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Thursday 21st August

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Monday 18th August

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  • Mystery at the Lighthouse – “Echo Decrypter”

    Mystery at the Lighthouse is an indie-rock project formed by four friends in Denver. As is evident on several tracks throughout their impressive new release Tunnels, the group shares an admiration for lo-fi indie-rock staples like Built to Spill and Pavement. Those groups are a nice starting reference point, though that mutual admiration fortunately doesn’t obstruct their […]

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  • 9 of the best '90s bands you didn't think were the best '90s bands and the awesome stuff they're doing now

    by Andrew Sacher

    It's no secret that the '90s are all the rage right now. The internet (and maybe even your real life) is filled with nostalgia for everything from Pogs to Nickelodeon cartoons to Tamagotchis and this reality check from The Onion that the '90s weren't only Pogs, Nickelodeon cartoons and Tamagotchis. Indie rock is no exception. The sounds of the Alternative Nation era can be heard in many of today's indie bands, and countless '90s OGs have reformed to excellent results, playing not just to the people who saw them the first time around but to many new, younger fans. When it comes to discussing '90s rock, we usually turn the conversation towards critically acclaimed bands like Pavement, Superchunk, Archers of Loaf, Built to Spill, Neutral Milk Hotel, and My Bloody Valentine or huge bands like Nirvana, Weezer, and Radiohead. You don't need another list telling you…

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’14 Jul 29 Tue

Tuesday 29th July

  • Yes I’m Leaving – “One” (Stereogum Premiere)

    Pavement famously dissed Smashing Pumpkins in “Range Life,” but what if Pavement covered the Pumpkins’ “Cherub Rock”? It might sound a little like the harrumphing, clangorous “One” by Sydney trio Yes I’m Leaving. Comparison aside, this band’s trademark sound is far more abrasively scathing that anything Malkmus or Corgan ever kicked out — think Jesus [...]

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’14 Jul 24 Thu

Thursday 24th July

  • Alex Napping – “Weak Knees” (Stereogum Premiere)

    Alex Cohen’s Austin quartet Alex Napping will release their six-song debut album This Is Not A Bedroom (which they’re calling an LP, not an EP) this fall. “Weak Knees,” the lead single, exists in the same universe as Waxahatchee’s folk-tinged quarter-life-crisis indie rock, and Cohen’s stated influences Pavement and Land Of Talk are evident in [...]

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Tuesday 22nd July

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Monday 21st July


    As record stores go, so goes Drag City – and since we’ve been around for the last 25 years, clearly record stores have been doing something right! So we are very pleased to present you with special editions of three of Drag City’s earliest singles for a special Record Store Day of your own choosing. Three titles that changed the world! Our world, that is. DC1 - the one that almost ended it all before it really started! Any venture with Royal Trux was a straight-up GAMBLE in 1990, but not only did we manage to sell through a few thousand of these babies in a mere two-plus years, we also managed to make money on another couple dozen Royal Trux releases over the next decade. Plus, the record's great! "Hero Zero" b/w "Love Is..." are you kidding?

    Or what about DC2 - the one that almost broke us on…

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