Jan 28 Wed

Wednesday 28th January

’15 Jan 25 Sun

Sunday 25th January

  • Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck Has Unreleased Beatles Cover, Not Dave Grohl

    A cut of Kurt Cobain: Montage Of Heck premiered at Sundance last night. It’s the first fully authorized documentary about the Nirvana singer, and was executive produced by his daughter, Frances Bean Cobain. The film will air later this year on HBO. Notably, the film does not feature any interview footage of Dave Grohl, though [...]

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  • The best films and books about music to watch out for in 2015

    From a definitive Kurt Cobain documentary to Grace Jones’s autobiography, the Observer’s pop critic chooses the film and book highlights of the year

    Films about musicians and books about music haven’t exactly been scarce in recent years. But 2015 promises to be a bumper year for lionisations and demystifications, alternative histories and big-screen retellings.

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’15 Jan 22 Thu

Thursday 22nd January

  • Cult heroes: Wipers – the sound of emptiness and dread

    We kick off our new series on music’s cult heroes with a celebration of Wipers and Greg Sage, who took American punk in thrilling new directions

    • Sub Pop’s Bruce Pavitt revisits the greatest bands of the 80s

    “Romeo,” murmurs Greg Sage, “walks the city at night.” Beneath his voice, drums thunder along, almost motorik in their linear path, but twice as fast. “The tall dark buildings cast a ghostly shadow in his burning eyes.” Heavily fuzzed guitar and bass pick out a mutated rockabilly pattern underneath. “Oh Romeo, roam Romeo, Romeo roam, roam Romeo, yeah.” And for the chorus, a huge swoop of slide guitar and a whoosh of brass, like the sound of a railroad horn as the train races past in the darkness. It’s recognisably punk rock, but different: it’s less constricted than punk rock, less limited in its scope, but lacks none of the…

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  • Subterranean homesick muse: Sub Pop’s Bruce Pavitt revisits 80s greatest bands

    Before launching label that brought the world Nirvana, Pavitt co-founded the fanzine of the same name. The Melvins were ‘weak’ and Henry Rollins had the ‘sex appeal of Elvis or James Brown with the psychotic edge of Charlie Manson’

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’15 Jan 18 Sun

Sunday 18th January

’15 Jan 16 Fri

Friday 16th January

  • Underage against the machine: why labels are desperate to sign teens

    Record companies are throwing money at kid-rock bands – but more and more of today’s young talents are shunning their offers and going it alone

    It’s 2015, and the kids are taking over. Exhibit one: Unlocking the Truth, three adorable African-American youngsters from Brooklyn aged between 12 and 13 who got their education headbanging to Metallica and Disturbed, and last year signed a five-album deal with Sony. Exhibit two: Residual Kid, three 14-to-16-year-olds from Austin, Texas who make like a minipops Nirvana and in November inked a deal with Sire Records. Neither are reinventing music, though both are accomplished enough to make you think back to whatever the hell you were doing at that age and feel very ashamed.

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  • Michael Gira on Swans, religion and the hubris of Matthew Barney

    The Swans frontman on why performing is like long-distance running: ‘You keep pushing and pushing and finally you break through into something else’

    • Brian Ritchie on Violent Femmes and curating Mofo

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