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’14 Sep 15 Mon

Monday 15th September

’14 Sep 10 Wed

Wednesday 10th September

’14 Sep 8 Mon

Monday 8th September

  • Parquet Courts – “Bodies Made Of” Video

    Parquet Courts have released another video from their resolutely knotty post-punk party record Sunbathing Animal. The song is a reminder that yes, Parquet Courts actually do sound a lot like Pavement — come on guys, just accept it. The video, meanwhile, reminds us that seeing Parquet Courts in concert is super fun. Iain Forsyth and [...]

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’14 Sep 7 Sun

Sunday 7th September

’14 Sep 4 Thu

Thursday 4th September

  • Half Japanese: Overjoyed

    Overjoyed, Half Japanese's first record in over a decade, is all unapologetic, whole-hearted declarations of love that, oddly, make for some of the band's most confrontational material yet.

    Band reunions tend to carry history with them. Some, like Archers of Loaf and Pavement, embrace it and drive around knocking out that history on stage night after night. Others like the Pixies feel like they're constantly trying to outrun it. Some bands, like Mission of Burma, disappear for so long, the return is more step forward than look back. No matter the path, though, there's something over a reunited band's shoulder, whether it chooses…

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’14 Sep 2 Tue

Tuesday 2nd September

  • Girl Band – “De Bom Bom” Video

    Dublin noise-punks Girl Band released a stark black-and-white video for their great single “Lawman,” and their new clip for “De Bom Bom” matches that aesthetic. Not much happens in the video, so it works as a kaleidoscopic portrait of the band in action. The song remains an excellent pastiche of early Liars, Pavement, and the [...]

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’14 Aug 21 Thu

Thursday 21st August

’14 Aug 18 Mon

Monday 18th August

’14 Aug 17 Sun

Sunday 17th August

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