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Sunday 28th June

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Friday 26th June

  • Glastonbury kicks off with joyful blues, heavy showers and boy bands backstage

    On the first day of the festival, One Direction members loiter backstage to watch James Bay, whose single Hold Back the River fails to stop the rain

    The sound of frenzied screaming ripples through the Pyramid stage audience. It’s not James Bay’s anticipated lunchtime set that’s attracting such teenage hysteria, however, but the sight of One Direction’s Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson loitering at the side of the main Pyramid stage, their faces projected on to the massive screens that flank the vast pointed construction. Had it been a lesser-known artist on stage, this kind of limelight stealing might have left a bitter, dispirited taste. But, for Bay and his huge-brimmed hat, Brit award, No 1 album and many other preordained successes, it’s another affirmation of his seamlessly fruitful career.

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Thursday 25th June

  • Saint Raymond: Young Blood review – slick, safe pop made for soundtracking Made in Chelsea

    (Asylum Records)

    Callum Burrows is an average 19-year-old from Nottingham, but by night he becomes Saint Raymond, a singer popular among teens and Made in Chelsea music coordinators. He’s had support slots with Ed Sheeran and Haim. He’s been in the studio with Jacknife Lee, producer for Taylor Swift, One Direction and U2. And he’s now releasing a debut album; which sounds like a hit record made for the Snapchat generation, or the byproduct of a major-label focus group. The omnipresent “woah-ohs” that fill so many TV ads are present here too, floating through Fall At Your Feet and I Want You; there are melodies and vocal styles road-tested by the likes of Bastille and Haim, but sedated as if by hazy Instagram filters. The band it perhaps most recalls is the 1975, if they had they been into vlogging and kale smoothies rather than fags and drunken foreplay. Young Blood has some fantastically…

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