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’14 Aug 23 Sat

Saturday 23rd August

’14 Aug 20 Wed

Wednesday 20th August

  • The Dream Syndicate touring, playing first NYC show in over 25 years (dates)

    Dream Syndicate circa 2012

    Dream Syndicate was one of the first bands from Los Angeles' psychedelic revival (misleadingly dubbed the paisley underground) to reach a national audience. While many of the movement's bands plumbed the Byrds/Buffalo Springfield or Pink Floyd archives for inspiration, Dream Syndicate's weird, obsessive lyrics, relentless noise maelstroms -- mixed with eerie/pretty otherworldly dirges and ballads -- and singer Steve Wynn's nasal rasping and ranting recalled the Velvet Underground, though (of course) they steadfastly denied that to be their intent. - [Trouser Press] Steve Wynn just came through NYC with The Baseball Project and while that group still has a few innings on their 2014 tour, Steve's old "paisley underground" band The Dream Syndicate have been back in business as well. Wynn reformed the band in 2012 with '80s-era members Dennis Duck and Mark Walton, plus Miracle 3 guitarist Jason Victor and they've been playing sporadically…

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’14 Aug 19 Tue

Tuesday 19th August

  • Roger Waters to Premiere 'The Wall' Concert Film at TIFF

    A few years ago, we caught wind that Roger Waters was filming his performances of Pink Floyd's The Wall for a possible DVD. Now, finally, we have confirmation that the concert film is coming. Roger Waters: The Wall will premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival in September. The flick was filmed between 2010 and 2013. In that time, Waters staged a massive production of The Wall, performing 219 shows and grossing close to half a billion dollars. Not only does the film document those shows, a description notes that it also "[illuminates] the music's themes of...Read More

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’14 Aug 15 Fri

Friday 15th August

  • Pink Floyd: The Division Bell (20th Anniversary Deluxe Edition)

    Welcome to the machine.

    I started writing about music in 2002, when Tarwater came to town. A gig like many others, but the cunning art of self-admiration, combined with the romantic idea of receiving free albums and press passes kept me going for quite a few years. I have had many a chance to review groundbreaking albums like the Strokes’ Room on Fire, or the Darkness’ late glam masterpiece Permission to Land, and I honestly felt rather embarrassed for…

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Thursday 7th August

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Monday 4th August

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Thursday 31st July

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Monday 28th July

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Thursday 10th July

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