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’15 Apr 23 Thu

Thursday 23rd April

  • The Westies: West Side Stories

    Michael McDermott's newest project is off to a promising start. If only it was a little more difficult.

    Somehow, West Side Stories ends up feeling like a cheat. It's a mystery: despite an interesting sound that combines all the best elements of bluegrass, country, the jazzier style of Tom Waits' early catalog, even, improbably, elements of late era Pink Floyd into a recognizable but also wholly original style, superb instrumentation that never fails to convey the worn-down atmosphere appropriate to the lyrics and the ghostly vocals of Michael McDermott and Heather Horton, The…

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’15 Apr 20 Mon

Monday 20th April

  • Happy 4/20: Highly Suggested Films for Specific Strains of Weed

    Because you've spent enough 4/20s with The Dude and Randall "Pink" Floyd.

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  • Bombadil: Hold On

    Hold On is full of perky, precocious and thoroughly engaging intent, an album with a more experimental nature that doesn’t diminish ample accessibility. Consider it a must-hear, even if for its sheer ingenuity alone.

    There are some bands that are simply so idiocentric they’re practically impossible to describe. It’s not a bad thing of course -- the same tag might have been applied to Pink Floyd, the Grateful Dead or even the Beatles at one point -- but it does present a challenge when their handlers try to pitch an ensemble to the fickle masses as a whole. The band that calls itself Bombadil poses that dilemma, and despite…

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’15 Apr 15 Wed

Wednesday 15th April

  • Roger Waters Treats 'Amused to Death' to Deluxe Reissue

    Back in 2013, we reported that former Pink Floyd frontman Roger Waters was finally working on the follow-up to his 1992 effort Amused to Death. That planned album still hasn't come out and, in the meantime, Waters is in fact reissuing Amused to Death this summer instead. This remastered version comes out on July 24 through Columbia Records/Legacy Recordings. It will be available in several formats: CD, Blu-ray, digital download, 200-gram double LP, and double picture disc LP. The artwork has been updated (see the new cover above), the audio has been remastered, and the...

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  • Roger Waters announces newly remixed version of Amused to Death

    Pink Floyd member updates his 1992 solo album with new audio mix and artwork.

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’15 Apr 12 Sun

Sunday 12th April

  • Listen to Stephen Hawking cover Monty Python’s Galaxy Song

    Forget your post-punk rarities and jazz-fusion reissues – no Record Store Day crate-haul is complete without the great physicist’s limited-edition comedy cover single. Have a listen and let us know what you think

    • Stephen Hawking and Brian Cox take part in Monty Python sketch – video

    Tidal may have enlisted a crack team of influential superpowers for its world exclusives, but there’s one musical behemoth Jay Z overlooked when drawing up his musical illuminati list: Professor Stephen Hawking.

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’15 Apr 1 Wed

Wednesday 1st April

’15 Mar 24 Tue

Tuesday 24th March

  • Being deaf doesn't mean you don't care about music

    Toy’s London show is a breakthrough for hearing-impaired fans – it will be captioned. Why can’t more gigs cater for fans whose love of music hasn’t been stopped by deafness?

    I was born in the middle of the 70s into a family and world swirling with music. One of my earliest memories is sitting cross-legged in awe of Pink Floyd’s Another Brick in the Wall Part 2 video on Top of the Pops, trying to decide whether I liked tomato ketchup more than brown sauce (I still haven’t decided). Fast-forward a few years, to the middle of the 80s, and everything was suddenly silenced. An attack of meningitis left me with permanent hearing loss. When I emerged from a coma, the first words to my mother were: “Tell me later mum, I can’t hear you.”

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’15 Mar 4 Wed

Wednesday 4th March

’15 Feb 26 Thu

Thursday 26th February

  • Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds: Chasing Yesterday review - unready for takeoff

    For all his lofty talk of ‘space jazz’, Noel Gallagher’s latest album operates very much within earthly bounds

    Last October, Noel Gallagher’s second solo album was announced via a Facebook Q&A with fans. As ever in interviews, the elder Gallagher was on fine, bullish form, describing the recent reissue of Definitely Maybe as “money for old fucking rope”, dismissing the suggestion that he should give his new album away for free (“If anything I want to put the prices up”) and talking intriguingly about its contents. The phrase “space jazz” was mentioned; the presence of saxophones was alluded to; he expected audiences to be bamboozled. They might, he suggested, think: “Fucking hell, he’s gone insane, what’s he done there?”

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