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Monday 17th November

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Friday 7th November

  • The Uncontrollable Nick Oliveri in His Own Words

    The bad boy of rock and the badass of metal. This is Nick Oliveri without a filter.

    Singer, guitarist, bassist Nick Oliveri has gained a certain reputation in the music press. Ever since his high profile ousting from the mega-selling rock band Queens of the Stone Age, Oliveri's name has been oft reviled and his reputation as a bad boy of rock and a badass of metal has preceded him. The hard partying, hard drinking and fighting lifestyle that he has been seen to have cultivated reportedly caused his ouster from both…

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Monday 3rd November

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Saturday 1st November

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Friday 31st October

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Tuesday 28th October

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Thursday 23rd October

  • Queens Of The Stone Age’s Josh Homme Talks Plans For New Album, ‘Desert Sessions’ & Secret Project

    Queens Of The Stone Age frontman/guitarist, etc. Josh Homme is the focal point of an extensive new piece running over at The piece examines Homme‘s upbringing, his evolution and the various experiences that have led him to today. Various commentary from his close friends is also included, such as Trent Reznor, Nick Oliveri and Dave Grohl—the latter of whom said: “Josh and I are kindred spirits, in that we are entirely focused musically but we don’t give a fuck. … Continue reading →

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