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  • How fanzines escaped the indie ghetto and learned to love Taylor Swift

    Fan obsession has come offline, and the photocopied, stapled end-products are as likely to be about One Direction or Kanye West

    It could be a fanfic brunch date between Taylor Swift and Ellen Page or a quasi-academic essay on a collaboration between Ronnie Wood and One Direction. The subjects of 2015’s most exciting underground publications are a world away from the stapled-together, photocopied, fanzines of yore. The new wave of fanzines care not about dusty seven-inches and blokes in T-shirts, but instead the Technicolor world of pop superstars such as Taylor, 1D and Kanye West. Especially Taylor.

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  • North of Nine: Alive EP

    The up-and-coming boy band North of Nine secure themselves as a Top 40-ready force to be reckoned with with strong lyricism and memorable hooks.

    North of Nine is the brainchild of frontman Jackson Guthy, once a soloist singer-songwriter who’d opened for such names in the pop industry as One Direction and Big Time Rush, and American Idol’s executive producer and bassist extraordinaire, Randy Jackson. The group has been one of 2015’s more hopeful up-and-coming boy bands in terms of collectives that could actually land a hit. The band’s Alive EP is an amalgamation of untypical archetypes that are associated…

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