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’14 Dec 15 Mon

Monday 15th December

  • Easy Star All-Stars: Dub Side of the Moon

    Space-rock and dub reggae sound great together, man. Who knew?? 10th Anniversary reissue for the Pink Floyd reinterpretation.

    It's not often that you see a "10th Anniversary" reissue of a tribute album. Yet it's not often that a tribute album has an impact like Dub Side of the Moon, either. Masterminded by New York producers Michael Goldwasser and Victor Axelrod and actually released in early 2003, the dub reggae tribute to Pink Floyd's landmark opus was a big commercial success by reggae standards. It also has spawned tours and a series of sequels…

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’14 Dec 14 Sun

Sunday 14th December

’14 Dec 10 Wed

Wednesday 10th December

  • Gov’t Mule covers Pink Floyd’s “Fearless” — watch

    A preview of the jam band's new archival release, Dark Side of the Mule.

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  • Gov't Mule - 'Money' (audio)

    Pink Floyd gets the jam band blues treatment in Gov't Mule's latest live album, Dark Side of the Mule.

    Lost in the lore and progressive psychedelia of their segmented history, Pink Floyd are rarely if ever mentioned alongside their British blues-rock counterparts. Named after two famous blues musicians and early live shows including blues songs, Pink Floyd only hinted at traditional blues in name (see the Syd Barrett-penned "Jugband Blues"). Yet there is no denying the blues influence David Gilmour brought to the band, from "More Blues" which appeared on 1969’s More to his…

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’14 Dec 4 Thu

Thursday 4th December

’14 Nov 28 Fri

Friday 28th November

’14 Nov 27 Thu

Thursday 27th November

  • Annual Vinyl Sales Hit 1 Million in the UK for the First Time Since 1996

    The vinyl revival is still showing no signs of slowing down, and the United Kingdom has now reached a major milestone in the format's recent rise: a million units have been sold in the UK so far this year. This marks the first time since 1996 that more than a million vinyl records have been sold in the UK. This has been bolstered by Pink Floyd's The Endless River, which came out this month. Its 6,000 sales make it the fastest selling LP since 1997. The year-end total is expected to reach about 1.2 million. In fact, vinyl is doing so well that the Official Chart Company told...Read More

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  • Sales of music on vinyl hit 18-year high

    With help of heritage rock acts such as Pink Floyd vinyl sales account for £20m of UK record industry’s revenues this year Continue reading...

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  • Vinyl's making a comeback? Don't believe the hype

    Vinyl sales have passed a million for the first time since 1997 – but all that tells us is that record labels have realised there are people who want to shell out for deluxe editions

    • Records broken as vinyl sales reach 1m in 2014

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