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’14 Oct 23 Thu

Thursday 23rd October

  • Thurston Moore Sees Your Snarky Tweets About Him

    Thurston Moore’s latest interview to promote his new solo album The Best Day comes via The Wall Street Journal. It’s a fascinating conversation that touches on Moore’s mom (whose photo adorns The Best Day’s cover), the lingering insight behind Pavement’s “Shady Lane,” post-war poetry, a whole slew of rock stars, Moore’s songwriting these days, and [...]

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’14 Oct 12 Sun

Sunday 12th October

  • Estrogen Highs released new LP on Trouble in Mind (stream it), playing CMJ and other dates

    by Bill Pearis

    New Haven, CT band Estrogen Highs are back with a new album, Hear Me at the Number Station, which just came out via Trouble in Mind. The band are in the proud post-VU noisepop tradition as The Moles, The Pastels, GBV, and Pavement. (Etc, etc.) The new record is 18 songs in 34 minutes, with plenty of hooks and and an appealingly shambolic sound that seems on the edge of falling apart but never does. You can stream the whole album (via Noisey) below.

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’14 Sep 29 Mon

Monday 29th September

’14 Sep 24 Wed

Wednesday 24th September

’14 Sep 22 Mon

Monday 22nd September

  • The Gotobeds (members of Kim Phuc) released debut LP (stream it), added to BV presents Sleaford Mods show

    by Bill Pearis

    Pittsburgh's The Gotobeds is the new band from guitarist Eli Kasan and drummer Tom Payne of the great, mostly dormant Kim Phuc. After a cassette and a couple 7"s, the band released their debut album, Poor People Are Revolting, this month via Gerard Cosloy's 12xu label. ("12xu" is not the only Wire reference associated with the band.) From the title down, this is attitude-heavy, snarling, railing-against-everything punk-informed indie rock. If you dig Protomartyr and Parquet Courts (whose album gets slightly damaged in their video for "New York's Alright [If You Like Sex & Phones]") or Pavement or The Fall (or Wire), this is pretty much essential listening. You can stream the whole album and check out that "New York's Alright" video below.

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’14 Sep 15 Mon

Monday 15th September

’14 Sep 10 Wed

Wednesday 10th September

’14 Sep 8 Mon

Monday 8th September

  • Parquet Courts – “Bodies Made Of” Video

    Parquet Courts have released another video from their resolutely knotty post-punk party record Sunbathing Animal. The song is a reminder that yes, Parquet Courts actually do sound a lot like Pavement — come on guys, just accept it. The video, meanwhile, reminds us that seeing Parquet Courts in concert is super fun. Iain Forsyth and [...]

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’14 Sep 7 Sun

Sunday 7th September

’14 Sep 4 Thu

Thursday 4th September

  • Half Japanese: Overjoyed

    Overjoyed, Half Japanese's first record in over a decade, is all unapologetic, whole-hearted declarations of love that, oddly, make for some of the band's most confrontational material yet.

    Band reunions tend to carry history with them. Some, like Archers of Loaf and Pavement, embrace it and drive around knocking out that history on stage night after night. Others like the Pixies feel like they're constantly trying to outrun it. Some bands, like Mission of Burma, disappear for so long, the return is more step forward than look back. No matter the path, though, there's something over a reunited band's shoulder, whether it chooses…

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