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’15 Jun 26 Fri

Friday 26th June

  • Venice Trip - 'Look Forward' (EP stream) (premiere)

    The London band channels '60s psychedelia extraordinarily well on their new EP.

    Having formed at the same university Pink Floyd attended, it’s rather fitting that London band Venice Trip draws a great deal of influence from Syd Barrett and The Piper at the Gates of Dawn-era Floyd. Comprised of three distinctly different songs, Venice Trip’s new EP Look Forward, ironically, hearkens back to late-'60s psychedelia and the budding progressive rock scene, veering from mystical, to pop-oriented, to sheer rock ferocity. The versatility they show in such a…

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  • Pink Floyd Lead Progressive Music Awards Nominations

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’15 Jun 25 Thu

Thursday 25th June

  • Dennis Rollins Velocity Trio: Symbiosis review – infectiously accessible, playful jazz trio


    Dennis Rollins, the skilful and popular British funk trombonist, launched this subtler and jazzier trio in 2011, with Ross Stanley on Hammond organ and Pedro Segundo on drums. Symbiosis takes up where 11th Gate stopped, as an infectiously accessible mix of dancefloor hooks, expressive solos and canny covers (Pink Floyd’s Money, Bette Midler’s The Rose) alongside more unexpected imports including Portuguese political songwriter Jose “Zeca” Afonso’s Senhora De Almortão. Rollins sounds as full-blooded yet light-stepping as ever, Stanley is both warmly supportive and capable of churning like a Wurlitzer on exhortatory themes, Segundo sustains an emphatic sense of propulsion without bashing, and the repertoire is reflective and playful. The title track is a slick, riffy groover with a blazing Stanley organ solo over a racing pedalled bassline, but Hark! is an impressionistic solo-Hammond tone poem; Senhora De Almortao a sombre, hymnal march. Boneyard has just the slinky New Orleans…

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  • Pink Floyd up for three Progressive Music Awards

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’15 Jun 8 Mon

Monday 8th June

  • David Gilmour Teases 'Rattle That Lock' Solo Album

    Having told us last year that The Endless River would be the final album from Pink Floyd, guitarist David Gilmour is now setting his sights on his next solo release. He revealed plans for his Rattle That Lock over the weekend. While there had been murmurings of a new LP as far back as 2013, Gilmour properly coughed up some details this past Saturday (June 6) during a talk at Ireland's Borris House Festival of Writing and Ideas, where he and wife Polly Samson were speaking about their writing partnership. Though the full specifics aren't clear, Pink Floyd's Brain...

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’15 Jun 7 Sun

Sunday 7th June

’15 Jun 3 Wed

Wednesday 3rd June

  • Timbre: Sun & Moon

    Timbre's double-disk concept album asks a lot of its listeners, but gives plenty in return.

    The idea of a concept album is both intriguing and frightening. Some of the most acclaimed and lasting albums of all time are concept albums (i.e. Pink Floyd’s The Wall, Arcade Fire’s The Suburbs), but for all the successful forays into conceptual albums, there are dozens that don’t quite hit the mark. If one thing can be said of songwriter and world-class harpist Timbre’s album Sun & Moon, it is that she fully goes for…

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  • Killing Joke's Jaz Coleman going on spoken word tour for recent book/CD (dates), working on 'Orchestrated Nirvana'

    In 2014, Killing Joke frontman Jaz Coleman released a self-published book titled Letters from Cythera, as well as an accompanying CD, The Island, which is an orchestral score he composed, performed by the Auckland Symphony Orchestra. (Stream The Island below.) Cythera, by the way, is what Coleman calls New Zealand. Here's the description of the book:

    Letters From Cythera was written between years 2007 - 2008 in the South Pacific and outlines how the occult sciences have shaped JAZ COLEMAN's philosophical outlook expounding on his preferred system for a personalized renaissance (the supersynthesis), which consists of completing 13 separate projects or masterpieces over a five to six year period. In the following book, JAZ documents his endeavors in tackling this epic undertaking. In short, it is the antithesis of a conventional rock biography.

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’15 Jun 1 Mon

Monday 1st June

’15 May 30 Sat

Saturday 30th May

  • Gumshen – “Be Here and Now”

    DigiBites by Gumshen A year ago, Gumshen’s track “Bell Ringer” alerted me to the Seattle-based group’s eclectic reach; the seven-minute epic traversed everywhere from psych-rock in the vein of Pink Floyd to various reaches of synth-pop, from Depeche Mode’s dark emotive grasp to Chromeo’s hook-driven energy. And impressively enough, they managed to remain cohesive throughout, alternating between infectious […]

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