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’15 Jan 27 Tue

Tuesday 27th January

  • The 2015 Progressive Rock Preview

    Forthcoming releases from Steven Wilson, Neal Morse, and many others highlight what is bound to be an excellent year for progressive rock.

    Of all the subsections of rock music that permeate through our ears each day, progressive rock is easily one of the most polarizing. Pioneered in the late ‘60s and early ‘70s by groups like King Crimson, Genesis, Yes, Pink Floyd, Rush, and Jethro Tull, the genre is often both revered and ridiculed for its lengthy song structures, incredibly intricate arrangements, eccentric concepts, and histrionic performances. Still, those of us who adore the style cling to…

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’15 Jan 23 Fri

Friday 23rd January

  • watch Jeremy Enigk play his first solo show in a while, cover Pink Floyd ++ cover The Police with Mark Nichols

    Jeremy Enigk in Seattle on NYE (via @seattlezack)

    Sunny Day Real Estate frontman Jeremy Enigk hadn't played a solo show in a very long time but that changed when he rang in New Year's Eve in Seattle at El Corazon with Jen Wood. (Emo veterans seriously had a great NYE this year.) Anyone make it out to that show? If you didn't, or just want to relive it, you can check out a few videos from it below. One is Jeremy playing "In Circles" from SDRE's groundbreaking 1994 debut, Diary, plus there's three songs from his 2006 sophomore solo album, World Waits, and a cover of Pink Floyd's "Mother."

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’15 Jan 21 Wed

Wednesday 21st January

’15 Jan 15 Thu

Thursday 15th January

  • Pink Floyd Albums From Worst To Best

    How appropriate that Pink Floyd would find their beginnings in the same year that saw the first person walk in space. It’s a fitting foreword to the band’s story which, over the last fifty years of their existence, has seen them embrace the rarity and mythos that is rock and roll legend with a disarming [...]

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’15 Jan 9 Fri

Friday 9th January

’15 Jan 7 Wed

Wednesday 7th January

  • Vinyl’s difficult comeback

    Can the creaking machinery of the few remaining record pressing plants cope with demand?

    On an industrial estate in Röbel, 90 miles north of Berlin, the vinyl presses at the Optimal factory were grinding and pumping away. They made a percussive racket – regular clunks, wheezes, and hisses, underlain by a droning hum – and created a distinct aroma, sharp and metallic, suggestive of steam engines and old cars: not instantly recognisable to a British visitor like me, perhaps, but the singular smell of things being made. My guide to the Optimal plant was its operations director, Peter Runge. Together, we watched copies of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds’ Live From KCRW tumble from one of the machines. Across a narrow aisle, a press dedicated to seven-inch records was spitting out copies of The Boy From New York City, a 1964 single by the Ad Libs, a soul group…

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’15 Jan 2 Fri

Friday 2nd January

’14 Dec 15 Mon

Monday 15th December

  • Easy Star All-Stars: Dub Side of the Moon

    Space-rock and dub reggae sound great together, man. Who knew?? 10th Anniversary reissue for the Pink Floyd reinterpretation.

    It's not often that you see a "10th Anniversary" reissue of a tribute album. Yet it's not often that a tribute album has an impact like Dub Side of the Moon, either. Masterminded by New York producers Michael Goldwasser and Victor Axelrod and actually released in early 2003, the dub reggae tribute to Pink Floyd's landmark opus was a big commercial success by reggae standards. It also has spawned tours and a series of sequels…

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’14 Dec 14 Sun

Sunday 14th December

’14 Dec 10 Wed

Wednesday 10th December

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